Reviews & Awards [Nov, 29, 2013]

AvLab Performance Test 2014

Emsisoft Anti-Malware defeated 35 other Internet Security Suites in the recent AVLab Performance Test and received the “Best+++” award for its outstanding performance. The official test results are available in Polish only at the Website. An English summary can be found at!

Emsisoft News [Nov, 28, 2013]

Emsisoft Black Friday Deal: 30% off and 3 extra months for FREE

We have prepared a special Black Friday deal. For a limited time only, you can take advantage of 30% discount on each of our products* and receive a bonus 3 extra months for FREE. Please remember that this deal is available only on 29th of November! Having doubts about ordering Emsisoft Anti-Malware? Here are some reasons […]

Security Knowledge [Nov, 28, 2013]

Hacking Identity Theft: Entry points, tools and prevention

  Identity theft has been around as long as there has been identity.  Long before the age of computers, people specialized in the art of forgery, to pose as others and to use their assets to their advantage. Identity Theft: Ways and means Before computers and before what has become the ubiquitous connectivity of modern […]

Security Knowledge [Nov, 13, 2013]

Why spam is annoying but malware is frightening

Spam and malware from the view of a marketing professional. Why does spam have to be ugly? When was the last time you received a really good looking, sophisticated, unsolicited email? Actually, I’d have to dig really deep in my spam folder in order to find an example of interesting, engaging or (haha) well designed […]

Alerts & Outbreaks [Nov, 12, 2013]

MeGaHeRTZ warez group silently spreading malware

File-sharing sites and torrents are dangerous places by definition, as one can easily become infected with a nasty virus. It is rare for the so-called warez scene to expose its users to malware directly; usually it’s added later by third parties. Unfortunately not all groups seem to play by these rules: As of Saturday, all […]

Reviews & Awards [Nov, 6, 2013]

Emsisoft one of Austria’s Leading Companies

Salzburg, November 6th 2013: Emsisoft wins Austria’s Leading Companies Award 2013 As the article is available in German only, we have taken the liberty of passing on a translation of the most important points for you. Please find the German original on the Wirtschaftsblatt website. Emsisoft declares war on Viruses Known for its sophisticated anti-malware […]