MeGaHeRTZ warez group silently spreading malware

File-sharing sites and torrents are dangerous places by definition, as one can easily become infected with a nasty virus.


It is rare for the so-called warez scene to expose its users to malware directly; usually it’s added later by third parties. Unfortunately not all groups seem to play by these rules:

As of Saturday, all releases by a group called MeGaHeRTZ were officially nuked by the warez community for embedding malware in scene releases and harvesting information from host machines. Ironically, the first user to report unusual activity had just installed a MeGaHeRTZ release of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro.

Since February, dozens of infected MeGaHeRTZ “crack” patches have been extracting data from host machines including username, computer name, drive serial obtained via the Windows API, and IP address.

As there is no way to delete every single copy of these “tainted” releases that are now spread all over the World Wide Web, avoidance of such releases is strongly recommended.