Alerts & Outbreaks, Emsisoft Lab [Jul, 31, 2012]

Beware: “Groupon discount gifts” spam!

The Emsisoft malware research team has discovered a new outbreak of the spam emails purporting to be from Groupon. The spam emails are designed to convince the user to open the attachment provided, which contains malware that can infect the system. The spam emails we have received have the subject “Groupon discount gifts“, with an […]

Security Knowledge [Jul, 10, 2012]

What is a HIPS? The technology behind Emsisoft Online Armor Firewall explained

There are different ways of detecting, blocking or removing malware. Different suppliers use different technical terms, which can make it difficult for normal users to differentiate between them. It all sounds great in theory, but we would rather not hide behind such complicated terms. We prefer to explain in a clear and understandable manner why […]