Emsisoft News [Dec, 18, 2014]

Emsisoft donates 100% of Christmas sales income to local fundraiser

In the spirit of Christmas: Emsisoft will donate ALL revenue made from sales in the Emsisoft online store on December 25th, 2014 to children in need of a new school campus.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Dec, 17, 2014]

Fake WhatsApp emails, texts and voicemails spread malware to mobiles

Microsoft, BlackBerry, Android and (jailbroken) Apple phones infected with Inception/Cloud Atlas malware that steals sensitive user information.

Reviews & Awards [Dec, 16, 2014]

Fourth time in a row: Advanced+ ranking in Real-World Protection Test

Emsisoft received highest possible score in the four-month long Real-World Protection test from AV-Comparatives.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Dec, 13, 2014]

Syrian hackers deface the 5th largest bank in the United States

Pro Syrian hacker Dr.SHA6h claimed to be behind the hacks that took down online and mobile banking websites of the US Bank Corp.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Dec, 12, 2014]

March (attack!) of the Penguins! Linux Turla Edition

Linux impregnable to malware? Last week, security researchers discovered a new trojan that infected Linux operating systems around the world, targeting government and pharmaceutical companies.

Reviews & Awards [Dec, 10, 2014]

Video Review: Emsisoft Internet Security 9 scores 100%

Detects, blocks and removes all malicious files, PUPs, URLs and executable files in test from Youtube technology channel MyITtech. One of the only programs in 2014 that scored all possible points!

Alerts & Outbreaks [Dec, 9, 2014]

Sony got hacked (again!) – no Playstation this Christmas?

Hackers warn to keep Sony even busier during the rest of the holiday month.

Security Knowledge [Dec, 8, 2014]

40 Reasons Why You DON’T Need An Antivirus

Do you ever think that you can outsmart viruses, worms, trojans and other types of malware on your own and that having an antivirus program is not necessary? We give you 40 reasons why you may be right.

Reviews & Awards [Nov, 21, 2014]

Emsisoft Anti-Malware wins VB100 Award!

VB100 concludes: Excellent detection rate and user-friendly interface

Security Knowledge [Nov, 20, 2014]

The Wonders (and horrors) of Digital Steganography

Steganography. Now there’s a new word. It’s all about hiding things where no one would think to look for them – including malware!

Security Knowledge [Nov, 11, 2014]

Is it ethical to sell zero day exploits?

Is software safer in a world where zero day research is privatized? Or is vulnerability salesmanship simply Malware Lite?

Alerts & Outbreaks [Nov, 5, 2014]

Warning: Over 130,000 PCs infected by unimpressive Rovnix Trojan

The Rovnix trojan infected over 130,000 PCs around the world in 2014 alone. How was this possible? Mostly because people don’t know that Rovnix exists.

mrg 360 q2 2014
Reviews & Awards [Nov, 4, 2014]

Emsisoft Detects Everything – 100% Prevention in MRG Effitas 360 Assessment!

Anti-malware should be more than just a cleanup crew. This MRG Effitas 360 Assessment proves Emsisoft can prevent 100% of the mess in the first place.