Emsi-Wikipedians: We Need Your Help!


As a lot of you may know, Emsisoft is expanding rapidly.  In just the last few months we’ve extended our reach to both India and North America, and we’ve even managed to get our product on the shelves of well-known retailers like Best Buy and Fry’s.

Throughout 2013, we received top marks from Virus Bulletin and MRG-Effitas.  We even competed in some AV-Comparatives testing for the very first time and ended the year with a Silver medal in their Real World Protection category, besting 20 competitors, and losing only to Kaspersky – a company approximately 108 times our size.

So, it occurred us: We need a Wikipedia entry.

We need a Wikipedia entry because we have grown in notoriety.  We need a Wikipedia because our product interacts with and has a significant impact on the anti-malware community at large.

Unfortunately, getting Emsisoft onto Wikipedia has been fraught with challenges.  As many of you Wikipedians may know, the organization is notorious for its stringent acceptance standards.  We set a blogger to the task of creating an article for us, and his work was almost immediately rejected.

This was discouraging because we later found that from the 22 companies evaluated by AV-C in 2013, Emsisoft was 1 of only 2 that didn’t have a Wikipedia entry.  Besides Kaspersky, these are all companies that Emsisoft outperformed!

It’s for this reason that Emsisoft is asking for your help.  We want, scratch that, need to be on Wikipedia.  We have a global reach of over 7 million users, and we feel that’s more than enough to make the cut.

What you can do

If you have both experience contributing to Wikipedia and a good reputation in the Wiki community, you can help us out by:

  1. Creating a new entry for Emsisoft GmbH.  You can find everything you need to create your article on our Crunchbase entry.  This entry, which we feel is both objective and well-sourced, is using almost identical sources as our initial Wikipedia submission.
  2. Updating the Wikipedia article on Emsisoft Anti-Malware, our flagship product.  This article is significantly dated and we are unable to modify it without violating Wikipedia’s Conflict of Interest rules.

With your help, Emsisoft can Go Wiki and become part of the world’s conversation on Anti-Malware.  We may not be a global corporation with a CEO gone AWOL, and we may not come pre-installed on every single Windows PC, but we think we’ve got one hell of a product and we think people need to know.

If you’ve got something to say about Emsisoft, we want you to use Wikipedia to say it!

Interested contributors, feel free to contact us any time at [email protected] for hints on additional sources or with any questions.


  • Alexi Bell

    I’ve participated in Wikipedia “Article for Deletion” discussions. The most crucial thing, which is often not clear to people unfamiliar with Wikipedia policies, is that the decision generally hinges on whether a subject has significant coverage from multiple independent, published, “reliable sources”. Not blogs, forums, publicly-edited sites, sales sites (Amazon), download sites, or your own site. And not incidental mentions like “according to security firm Emsisoft…” or one-paragraph descriptions of your software. The popularity, size, and profitability of your software and company are completely irrelevant. The quality of the Wikipedia article is largely irrelevant. It’s all about coverage.

    Once you have the coverage, it will probably take care of itself, but if it’s in local or obscure publications, provide a list of citations and/or links for Wikipedia editors. Sometimes a local paper will do a full article on a local small company that national press wouldn’t care about.

    Emsisoft is almost press-invisible. To get coverage to get in Wikipedia, you need media coverage, and your best bet is a PR firm; a very distant second is trying to do what a PR firm does on your own. Explain your goal to them. There are different approaches, such as issuing press releases, contacting likely publications for interview (different human interest angles employees can work for different publications), holding press conferences at places reporters hang out on slow news days, giving speeches at conferences, etc. Possible stories depend on who works at the company, what your products are, what you’re working on, etc.; their job is to figure out what stories they think they can “sell”. You can also help them by working on something that’s hyped in the news a lot, even if only tangentially related (malware that’s even tangentially tied to Syria, Ukraine, terrorists, celebrities, bitcoins, Google Glass, an upcoming smartphone, etc.) Anti-malware software is boring, so give them a hook to work with.

    The side effect of any coverage is that you’ll drum up more publicity for your company/products regardless of Wikipedia. Do not think of it as spending thousands of dollars to get in Wikipedia, think of it as an experiment to determine return on investment using professional PR to garner more sales.

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