Alerts & Outbreaks, Emsisoft Lab [Aug, 29, 2011]

Emsisoft warns: Zbot trojan spreads by fake Facebook friend request

Every Facebook user is familiar with the friend invitation via email on Facebook. But you should be careful, as our malware analysis team has detected that this is now a tactic being used to infect users with malicious software. In this case we received a phishing email with the subject “Kaamil Mahmoud wants to be […]

Security Knowledge [Aug, 1, 2011]

2011 – The renaissance of Ransomware

Everything moves onward and, sadly for you and the other untold millions of honest Internet users, the Malware industry is no exception to this. What began as only a handful of Viruses has developed over time into vast numbers of Trojans, Worms, Phishing attacks and many other types of criminal approaches that endanger the security […]