U.S. Healthcare.gov Sick with Malware

A server for the United States healthcare registration website, Healthcare.gov, has been infected with malware. Early reports indicate that no personal information has been compromised.

According to major U.S. news outlets, infection occurred sometime in July and was discovered on August 25th when workers found it on an improperly protected test server that was not supposed to be connected to the Internet . Rather than a targeted attack performed by another nation state, investigators state the malware was part of an everyday, automated botnet. Connection to such a botnet could have commanded the infected machine to take part in distributed denial of service attacks.

The takeaway? Nobody is immune to malware – at least not without some sort of vaccine.

For the original report, see The Wall Street Journal. For other (free) information, see The New York Times or Business Insider.

Have a great (malware-free) day!

  • Doski

    No surprise here ! A billion + $ buys a great deal of incompetence in Govt. circles but NOT much else.