Security Knowledge [May, 24, 2011]

How many viruses are made by anti-virus companies?

A commentary by Christian Mairoll, CEO of Emsisoft Background As CEO of an anti-virus company my friends and associates often ask me “Who writes all these viruses?” and hidden behind this question is the sometimes serious accusation that “You write them yourself, just to drum up business!”. If it was only so simple… The reality […]

Alerts & Outbreaks, Emsisoft Lab [May, 18, 2011]

May 21st the end of the world? (But malware still alive!)

Rumors that said that on the next May 21st 2011 will be the end of the world indeed have become wide spread, and this news has become very popular since a few days ago, and the cyber criminal are also already aware of it. When I do a search images on Google using keyword “end […]