How to scan and clean a computer with Emsisoft Emergency Kit

A new version of this tutorial is available here.

  • emsisoft_steve

    Hi Stanislav,

    You can completely customize which files are scanned using a Custom Scan, found in the Scan section.

  • Charles Crum

    This is great information to be known! Itt will really help to know how to deal with these infected files!!! Thanks Much Emsisoft!!!!!!!

  • emsisoft_steve

    Hi Dustin, the Emsisoft Emergency Kit does include the Bitdefender definitions as well.

  • KWilkie IT Services

    Hi – I have the Emergency Kit installed on a USB drive. How can I get the Updates loaded directly to the USB drive instead of my PC?

    • emsisoft_steve

      Hi there. If you are running the Emergency Kit from a USB drive, updates will be downloaded to the USB drive automatically.

      • KWilkie IT Services

        Ok Thank you. I did wonder but every time I go to use the kit, it seems to download more and more updates as if it hasn’t been updated for a while? I’ll keep an eye on the dates – maybe I’m just missing something.

        • Steve

          The Emergency Kit actually uses the same signature database as Emsisoft Anti-Malware. This database is typically updated several times per day. This might be the reason it seems like the kit hasn’t been updated for a while when you open it :)

  • Roly

    Before the first scan i try to update but it says unable to connect to the server. It appears to download all the updates but the message always appears at the end. I am able to use the internet fully so no probs my end. I am using Google Chrome.

  • Mateusz Ziółkowski

    hat delete goSAVE ?

  • sapandey1

    hi i hvave been using the emergency scanner but despite being connected to internet ,I cant update the program .The message that the program shows is check the internet connection.I dont use a proxy,can you help me out.

    • Monika (Emsisoft)

      Hi Sapandey, Please head over to so that our support team can take a look.

  • Gary Anderson

    Help I cannot sign up to the forum for help. It will not let me past the verification code when I sign up. Please could some one tell why it will not let me past the verification code. It keeps telling me the verification code is wrong. I have entered it in, CORRECTLY 6 times and it keeps saying everytime wrong code has been entered. What is the problem with your sign up form

  • Cat Tilley

    I’ve been using the EEK for close to three years to scan family/friends computers. Many who thought ‘free’ security solutions was as good or equal to paid, with a few ‘unneeded’ features left out were surprised at what EEK found and quarantined.

    Fortunately, none were rootkits, but still some were serious enough for all to rethink their security strategy, a couple went with EAM after a 30 day trial, a couple more added Online Armor to their ‘free’ plan that’s native to Windows 7/8.1, all ended up paying for security in some form or the other.

    And all except the two that went with EAM has EEK in their Documents folder, so it must be doing something right.

    Still, prevention is better than cure. Those folks were lucky. Some aren’t, embedded malware is more difficult to remove than intercepting it from the go. That’s why I recommend Emsisoft Anti Malware to everyone, if nothing else, give it a 30 day chance. It’s really more affordable than one realizes in today’s digital world. My data is worth a lot more than $40 yearly. Is yours?

  • alex411

    Its takes very long time to up grade 20 min why ?. I am use your key
    Regards Alex

    • Mariska

      Sorry to hear that. This could be caused by multiple factors. To better diagnose the problem, please email or head over to our support forum: