Security Knowledge [Jun, 29, 2005]

The menace of Worms

It is a given in this world that every entity has two aspects – one benign, and the other malignant. This duality of function can be found in virtually everything. Take the humble kitchen knife, for example. Cooks use it for chopping vegetables. It can also be used to kill. The human brain can be […]

Security Knowledge [Jun, 23, 2005]

What is Spyware?

The word “Spy” immediately brings to mind mysterious ladies or gentlemen walking around stealthily, their faces hooded showing only a hint of a brooding countenance. Agencies such as the MI5/MI6, the KGB, and the CIA spring to mind along with words like espionage, treason, clandestine and covert operations, agents and double agents, coded languages, disinformation, […]