Alerts & Outbreaks [Mar, 26, 2014]

Alert! Serving Gameover Zeus

A new variant of Gameover Zeus specifically targets Infected users are at risk of having their log-in credentials stolen.

Emsisoft News [Mar, 25, 2014]

Emsisoft in a Nutshell: Over 10 Years Fighting for a Malware-Free World

Our vision is a Malware-Free world, and we’ve been fighting for it for over 10 years.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Mar, 25, 2014]

Microsoft Word Zero Day Alert!

An unpatched, zero day vulnerability is affecting multiple versions of Microsoft Word through .RTF files. Multiple versions of Outlook are also vulnerable.

Security Knowledge [Mar, 21, 2014]

Metadata and Mobile Security

A stolen smartphone is a stolen life. Emsisoft Mobile Security’s Anti-Theft lets you lock or wipe all data and metadata from your device if you lose it.

Security Knowledge [Mar, 21, 2014]

Show us Why you Party with Emsisoft – Illustration Contest

We turned 10 years, and to celebrate we’ve decided to hold a contest. Enter for a chance to win a Google Nexus 7 preloaded with Emsisoft Mobile Security.

Security Knowledge [Mar, 20, 2014]

Exploring Uncharted Waters: The Deep Web and Tor

Emsisoft explores the Deep Web and Tor, helping you understand how each of these terms relate to your digital security and privacy.

Alerts & Outbreaks, Security Knowledge [Mar, 19, 2014]

Rat Warning: WinSpy and GimmeRAT

Remote Administration Tools can be covertly installed on your computer or Android device through Trojan malware. WinSpy and GimmeRat are the latest threats.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Mar, 14, 2014]

ALERT: Google Drive Phishing Scam

A new phishing scam uses Google Drive file sharing to steal your Google account credentials. Emsisoft Anti-Malware provides automatic protection.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Mar, 12, 2014]

WordPress Sites Used for DDOS Attacks

Bloggers Beware: Your favorite WordPress pingback feature can be used to carry out DDOS attacks on other WordPress websites.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Mar, 11, 2014]

Naked Videos of Your Facebook Friends – Translation: MALWARE

A new Facebook scam advertises naked videos of you and your friends. Emsisoft Anti-Malware detects the malware involved as Trojan.FakeFlash.A.

Emsisoft News [Mar, 11, 2014]

Emsisoft Mobile Security 1.0 released!

Emsisoft Mobile Security is our company’s first response to the world of mobile malware. It has been designed to help you have a safer and more informed Android experience, and to protect your personal privacy from all of the dangers waiting on the web.

Security Knowledge [Mar, 7, 2014]

Application Vulnerabilities? Put Your Computer on the Emsisoft Diet

A new study brings attention to an important component of computer security: application vulnerability among the world’s most popular programs. The solution? We call it the Emsisoft Diet.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Mar, 3, 2014]

Emsisoft Alert: Netflix Tech Support Scam

Netflix users, beware: a new tech support scam uses the popular media streaming service to steal your identity for the low, low cost of $389.97.

Reviews & Awards [Mar, 3, 2014]

Emsisoft Conquers MRG-Effitas Q4 2013 Time to Detect Assessment

567 samples blocked. 0 samples missed. 100% detection. Instantaneously. Yet another win for Emsisoft Anti-Malware!