Alerts & Outbreaks, Emsisoft Lab [Feb, 29, 2012]

BBB & IRS Spam Campaign

We received so many spam emails about BBB (Better Business Bureau) and IRS (Internal Revenue Service) that we had a closer look at it. The emails come from spoofed addresses, such as alert[at], subscriptions[at], accounts[at], etc. Dear Accountant Officer, Hereby you are notified that your Tax Return Appeal id#[NUMBER] has been REJECTED. If you consider […]

Security Knowledge [Feb, 24, 2012]

Secure download resources or a malware cesspool – How trustworthy are download portals nowadays?

The term “download wrapper” is still quite unknown, which of course does not make its basic technology any less harmful. The moment that hackers and malware authors start to specialize in download wrappers, if they haven’t done already, the Internet community may have to face new waves of viruses. Learn more in this article on […]

Alerts & Outbreaks [Feb, 16, 2012]

Scammers profit from Whitney Houston’s death on Facebook

The untimely death of wonderful singer Whitney Houston has shocked the world. So much the worse that scammers now are trying to profit from the pop singer’s death. They distribute Facebook messages on a video that allegedly claims to reveal details around the circumstances of her untimely death. Users who click the link will make […]