Security Knowledge [Aug, 29, 2014]

What Happens When a Tech Support Scammer Cold Calls Emsisoft?

Scammers suck – except when they unwittingly call security experts like Emsisoft and Bleeping Computer. Then it’s hours of education… and entertainment.

Emsisoft News [Aug, 28, 2014]

Emsisoft is going for this year’s Computing Security Award!

Cast your vote for Emsisoft in the finals, so we can bring home this year’s Computing Security Award!

Alerts & Outbreaks [Aug, 28, 2014]

Kelihos Botnet Spam Waves False Russian Flag

Referencing the Russia-Ukraine conflict and sanctions by Western nations, a new Kelihos spam campaign uses politics to get users to click on malware.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Aug, 27, 2014]

Alert: CHASE Phishing Emails Steal Credentials, Serve Dyre Banking Malware

ALERT: A new phishing campaign that steals login credentials and infects users with the Dyre banking Trojan targets JP Morgan Chase customers around the world.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Aug, 26, 2014]

PlayStation Network Back Online After “Lizard Squad” DDOS Attack

After a weekend of service outages, PlayStation Network is back online. Reports indicate the gaming network was DDOSed by a group known as the Lizard Squad.

Reviews & Awards [Aug, 26, 2014]

“Excellent” for Emsisoft Anti-Malware at recent Netzsieger test

Emsisoft Anti-Malware 9 was rated a “solid and safe program” and has achieved an excellent score.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Aug, 25, 2014]

Data Breach Alert: 51 UPS Stores Affected!

Data Breach Alert: 51 UPS stores from 24 different states were infected by POS malware from January 20, 2014 – August 11, 2014.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Aug, 21, 2014]

Malware Alert: “Defru” Rogue Performs Fake Scan in Browser

Alert: A new browser-based rogue called “Defru” pretends to find malware, attempts to sell you fake security products, and prevents connection to 300+ websites.

Emsisoft News [Aug, 19, 2014]

New version of the popular free virus scanner “Emsisoft Emergency Kit 9” available

Malware emergencies. They come in every color, and they are anything but fun. The brand-new version of the only free 100% portable dual-scanner is now available.

Security Knowledge [Aug, 19, 2014]

How to scan and clean a computer with Emsisoft Emergency Kit

A step-by-step tutorial for malware cleanup using Emsisoft Emergency Kit 9.

Security Knowledge [Aug, 19, 2014]

Achieving Internet Simplicity

PCs are tools, the Internet is a means of connecting these tools, and these tools and this connection work best when things are kept simple and clean.

Emsisoft News [Aug, 9, 2014]

Emsisoft Emergency Kit 9 Beta available

A freeware collection of handy 100% portable virus- and malware-cleaning utilities: Emsisoft Emergency Kit Scanner + Emsisoft Commandline Scanner + Emsisoft BlitzBlank.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Aug, 8, 2014]

Don’t Download That Facebook Color Change App. It’s Malware.

Facebookers beware. An old trick has struck again – it’s called the Facebook color changer, and research has confirmed that it is malware.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Aug, 7, 2014]

Alert: If you’re running WordPress, it’s time to update

WordPress versions 3.5-3.9 and Drupal versions 6.x-7.x are vulnerable to a newly discovered denial of service attack that renders websites completely inaccessible.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Aug, 6, 2014]

Poweliks: The file-less little malware that could

Alert: New research has uncovered a malware called Poweliks that can infect your computer without creating any files on your hard drive.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Aug, 4, 2014]

Backoff Malware: The Reason Why You See So Many Data Breach Headlines

Research from US-CERT reveals a new culprit behind point of sale data breaches. In 2014 alone, Backoff malware has affected 100s of United States retailers.