Emsisoft News [Sep, 27, 2014]

A Statement from Emsisoft on WikiLeaks and the FinFisher malware

As an anti-malware company with German roots, Emsisoft is not unaffected by WikiLeaks and FinFisher. We’d like to let all of you know that we do not “whitelist” any type of lawful interception malware.

Security Knowledge [Sep, 26, 2014]

WikiLeaks exposed how much governments spend on FinFisher malware to spy on their citizens

Oppressive regimes are buying surveillance malware. Shouldn’t there be some control to ensure that developers like FinFisher don’t sell their products to questionable governments?

Alerts & Outbreaks [Sep, 25, 2014]

Critical Bash Bug “Shellshock” might be as big as Heartbleed

Any Linux, Unix, or Mac OS X machine running versions 1.14.0 to 4.3 of the Bash command interpreter is vulnerable to remote execution of malicious code.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Sep, 22, 2014]

Home Depot – 56 million Cards, Largest Retail Breach on Record

Between April and September 2014, approximately 56 million unique payment card credentials were stolen using malware. That’s the largest point of sale data breach on record.

Security Knowledge [Sep, 19, 2014]

Are firewalls a waste of time? No. Here’s why.

Emsisoft explains the basics of firewalls, and how we use the Windows Firewall to provide effective malware protection.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Sep, 18, 2014]

Alert: eBay iPhone Listings Redirecting to Phishing Pages

Alert! eBay item listings are redirecting to phishing pages. Cross site scripting has been found in use.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Sep, 18, 2014]

Hackers want to steal your Amazon account… using Kindle eBooks?

Do you think about security when you download an eBook? What if that eBook could allow a hacker to access your Amazon account and max out all its credit cards?

Reviews & Awards [Sep, 18, 2014]

The Emsisoft Emergency Kit is a Komputerswiat Editor’s Choice!

Komputerswiat.pl has named the Emsisoft Emergency Kit an Editor’s Choice! And who said you couldn’t get malware-free for free?

Alerts & Outbreaks [Sep, 17, 2014]

Alert! Default Browser app on 75% of Androids is vulnerable

A flaw in the Android Browser app allows attackers to steal personal info and hijack authenticated sessions. All Android versions prior to 4.4 are affected.

Reviews & Awards [Sep, 15, 2014]

AV Lab: “If you need solid protection…Emsisoft Internet Security is for you.”

“If you need solid protection with advanced and effective technologies to detect the entire spectrum of threats – Emsisoft Internet Security 9 is for you.” – AVLab.pl

Alerts & Outbreaks [Sep, 11, 2014]

5 Million Gmail Usernames and Passwords Compromised

5 million Gmail usernames & passwords were dumped on a Bitcoin forum. Don’t wait to find out if you’re affected – just change your password and enable 2FA. Here’s how.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Sep, 9, 2014]

Malware Alert: Dyre steals Salesforce login credentials, and doesn’t even call you back

Does your company use the Salesforce CRM to track and manage leads and contacts? If so, your employees might just become the targets of a malware attack.

Emsisoft News [Sep, 8, 2014]

NEW: Emsisoft Internet Security

Ultrafast Dual Scanner. Triple-Layer Protection. Smart Firewall. Weightless.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Sep, 5, 2014]

Home Depot Data Breach – Might be bigger than Target

The Home Depot is currently investigating a potential point of sale data breach that may affect 99% of its U.S. based stores.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Sep, 5, 2014]

U.S. Healthcare.gov Sick with Malware

Alert: A server for the United States healthcare registration website, Healthcare.gov, has been infected with malware.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Sep, 3, 2014]

No more nude selfies! (at least not on the cloud)

Don’t want your nude selfies on the cloud? Then don’t take nude selfies. Or at least disable your photos’ auto-sync first. Here’s how.