Download Tor? The NSA is Watching You


Leaked NSA source code from project XKeyscore has revealed that the American National Security Agency is collecting information on Internet users from around the world who search for privacy software like Tor. Key discoveries reveal that two German based Tor Directory Authority servers are under surveillance. In addition, XKeyscore’ s monitoring rules stipulate that anyone who searches for a number of privacy software tools, including Tor and Tails, will have their IP address logged. Other tracked IP addresses include those of individuals using MIT’s Mix Minion anonymous email service and users who visit Linux Journal – the latter of which the NSA has flagged an “extremist forum.

As yet, it is not clear who leaked the XKeyscore source code, but news coverage of the leak is extensive.

For the full story in German, see: Tagesschau

For the full story in English, see:

As for anyone who may have read our Security Knowledge article on Tor… or who just clicked that link… well, congrats, you’re an extremist too!

Have a Great (Malware-Free?) Day!


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  • Legend

    It’s somehow ironic that if you what to have more privacy, and you don’t what your email read, as they do , or your surfing on the internet tracked by DOM Storage, or other metadata footprints, then just send a good old fashioned letter with a stamp. But hey, it just a matter of time I guess, before that kind of behavior is categorised as suspicious too. =))

  • Hope you guys enjoy this coming from the fastest growing international civil and political rights organization in the world?

  • bzzoff

    They “XRAY” all mail now…and save it in digital form.

  • bzzoff

    “AND” I Downloaded Tor months ago….and…it works.