Emsisoft Internet Security 9 Preview

One of our major milestones in 2014 will be the release of Emsisoft Anti-Malware 9 and Emsisoft Internet Security 9. Both products will share the common code base of Emsisoft Anti-Malware, but the new Emsisoft Internet Security will feature an additional firewall module to replace the currently sold “Emsisoft Internet Security Pack” (a bundle of Emsisoft Anti-Malware + Emsisoft Online Armor).

Please note that the following screenshots are only early design studies and don’t represent a finished product by any means. We expect a lot of changes in the next couple of weeks, most of them hopefully based on our valuable beta tester feedback and ideas. Nothing you are about to see is fully set in stone yet, and if you think you have a great idea of how to do things better, we are eager to listen to you. We will provide and update a dedicated FAQ section for recurring questions at the end of this post.

We also want to take the opportunity to mention that Emsisoft Internet Security has been in testing for the last couple of months. If you want even more influence on our development process, and if you like breaking stuff, joining our private tester team may be for you. Not only will you get our eternal gratitude in return, but you will also get free licenses for all of our products :)

Design study screenshots:

Main screen - all guards on Main screen - some guards off Main screen - all guards off Application rules General settings

Frequently asked questions:

  • Q: Will you merge all parts of Emsisoft Online Armor into the new Emsisoft Internet Security product?
    A: Our ultimate goal with this project is to merge the best protection components of Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Emsisoft Online Armor into a single suite. Since the used realtime protection technologies of both products are technically quite similar, we decided to utilize the more advanced Behavior Blocker instead of Online Armor’s HIPS, to provide the best user experience and the most effective protection.
  • Q: How will the new combined suite affect my license for Emsisoft Internet Security Pack?
    A: We’ll leave it to you to swap your license key for the new combined suite product for free or keep Emsisoft Anti-Malware + Emsisoft Online Armor. However we will most likely stop offering a discounted bundle in the near future.
  • Q: What are your future plans for Emsisoft Online Armor?
    A: We’ll make future development of Emsisoft Online Armor dependent on our customers’ demand for a standalone Firewall/HIPS product after the release of Emsisoft Internet Security.
  • Q: How much will the new Emsisoft Internet Security product cost?
    A: You can expect the pricing to be similar to the current Emsisoft Anti-Malware + Emsisoft Online Armor bundle pricing.
  • Q: When will the final version be available for download?
    A: One of Emsisoft’s main directives is to not promise any release schedules. We prefer to take as much time as we need to release a well tested, stable product instead of a frequently crashing, hurried one. You can expect an initial public beta build within the next few months though.
  • Q: Will feature xyz be included in the new Emsisoft Internet Security product?
    A: Similar to the above, we are taking the liberty to not announce any upcoming or planned features before the actual release date. In contrast to many well established vendors out there, we don’t want to swamp our users with a high number of potentially complicated features. Instead, we focus on the core question: “How can we provide the best possible protection combined with the least possible resource usage in a way that’s easiest for everyone?”