Security Knowledge [Aug, 22, 2012]

Managing network threats: Using Wifi securely and efficiently at home and on the move

The use of Wifi has become standard thanks to the convenience it offers. Browsing while sitting in the garden, checking your e-mails on the move or exploring an unknown city via Google Maps in the hotel – not so long ago these activities we take for granted, weren’t possible. However, with people caught up in […]

Emsisoft Lab [Aug, 9, 2012]

Dorifel crypto malware paralyzes Dutch companies and public sector

Systems in the Netherlands are currently being hit hard by a new wave of crypto malware named “Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Dorifel”. Based on press reports as well as our own telemetry gathered through our Emsisoft Anti-Malware Network thousands of Dutch systems are already infected. The majority of them located in government, public sector or company networks. Based on […]

Security Knowledge [Aug, 2, 2012]

Protection through hard drive encryption – not only for laptops!

The use of security software to protect you from online attacks is standard today, but what about physical threats to your hardware? What if your laptop goes missing while traveling or your workstation at the office is stolen during a burglary? Even on a password-protected OS, the data is saved to the hard drive unencrypted […]