Emsisoft Lab [Oct, 25, 2012]

“You’ve got an eFax!”

Spam emails are nothing new and unfortunately most internet users are confronted with them daily. Their purposes vary from simply promoting a site or product, to phishing and downright infecting a computer. Today we received a particularly nasty, but at the same time convincing-looking email, claiming to be from eFax: Convincing at first sight, but […]

Emsisoft Lab [Oct, 20, 2012]

Linux Rescue CD: a help or a hinderance?

Detect and get rid of malware without entering Windows, use a bootable Linux Rescue CD; it sounds like something that can make the life of anyone who needs to remove malware a lot easier. The idea behind it? Scan your computer without booting in Windows, which can come in handy when malware is actively preventing […]

Security Knowledge [Oct, 16, 2012]

Efficient protection against new malware: Emsisoft’s Behavior Blocker

Emsisoft’s Behavior Blocker is, along with the File Guard and Surf Protection, one of Emsisoft Anti-Malware’s three protection components and is also marketed separately as Mamutu. It is the most complex and efficient of the three security components and is able to reliably fend off conventional malicious software, as well as brand new malware (so-called […]