Emsisoft News [Oct, 19, 2016]

New: Emsisoft Anti-Malware 12 – Keeping you safe from ransomware

Emsisoft announces the release of its version 12 protection products series, including Emsisoft Anti-Malware 12 and Emsisoft Internet Security 12. Major news include: Improved Behavior Blocker, Scan Engine and Anti-Malware Network lookups. New, flexible whitelisting feature, optimized notifications and new user interface.

Security Knowledge [Oct, 16, 2016]

30 seconds and 50 dollars is all it takes to steal your PC login

Many people believe that leaving their computer unattended won’t pose any security risks as long as their device is locked. However, researcher Rob Fuller, of R5 Industries demonstrates that an attacker with physical access to your device can access your login details in seconds.

Security Knowledge [Oct, 13, 2016]

Malware in sex toys: How private is your playtime?

The Internet of Things is a growing area that seems to have no boundaries. It was only a matter of time before it would catch up with the sex toy industry. Malware can infect any internet capable device allowing access to the most private details of pleasure seekers.

Emsisoft News [Oct, 10, 2016]

Sneak peek on version 12 – Public beta available now

You can install version 12 either by selecting the ‘Beta’ update feed in Settings -> Updates, or by downloading the full installer at our beta test forum.

Emsisoft News, Reviews & Awards [Oct, 3, 2016]

Emsisoft for Server receives VB100 award

Emsisoft for Server earns itself a VB100 seal for its efficiency for users and admins of Microsoft’s Windows 2012 Server.

Security Knowledge [Oct, 2, 2016]

No honour among thieves: hackers who hack each other

Ransomware has become a highly lucrative profit earner for cyber criminals. So much so that hackers are now sabotaging the malware of their competitors to secure their share of victims.

Emsisoft News, Reviews & Awards [Sep, 29, 2016]

Emsisoft Anti-Malware earns itself another AV-Test seal

The Emsisoft team are delighted to count another AV-Test seal among many of Emsisoft Anti-Malware’s industry certifications.

Alerts & Outbreaks, Security Knowledge [Sep, 23, 2016]

Yahoo hack hits half a billion users

In the biggest data leak ever made public, Yahoo announces that half a billion user accounts have been compromised. Here’s what you need to know.

Security Knowledge [Sep, 22, 2016]

Are all hackers criminals?

Not all hackers are created equal. Did you know there are different kinds? The key to categorising them lies in permission.

Security Knowledge [Sep, 22, 2016]

How to identify your ransomware infection to find the right decrypter tool

We spoke with Michael Gillespie at Malware Hunter Team, a group of researchers who share our commitment to protecting you and your data, have developed a website that will allow you to find out what type of ransomware your computer has been infected with and if there is a decryption tool available.

Emsisoft News [Sep, 14, 2016]

How to use Emsisoft Enterprise Console to manage protection for your company network

Emsisoft is known for its personal protection options. But, we also specialise in protection for entire company networks. Our enterprise console is free to businesses to ensure the efficient management of security across your network. Here’s how it works.

Security Knowledge [Sep, 2, 2016]

Fabiansomware: when hackers lose it

Our lab works to crack new strains of ransomware and as a result are often at the receiving end of abuse from hackers who can no longer profit from their malware. Recently, the abuse has become personal with abuse being coded directly into new variants aimed directly at Fabian, the head of our Malware Lab.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Sep, 1, 2016]

Change your passwords now: Dropbox hack affects 68 million users

In 2012, Dropbox reported a security breach. Last week they issued a forced password reset to thousands of users. Today, the email and passwords of their users has appeared for sale on hacker databases. Here’s what you need to know.

Security Knowledge [Aug, 29, 2016]

The smartest way to stay unaffected by ransomware? Backup!

Ransomware is now the most consistently problematic type of malware to effect internet capable devices and businesses. A solid protection suite is vital but there is a second important step to protect your data – Backup.

Emsisoft News, Reviews & Awards [Aug, 29, 2016]

Our most valued reviews come from the toughest jury: our customers

Our most valued reviews come from you. See what Security First had to say about Emsisoft Internet Security’s detection capabilities.

Security Knowledge [Aug, 10, 2016]

The alarming state of computer security in healthcare

Life support machines can be the difference between life and death. But did you know they can also be an easy access point for hackers to access hospital networks and steal private patient information?

Emsisoft News, Update EEK [Aug, 10, 2016]

Emsisoft Emergency Kit 11.9 released

Version is a minor release that adds improvements in usability, compatibility and stability.