Alerts & Outbreaks, Emsisoft Lab [Mar, 28, 2011]

Scam email lead to Keylogger. Beware!

Among a lot of various scam emails about “post express“, we found one email that is unfamiliar, and pretty sure this is a different malware, with subject “Available for pickup“, and included an executable attachment file, “Sent.exe“. Dear Sir I have just returned and received your message — it is 2:25 am in Vancouver. I […]

Emsisoft Lab [Mar, 9, 2011]

My Facebook profile has been visited more than 15.000 times!

A friend who is new to Facebook asked, “How is it possible? I just created a Facebook account a few days ago, but my profile has been visited more than 15,000 times. I feel like a celebrity!” “wow, i just found out that i had total 15158 visits to my profile and among these my […]