Emsisoft Anti-Malware Hits India!


Big News: Emsisoft is now available in India!  We’ve formed a partnership with Bastech Systems and with their help we’re planning to make the entire sub-content a little more malware-free and secure.

Bastech Systems is a Hyderabad-based IT solutions and services provider that serves customers across India and in other countries throughout the world. They focus on: Security & Surveillance, Networking & Infrastructure, ERP Systems Implementations, Maintenance Contracts, Quality Management Systems, and Software & Hardware services. Apparently, they also know a thing or two about marketing:


That’s the face of Emsisoft in India, hitting the CTC Cellar, a popular wholesale market for computer technology in Kukatpally, Hyderabad. The team has been hard at work, introducing our software to anyone looking for an unobtrusive antimalware solution trusted by more than 7 million users across the world.


Here they are again, in front of Schweta Computers spreading the word with a smile :)  Thanks guys! We couldn’t do it without you, and we’re glad you know how to spot someone who will like our software when you see them. Just like that Honda motorcycle, Emsisoft is lightweight and built for performance.

Along with our recent expansion into North America, Emsisoft in India is making 2014 a pretty exciting year. PC users the world around know good anti-malware when they see it, and we’re delighted that more and more are choosing Emsisoft. So here’s to Emsisoft India, Bastech Systems, and one step closer to a malware-free world!