Security Knowledge [Sep, 17, 2013]

The transparent citizen – How can I actively prevent others from misusing my data?

Every day we are inundated with countless reports of constant and insidious total surveillance, and at every turn we are victims to the same, just as George Orwell pointed out a long time ago, albeit in an entertaining manner. “Would life be better without the Internet?” – This is a question that has been raised in association […]

Emsisoft Lab [Sep, 10, 2013]

CryptoLocker – a new ransomware variant

Over the past few days Emsisoft’s malware research team has received numerous reports of a new file encrypting ransomware strain. This new family of ransomware is commonly referred to as CryptoLocker or Trojan:Win32/Crilock.A. Like all file encrypting ransomware (also known as crypto malware) the goal of the attacker is to encrypt important files on the […]

Security Knowledge [Sep, 3, 2013]

E-mail encryption: this is how it works

The first part of this series dealt with surveillance in general and attempted to outline current affairs. Now we will explain how you can utilize simple methods to help better protect your private communications as well as how these underlying technologies work. E-mails: digital postcards Many people tend to assume that e-mails are the digital equivalent of […]