Alerts & Outbreaks [Oct, 3, 2014]

Banking Alert: JPMorgan Chase Hack Affects Over 76 Million Accounts

JPMorgan Chase has confirmed a system compromise by hackers that affects approximately 76 million households and 7 million small businesses.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Oct, 2, 2014]

Trouble Ahead: BadUSB exploit code has been made public

Alert: Researchers have published portions of the BadUSB exploit code in the wild. This is code that can turn any USB device into a vector for malware!

Alerts & Outbreaks [Oct, 2, 2014]

So now the police are handing out spyware, for free…

Have you ever wanted to use malware, but were too afraid of all the hackers and underground forums? Well then have the local police got a freely available spyware for you!

Security Knowledge [Oct, 2, 2014]

U.S. sends scary message to hackers, but the truth is even scarier

The U.S. Department of Justice has indicted 4 videogame hackers to send a message. But the most dangerous cybercriminals don’t target the government. They target you.

Security Knowledge [Oct, 1, 2014]

Get Rich Quick or Reboot Trying: The State of CyberCrime in 2014

It’s 2014: Money is digital and criminals are too. What are you doing to ensure that you’re protected?

Alerts & Outbreaks [Oct, 1, 2014]

Ransomware Alert: Digitally Signed CryptoWall through Malvertising

A malicious advertising, or “malvertising,” campaign is currently serving a digitally signed variant of the CryptoWall ransomware through Alexa top 15,000 websites.