Emsisoft News [Feb, 28, 2014]

A Typical Day at Emsisoft’s Headquarters

Emsisoft Anti-Malware is designed to prevent PUPs, because we know that nobody wants them. Chances are you probably didn’t know this about us. Funny thing is, PUP-Peddlers don’t know it either. Our managing director, Christian Mairoll, was recently approached by a particularly pushy PUP-Peddler on Skype. For all of us here at Emsisoft, this was pretty comical.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Feb, 27, 2014]

RIP Mt.Gox

Headlines read that the Mt.Gox Bitcoin exchange is dead. A leaked Crisis Strategy Draft reveals that the company lost 744,408 BTC to transaction malleability.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Feb, 25, 2014]

Caphaw Trojan Found in Youtube Ads

The banking Trojan Caphaw is being distributed through Youtube ads. Emsisoft detects this malware as Trojan.Win32.Caphaw. The attack was discovered last Friday.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Feb, 21, 2014]

Adobe Flash Zero Day: Operation GreedyWonk

Zero Day Vulnerability Alert. CVE-2014-0502, dubbed Operation GreedyWonk, affects the latest versions of Adobe Flash.

Emsisoft News [Feb, 21, 2014]

Preview: Emsisoft Mobile Security offers protection for your Android device

Emsisoft Mobile Security [beta] is a next-gen security solution for Android devices. Join our beta test for Emsisoft Mobile Security now!

Emsisoft News, Security Knowledge [Feb, 20, 2014]

Emsisoft Malwarelympics 2014

With its viruses, Trojans and rootkits, the malware scene establishes new world records faster than any Olympic athlete.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Feb, 19, 2014]

Zeus Found Crawling through Salesforce.com

Infamous banking Trojan Zeus has been spotted on Salesforce.com. This discovery has just been made by SaaS security firm Adallom. An investigation is ongoing.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Feb, 18, 2014]

Firmware Vulnerabilities Discovered on Linksys and ASUS Routers

New worm The Moon affects Linksys routers. Reports indicate an 8 month old ASUS router vulnerability is being exploited as well.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Feb, 17, 2014]

Emsisoft Alert: Kickstarter Data Breach

Kickstarter.com has announced a data breach of user related information. Stolen data includes usernames, email addresses, encrypted passwords and more.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Feb, 16, 2014]

New Internet Explorer Zero Day Attack: Operation Snowman

New zero day attack dubbed Operation Snowman is actively targeting fully patched versions of Internet Explorer 9 and 10.

Reviews & Awards [Feb, 16, 2014]

VB100 Ranking for Emsisoft Anti-Malware on Windows 8.1

100% protection against standard & extended wilds. Zero Warnings. Zero False Positives. Virus Bulletin concludes: “Detection was really quite excellent”

Emsisoft News [Feb, 15, 2014]

Emsisoft Anti-Malware released!

Emsisoft Anti-Malware is a maintenance update for improved performance and protection.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Feb, 12, 2014]

DDoS Attacks Affect Cloudflare and Bitcoin Exchange

In the aftermath of the Mt.Gox withdrawal freeze, reports of DDoS attacks against other Bitcoin exchange sites and content delivery network Cloudflare emerge.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Feb, 12, 2014]

MtGox Freezes All Bitcoin Withdrawals

MtGox’s move to freeze all withdrawals is sending ripples throughout the Bitcoin trading community. MtGox cites Bitcoin transaction malleability as the cause.

Emsisoft News [Feb, 11, 2014]

This Valentine’s Day use Protection: get 1 year as a bonus

To help you stay safe, Emsisoft is offering a FREE 1 year license of Emsisoft Anti-Malware with your order, to share with your Valentine (or a good friend).

Alerts & Outbreaks, Security Knowledge [Feb, 8, 2014]

What’s with all the Point of Sale Data Breaches?

Target, Neimann Marcus, Michaels, White Lodging: All victims of point of sale attacks. Emsisoft explores the recent trend in POS data breaching.

Emsisoft News [Feb, 5, 2014]

Emsi-Wikipedians: We Need Your Help!

Emsisoft needs a Wikipedia article! Help your favorite anti-malware out by creating a new wiki on Emsisoft GmbH or updating the wiki on Emsisoft Anti-Malware.

Emsisoft News [Feb, 5, 2014]

Emsisoft Internet Security 9 Preview

In 2014 we will release Emsisoft Anti-Malware 9 and Emsisoft Internet Security 9. Both products will share the common code base of Emsisoft Anti-Malware.