New Skype scam uses chat bots: Fake webcam girls want your credit card information

Have you ever received a contact request on Skype from someone you don’t know? This may happen from time to time, particularly if your Skype name is publically searchable. But what is really behind these contact requests and why do people bother? To find that out we played along and the following conversation ensued:

skype scam 1

At first sight it appears to be someone looking for companion. But the dialogue is suspiciously general, questions are never really answered and the responses don’t allow for a meaningful discussion of any kind. When asking “Are you a bot” the invariable answer is “lol no i’m not a bot silly.”

The contact in our example has listed their birthdate as 1980, but claims to be 25 years old. That doesn’t add up either and when we ask about it, the question is completely ignored.

All this makes it obvious that instead of chatting with a real person we are in fact dealing with a chat bot. And this begs the question, why would a chat bot be interested in a human companion? Surely not for an engaging conversation… The answer to that question becomes clear when we look at the link the helpful Eva sent us when she offered her “free passes”. We are asked to sign up to what appears to be an X-rated video chat site:

skype scam 2

It looks like our Eva is in fact Nancy, but who cares about such minor details when it appears we have a free date? Lets move on to the registration:

skype scam 3

This looks like a standard registration form, so lets complete it and click Continue:

skype scam 4

Now wait a second, our credit card information is required and that’s not what we had agreed to. Why would we need to provide payment details if “today’s charge is $0.00” anyway? There goes our free date and at the same time this reveals the true aim of this scam: credit card fraud.

“Safe Secure Encrypted” sounds good, but unfortunately we are not convinced of the accuracy of this statement. The site doesn’t even use the HTTP secure protocol (which would give the URL the “https://…” prefix), so our dating adventure ends here.

Its all about the money

While chat bots may have a legitimate purpose (such as leaving an automated message when you are offline), that isn’t the case here. The only purpose of chat bots like the one we encountered, is to trick people into signing up and submitting their credit card details insecurely. Whoever gains access to the requested information (name, card number, CVC/CVV code and so on) can use your credit card on the internet for whatever they want. That’s a chilling thought, as scammers won’t waste any time in getting their hands on your money.

If you have become the victim of a (suspected) credit card scam, it is recommended that you contact your credit card provider (bank or financial institution) as soon as possible. They can block your card immediately and will tell you what steps you need to undertake to regain access to it.

  • Dany Lynen

    What is going on with skype all these girls supposedly looking for a guy, love etc. i don’t even have my picture on my skype what gives? any suggestions guys!!!

  • Dany Lynen

    getting lots of skype calls from girls wanting and searching for love. So far the girl i am chatting with says she is from cornwall england, i sent her an email and it opens in redmond washington. she is lying so what is her purpose so far i am playing the game and never would i use my cc. so what gives! help guys!!! please

  • Cristi

    Oh god… When i sing up they said … can.t check my card or something like this… you ? You can connect on your stupid site ? sry for my bad eglish. Pls answer if u see this .

  • Aramí R

    I don’t know if the people are still here, but here’s a woman that just wrote me on Skype, she doesn’t have any pic there so I asked for one. She send me a link and I opened it and there was a live cam (I suposed) called “camplayground” and there was a pic of a girl showing his bobs. Then I asked her “are you serious?” And she said “we can see live there no needs for pictures” I don’t really know what to do and I am kinda scared. I don’t even speak English, she’s from United States and I am from Spain. She’s 25 years old. Please help .

    • Teddy

      If it were me, I would go along with it and if it asked me for a credit card and the person asks if I can see them, then I would ask for more.

    • Teddy

      I did it, and the person hasn’t replied for a few weeks.

  • Teddy

    I am currently talking to one right now, and I don’t even have a credit card to steal.
    Whats with this stuff

  • Bobby Gobby

    MALE 25 for cam chat skype id bobby.gobby

  • Ingomar Mayrhuber

    I have the same experience since a few days

  • Teddy

    I have two, Leah Jarvis and Kaya STEWART

  • Howie Welden

    This happened to me in 1 month, 3 different girls, same thing, all started with “Hey!, I don’t remember how I got you’re username but I broke up with my Boyfriend and I’m hitting up on guys and I thought you were hot” or “I got you’re name from the profile directory here on Skype cuz I was bored….”, and all had the same outcome…..a site for ‘people’….., and I said the same thing to all, How old are you, they say there either in there 20’s and never said anything else when I said “I’m 13, why me?”

    • Teddy

      I hate to break it to you, but I would set my contact list to only allow people in your contact list to send you anything.

  • AlienNinja

    nice article. very helpful

  • AlienNinja

    hah! nice!

  • Tots Shane

    I get these requests on a daily basis. But they all stop at the credit card. These are automated responses and I have loads of them, sometimes I just get bored and feel like trolling. The funny thing is, the same people use the same responses over and over again without even changing the words.