Emsisoft Detects Everything – 100% Prevention in MRG Effitas 360 Assessment!

mrg 360 q2 2014

Any anti-malware worth its price tag should be able to remove any malware from any infected system – but, an anti-malware should really be more than just a cleanup crew. Any anti-malware that’s truly worth using should actually be able to prevent any new malware from getting in, and render the dangers of infection and the frustrations of cleanup completely unnecessary. The latest MRG Effitas 360 Assessment has shown that Emsisoft Anti-Malware can do just that.

In this full spectrum, “real-world” assessment of 17 of the most popular anti-malware vendors in use today, Emsisoft Anti-Malware was one of only two products to block 100% of all malware samples used. 279 trojans, 203 financial malware variants, 67 backdoors, 60 ransomware variants, 42 potentially unwanted applications (PUPs), 21 rootkits, 31 other malware threats – and not a single one got through.

Needless to say, we are very proud of these results because they confirm to our users that they have chosen one of the best anti-malware solutions available today. On an Internet where the amount of time a malware infection resides on your PC is directly related to the amount of money a malware author can make at your expense, comprehensive prevention is crucial.  In fact, in the particular case of un-decryptable ransomware, prevention is the only way to avoid financial loss, as just “cleaning up” is usually impossible.

For more information on this latest win, download the MRG Effitas 360 Assessment & Certification Programme Q2 2014 results here.

Have a great (100% malware-free) day!

  • Tempus

    The most interesting part for me was that the behavior blocker, our zero day tool, caught 1,3 % of the malware. It is somehow nice to see that it has the ability to intervene and catch those samples/ (or suspicious behavior), that Emsisoft doesn’t have a signature for.

  • Philip

    I only use Windows for paying bills and we all share a debit card under the name of Philip ██████████████. When ever we spend money on the debit card its agreed that we pay it back immediately that way we have always got money on this debit card which is only used for the Internet. For example we purchased your program with a two-year license renewal. We use Windows for banking with this debit card. We run many different websites and we have so many passwords! the passwords are impossible to remember they are 20 characters long and even longer sometimes. Why don’t you add a password encryption program with your anti-malware program. That way you will have your anti-malware and firewall as a “Complete Security Suite” as they say.

    When I renewed this anti-malware I couldn’t remember what address we used so I put blah blah blah U.K. in the address part which they wanted. Then I added the debit card which all 3 of us use. The two-year purchase went through with no problems but I couldn’t find your password among the 40 odd passwords we use. Eventually I found your password in a personalised email address in the inbox dating back from last year. Making your program a “Complete Security Suite” would be a good idea don’t you think? That way it will be just like the large Corporation brand names. All in one product simply add it on to your anti-malware/firewall.

    Some people argue against all in one programs in case they get attacked but all the large brand names do it and it is very convenient.

    • Steve

      Thanks for your thoughts, Philip. We’ll definitely take them into consideration!

  • Ray Dobson

    Emsisoft blocks everything? How come I got a Ukash virus then? Cost me 2 years subscription to get rid of the blasted thing? Come on Emsisoft…do your job !

    • Monika (Emsisoft)

      Hi Ray, sorry to hear that and I get that you’re upset.

      Without any logs it is really hard to say why the infection was able to by-pass our behaviour blocker and penetrate your system, at this point.

      Rest reassured that we take it very seriously to keep our users’ systems clean. That is why we do offer free support for removing infections (which even includes remote access
      via TeamViewer if the customer wishes) at any time.