ALERT: Spotify Has Been Hacked

IMG_27052014_182502Attention music lovers: Spotify has been hacked!

The popular music streaming website has just posted an announcement which states that someone gained unauthorized access to their systems and internal company data. As a result, attackers gained access to just one Spotify user account. The company stresses that this access did not divulge the user’s password, financial or payment information, and that they have since contacted the user and launched an investigation.

It may seem a bit of an over reaction to publish such an announcement that apparently only affects one user, however in the wake of last week’s massive data breach at eBay, the company is likely aiming for complete transparency.

As an extra security measure, Spotify states that they will be requiring a manual log-in for all users in the next few days, in order to re-verify account credentials. Additionally, Spotify will be releasing an automated Android upgrade which will guide users through install. This update is slated for release sometime in the next week.

Emsisoft encourages Spotify users who want to err on the side of caution to change their Spotify password as soon as possible. Though Spotify’s announcement indicates that only one account was hacked, it never hurts to update what may be a weak log-in credential, especially when it is used for a popular website.

Spotify’s official press release regarding this matter can be viewed in full here.

Have a Great (Data-Breach-Free) Day!



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    Even though it’s sad to read about another data breach, then there is a grain of consolation to know, that some companies learn from others mistakes. Fast and open damage control from a company, will always regain some respect and trust from their users, if a data breach is discovered. That is the only way to go in the long term. But anyway, all those data breaches that has occurred lately , leaves an increasingly abyss of trust, between the users of the net, and those who should handle our personal information with great zealousness. Industries use tons of money, to create a brand and logo. But some of them have not understood, that only one or two data breaches can bring down a company’s reputation. . They have to take security more seriously.

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