The Internet Is A Dangerous Place

The Internet Is A Dangerous Place

Have a great (scare-free) day!

  • Michał Zienkiewicz

    lol XD way to advertise Yourselves

  • Tempus

    I really like the slide show, it’s very creative and deliver the message that all malware is more or less, directly or indirectly all about money. ” Your Money “. I have seen that you have placed the slide show at Emsisoft Homepage. That is what I want to see, if I was a new user and went to Emsisoft homepage. It’s all about attitude….thumbs up =D

    • Steve

      Thanks, Tempus. BTW, I like the new name :)

  • That stuff won’t happen to me…I have Emsisoft Internet Security installed and up to date. Great narrative guys…it is soooo true.

  • Jon Delo

    Well done, straight to the point, and I wish more people would use Emsisoft. An article by a tech writer in a forum recently was advising the use of an anti-malware (MWB) program as the best. I responded with advice that Emsisoft was much better, his reply was that he didn’t know Emsisoft existed, oh yeah, I think something different behind his comment.

    • Steve

      Thanks for your support, Jon!

  • Adam Zarky

    After 2 days of your trialware where your program constantly failed to initialize on my Win7 X64 after starting/rebooting on my pc was enough for me to call it quits. I had to manually initialize the program.
    That aside, you guys have a very nice “security suite” going on.

    • Steve

      Hi Adam,
      Sorry to hear you had some trouble. If you’d like to see if we can get things working for you, you can contact for free. Someone should be able to assist you within 24 hours.

  • StribetKat

    ♥ emsisoft for making my online world safer.
    Elegant software that’s easy on my computer’s resources.

  • Adam

    Making anti malware software is all about the money too

  • Piotr Kachala

    hah! – a ranson for locked files on computer? – this is straight to FBI office.

  • Ravana Brahma Rakshas

    this was the best sales letter i have seen. scare them, show them the problem, then show your stuff fux e problem. and give away free. these people are expert in sales letter. nice. and i do download your virus thing. if your virus thing is as good as your sales letter, i might even buy it.