Security Knowledge [Aug, 26, 2015]

How ad blockers can improve your online safety and sanity

Online ads are more than just obnoxious — they can infect your computer with malware and compromise your privacy. Read on to learn about how ad blockers can optimize your experience online.

Emsisoft News [Aug, 19, 2015]

Emsisoft Anti-Malware & Emsisoft Internet Security released

This is a maintenance release for improved compatibility, usability, speed, detection and stability.

Wartungsarbeiten am Computer
Security Knowledge [Aug, 18, 2015]

Cleaning vs. Protection – Why you shouldn’t rely on malware cleaning

You wouldn’t avoid wearing your seatbelt because a doctor can put you back together again, would you?

Emsisoft News [Aug, 14, 2015]

Emsisoft Anti-Malware & Emsisoft Internet Security released

This is a maintenance release for improved compatibility, usability, speed, detection and stability.

Security Knowledge [Aug, 5, 2015]

Safe online shopping? How to recognize a trustworthy vendor

Shopping online is easy and convenient, but are you aware of the risks? Read on to learn what measures a good vendor takes to keep your payment information safe from theft.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Aug, 5, 2015]

Beware! That Windows 10 update message could be ransomware in disguise

Are you waiting for your Windows 10 update? If so, you’re a target for ransomware!

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Reviews & Awards [Aug, 1, 2015]

VB100 Award: 100% detection and one of the lowest RAM increases reported

With impressive results in both the wildlist detection and the stability test, Emsisoft Anti-Malware won a VB100 award once again.

Emsisoft News [Jul, 31, 2015]

New prices: Save 15% on 3-packs and 50% on Server licenses

Emsisoft reworked its price list to make protection for multiple PCs more attractive. New prices also apply to renewals and upgrades.

Emsisoft News [Jul, 29, 2015]

Emsisoft supports Windows 10

It’s safe to update to the new operating system. Emsisoft has your back!

Security Knowledge [Jul, 27, 2015]

Leaked files from state-sponsored hackers reveal which protection their trojans can’t get past

Do you really know how effective your anti-malware product of choice is? Recent data breaches on international surveillance firms can teach us a lot about which antivirus programs are actually working.

Emsisoft News [Jul, 26, 2015]

Emsisoft Anti-Malware & Emsisoft Internet Security released.

This is a maintenance release for improved usability, speed, detection and stability.

Hacking Team Windows Security Update
Alerts & Outbreaks [Jul, 21, 2015]

Update now! Get the latest Windows Security patch

Just a few hours back Microsoft released their latest Windows Security Update. There was a super-critical bug discovered in the Hacking Team files.

Emsisoft News, Security Knowledge [Jul, 16, 2015]

An in-depth look at the Emsisoft scanner technology

Do you ever wonder how Emsisoft scanning technology works to keep your computer safe? Let’s examine the powerful, dual engine scanner together.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Jul, 8, 2015]

When a surveillance state hacking firm gets hacked

The Hacking Team, a company producing government surveillance and hacking software, recently got hacked. There is more to the story than a few leaked documents though…

Alerts & Outbreaks, Security Knowledge [Jul, 6, 2015]

Top 10 senior citizen scams that affect the whole family

Scammers know how vulnerable older generations can be on the web, and they take advantage of unsuspecting victims everyday. Check out these top 10 scams to see how they can affect you and your loved ones.

Reviews & Awards [Jul, 3, 2015]

2nd out of 20: AV-Comparatives confirms huge speed improvement of the latest version 10 release

We can proudly say that we may offer the best speed/detection ratio across the board.

Reviews & Awards [Jul, 2, 2015]

AV Lab: If you highly value your privacy, choose Emsisoft!

The program ran very stable and the efficient protection and verification system did not slowdown the system.

Emsisoft Lab, Emsisoft News, Security Knowledge [Jun, 26, 2015]

Antivirus software: Protecting your files, at the price of your privacy?

Many companies make us believe that security and comfort always have to be traded for privacy. There are privacy conscious alternatives, however.