40 Reasons Why You DON’T Need An Antivirus

There is no way around it: viruses do exist, trojans do infiltrate your PC, and most users will act to guard against them. With software, but also with sensible behavior online. Malware relies partly on users doing the hard work for them. Most of the time you know when you are straying into the murkier waters of the internet. Do you ever think that your good behavior is enough to protect you from attacks, and that antivirus software is not necessary?

You may be right. Here are 40 reasons why you don’t need an antivirus:

1. You don’t share files and links with your co-workers.

2. You don’t do your banking online.

3. You never use the Internet for adult entertainment, shopping or online games.

4. You never use public WIFI at your local coffee shop, library, on the plane – or any other public place.

 14768273_s5. You believe the government would never spy on its citizens.

6. You can spot a phishing scam when you see one.

7. You don’t share your computer with anyone, not even your family members. So you know exactly what’s going on.

8. You trust your grand-ma’s home made thyme sirup to protect you against all kinds of infections

9. You don’t share your secure wifi-connection with anyone. Not even with your family members.

10. You work at a security company.

11. You never click on links that your friends or family send you (we are glad you clicked on this article, though!).

12. You and all the people you know are immune to social engineering tactics and would never share personal information like birthday, address or similar.

13. You use a firewall, which protects against all malware, right?

14. You don’t click on ads, or any other link on a website for that matter.

15. You only use trusted email providers such as Yahoo, Outlook and Gmail. Those are safe, right?

16. You have extensive knowledge of every single file residing on your computer and run an hourly backup stored on an external device.

17. You don’t believe in ransomware.

18. You always read a company’s privacy policy in full.

18113431_s19. You don’t use Facebook. Or any other social media site for that matter…

20. No one ever took any pictures of you or your beloved ones (not even accidentally, e.g. when you are in public places) that could end up online.

21. You only visit trusted, well-known websites. What can happen there?

22. You think people only steal cookies from the cookie jar.

23. You don’t need an operating system such as Windows, as you are a Commodore 64 user.

24. You rely on site or service encryption (HTTPS or SSL), which is bullet-proof right?

25. You don’t have a computer and you don’t need one, as you can check emails and your bank account in that Internet coffee shop just around the corner. Any time you want. If you could only find that post-it with your credentials since the last time you had coffee over there….

26. You don’t have a smartphone.

27. Your Windows computer came fully equipped with complete protection, called Windows Defender.

28. You only use 128 character-long passwords with alphanumeric characters and special signs.

30402034_s29. You change that password every month and don’t share it with anyone. So do all your friends, right?

30. You don’t use search engines, but always type the target URL manually in your browser.

31. You host your own mail-server that can’t be accessed externally and own a hack-proof computer.

32. You know an e-mail is an abbreviation for electronic mail and thus the new catalogue from Target or BestBuy that the postman just threw over the fence.

33. You think a PUP only stands for a four legged pet.

34. You don’t download freeware, ever.

35. If you download something, you only download  from large download portals or from trusted vendors, such as Netflix or Instagram for your PC.

36. You have in-house tech support. They love cleaning and re-installing your system every couple of days.

37. You want to make it into the Guiness Book of World Records for having the highest amount of annoying browser toolbars installed while still being able to see (some) content of a web page.

38. You have no money that anyone could steal from you.

39. You never heard about identity fraud, social suicide and framing.

40. You are a good and honest person, no one would want to do you any harm…21886597_s

All skepticism aside – even the most careful of users are vulnerable to viruses, spyware, adware, nagware, trojans, worms and other types of malware. Even if you think you browse carefully and only visit websites you trust, the website itself could be compromised. The people building malware are motivated by profit, and if they can’t steal from you directly, they’ll look for something that they can turn around and sell. This might be processing or network resources in your computer, but it might also be your social security number. Bottom line is, there is so much money involved in digital scams, identity theft, data breaches and other digital (or mobile!) fraud that creating and spreading malware is big business nowadays. Much of it is sold to or created by organized crime to capture financial information and other sensitive data.

Now, you may think: how many of these viruses are created by anti-virus companies to create a need for their products and drum up business? Well, you can read here that it is actually quite simple to prove that it’s technically impossible for anti-virus companies to manufacture the sheer volume of viruses produced. Good anti-malware software will simply create that extra layer of protection you need to stay safe in the digital world. As they say, prevention is better than treatment. Thus it is best to stop viruses and malware in their tracks before they wreak havoc. For basically $0.11 a day you can save yourself a lot of headache.


Have a (headache-free) day!

  • Ixscoerz

    Yes, being smart can play a key role in preventing malware from infecting your PC but it’s the PUPs that usually get by most folks radar. I usually try to avoid bundled downloaders and such and try and grab the actual file that I’m looking for but even then, the file itself might have been replaced by either a compromised version or malware. Being smart is one thing, using software that can help prevent infections is another element to add to your “smartness”, sort to speak. I also wonder why more folks don’t comment on your articles? >.>

  • LawrenceConnor

    I am sorry, but you are quite wrong about me, as your assumptions about me are not correct at all.
    I know this article is a joke to prove that we do need an antivirus, but the article is inconsistent even with itself.
    Item 2 is we do not do online banking, yet, item 25 includes checking bank account at internet cafe.
    Item 26 contains double negatives with the correct resultant meanings that we do own a computer and a smartphone.
    Of the several passwords I often use online, are included alphanumeric passwords of 22 character length, 32 character length, and 39 character length, which are very strong and would take millions of years at least to crack by brute force, it not realistically, even much longer than that, and it is by no means necessary to have alphanumeric passwords that are thirty something alphanumeric characters long in order to feel confident as to the strength of their security, nevermind any longer. In fact at some sites or for uses and purposes online, especially in the past, when I have tried to use my 16 character alphanumeric passwords, they sometimes do not work right or are not permitted at some sites that have a limit of 15 characters for a password, which is not uncommon, and some sites are even more limited than that which is very ridiculous.
    I feel very sure you will not find even one percent of places online that take a password, that will allow even half the length of a 128 character password, that is 64 characters.
    I could go on, but this is worthless, as I have already acknowledged that it is an obvious joke to prove that we do need an antivirus.
    I Thank you as a long time happily satisfied emsisoft customer.

    • Jimson

      LawrenceConnor, read the article in German, then translate into English or French yourself. You may find that you should understand the meaning of the article, and don’t be negative with responses, because the article is targeted at many people who are not computer literate, but need to understand the reasons to keep their private and personal information secure on their own computers.
      Also, the article is for people in other countries, not merely to please(nit-picking) English only speakers.
      Ich spreche unlesen Sie beide Sprachen

      • LawrenceConnor

        I was not that negative. I acknowledged what the article was meant for. And I ended by saying thank you from a long time satisfied customer of emsisoft products.

        • Mariska

          The article was indeed written to point out that it’s a good idea to have an anti-virus program, because it’s pretty much impossible to be an internet user not subject to internet threats. A little bit of exaggeration was used (for the password for example) in combination with some sarcasm. Since you’re an Emsisoft user, you should have nothing to worry about. Thank you for being a long-time user and for reading our blog :).

      • Kuklapolitan

        This is actually for both Jimson and LawrenceConnor whom I will address as LC! So, first to you Jimson…You wrote the following to LC just to prove you spoke both German and Enghlish: “Ich spreche unlesen Sie beide Sprachen” If you think that, in any way, constitutes a German sentence you’re sadly mistaken. Thank God it’s not Plattdeutsch but even so, it is nothing but broken German at best! Both of you are being pretentious and you’re trying to “out-pretentious” each other! It really is annoying to read, an ugly thing to be and I, for one, hate being insulted by anyone but especially by a “Know-It-All!” like you. I consider myself lucky to be able to speak a bit of German, but even if I didn’t, I don’t like being considered a “(nit-picking) English only speaker.” Even the word “merely” is insulting within that sentence because it is meant to reduce the value of someone. That’s not nice or fair but who said pretentious people are fair to begin with?!?! Not everyone speaks two or more languages fluently, you know, and that fact doesn’t make them any less entitled to read something in their own language that is comprehensible!
        Here’s the point for both of you. Mariska/Emsisoft wrote a list of 40 reasons NO ONE needs an Anti-Virus program on their computer. That list attempts to encompass the many reasons a person may not subscribe to such programming and it does so employing both tongue-in-cheek logic as well as out and out humor! LC…the reasons having to do with banking are not redundant. They simply cover both types of users…those that do not and those that do. There are no double negatives within item 26 either. Saying that “You don’t own a Smartphone” is not a double negative! It implies nothing other than that and means just that! Your rant on password length is all but laughable! I’ve never come across a site that allowed even half of the 128 characters mentioned and as you so impressively pointed out us…that would be 64 characters!
        People often do not respond favorably to others who may try to use every bit of their vast knowledge to coldly point out why others should have or should not have a thing. This was written with that in mind, I think. How to get more people than the usual few to pay attention to the fact that Antivirus is absolutely necessary in this day and age and to accomplish that feat without anyone feeling as though they don’t have a brain in their head! In my opinion that was accomplished fully and I doubt there is one person who didn’t read all about themselves within that list…and more times than they probably care to admit!
        So lighten up boys, cut the self-satisfied posturing, have a bit of a laugh and just say thanks for the trouble these fine folks go to each and every day to ensure your satisfaction and keep your hardware from ruin! I can assure you that this is a group of people who go over and above the call of duty every day in the ways they help people survive the PC/Internet experience. You won’t see this type of hands-on behavior from any other Antivirus/Malware vendor…and that’s for sure!

        And from me to Emsisoft…Thanks and Herzlichen Dank too!

        • alphaa10

          I did not infer sense posturing or pretense in Connor’s remarks. The article to which he responded contrived a heavily caricatured portrait and proceeded to throw darts at it. However, the darts missed in many cases, as Connor pointed out– at least, with his own experience.

          Executive summary– lecturing readers with ineffective examples does not win over an audience.

  • The Best thing is to get RID of any Computer, Tablet or Phone with Microsoft Software, because that is what the Attacks are target focused on, of Virus Creators. I’m beginning that by ordering a Jolla Tablet, which has it’s own “Sailfish” OS, and it has unbelievable coding that allows for much easier use of the tablet, which neither Apple, Android or Microsoft have. Plus, it’s 99% unlikely that their Products will be hacked at any time in the near future, maybe not for decades!

    Microsoft’s Software is the Worst in the World that was ever developed anyway, which anyone who has used GOOD Software would know already now!

    • barb boggs

      LOL and how long do you think that electronic piece of equipment will be safe from hackers? The more popular it gets the more viruses etc you will see headed your way.

    • musicmugger

      That’s exactly what Apple said. If top class hackers wants to infiltrate a system, and that system is get at able, they will, or die trying

    • Jimson

      Steve Wider. Microsoft’s Software is NOT the Worst in the World, it is the OS between many people’s ears which is the worst in the world.

      “Sailfish”….it’s 99% unlikely…….then ‘maybe’….there you go , NOTHING is 100% secure, you admitted the fact.

      • alphaa10

        Try reading more carefully– Wider did not claim non-Microsoft software is perfect, but that Microsoft software is the “worst in the world”. That may turn out to be debatable, but oddly enough, a Microsoft executive years ago candidly stated, “Windows is just not built for security”.

    • LawrenceConnor

      Jolla tablet with Sailfish OS. Thank you for the good tip, my friend!

  • barb boggs

    Once again you guys have got me giggling!! That is the best thing I’ve read since you posted the phone conversation with the scammer. Thanks again for one more good laugh!!

    • Mariska

      Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!

  • Philip

    What? are you trying to push me towards a Linux (desktop) system! what about my paint programs and my gif graphic designer that I use to create gif animation porn to encourage visitors to my website. Nobody is interested in looking at Richard Stallman, not the sane ones anyway. And what about my studio pro musicmaking program and my magic movie maker pro. And my Oxford English dictionary CD version and my texts aloud when I get fed up with reading websites and Windows 7 speech recognition program. And not forgetting Emsisoft Anti-Malware. No I will stick with Microsoft Windows and just be careful not to catch Hand of Thief – Banking trojan, or Tsunami.gen, and Snakso-A, and Spyfiles, and so on.Whoops! I’m getting confused I must be tired. too much animation porn Badbunny.

  • Jimson

    Vielen Dank und Mariska Emsisoft . Frohe Weihnachten und ein
    gutes neues Jahr und dank Cloudeight zur Förderung Emsisoft .

    Zum Wohl
    Johan in Australien

    • Mariska

      Frohe Weihnachten und glückliches Neues Jahr Johan!

  • Tempus

    To have an antivirus solution running on your system is like having an extra lock on your door. It’s nice, that ekstra feeling of security, and it helps somewhat . But as we all know, then it’s not a guarantee that something bad will not happen. That ekstra lock will only minimize the risk. For me is the most important security measure, ” backups”, then a well updated system, (with mitigation tools like EMET..) and no use of browser plugins/toolbars as they, in my perspective, will lower your overall security, like a Schweiz cheese full of holes. Then common sense/and education. And first then, a good anti malware solution.

  • I like the way this is written. For those who think they hardly are on their computer and it won’t ever happen to them, they should think again.

  • Cat Tilley

    This is my 3rd year as an Emsisoft Anti Malware subscriber, and I’ll say this, it’s the most effective antivirus & antimalware (AV+AM in one) that I’ve ever used. It finds most* the stuff that most all of the other security software misses. I put the asterisk in there, because nothing is bullet proof, however EAM is as close as it gets.

    When one looks at all they get with EAM, and renewals are less as the years passes, up to 60% off, it’s a few cents per day for enterprise grade protection. Add their Online Armor Firewall for even more effective protection, or select the new Emsisoft Internet Security Pack (what I’ll probably do next time).

    The alternative for Windows users, go to Linux. Linux Mint is as close as a drop in replacement for Windows as it gets. However, though it’s far more secure than Windows, it’s rising popularity (which includes Chromebooks) will make Linux a target for malware distributors, there has been discovered vulnerabilities already.

    The last option, call your orders in & go snail mail. Ditch all computing devices, including smartphones, and have your Internet service disconnected, so that guests can’t use you to do dirty deeds. That’s 100% as possible security as one can get on their end. Unfortunately, most of us who are reading this won’t go back 25+ years in time. We use the Internet, voluntarily or involuntarily, for most all business we do. Our personal data is still out there, so really, there’s no such thing is 100% secure as a whole.

    I choose Emsisoft for security on my Windows devices. Though EAM is compatible with some other brands, I run it as standalone protection. Haven’t been infected since using the brand, and many malicious websites that were legit looking were blocked by EAM’s powerful protection.

    • Mariska

      Thank you for your kind words and support!

  • xpktv2000

    Well in short it means “STILL A CAVEMAN”. Cut off from any sort of formal or informal communication. Sshh.. not even family member…..

  • Andrew Bell

    most people who ask me for help say it is a virus but it isnt the reason for this is that it is usually pup or just a driver error Emsisoft Emergency Kit playes a big part in my system as I scan once a week for problems mostly on a sunday and yes I have scanned to day being sunday
    found 3 at the most and some other stuff but this prog is the one I use its better at detecting worms and pin links and I hear you say what are these well I named em pin links for 1 reason they are usualy links that redirect you to another website but you cant get rid of them
    they make themselves permanent on your system and doing a regular scan is like having a antivirus any way

    • Cat Tilley

      While I agree that the Emsisoft Emergency Kit is very effective, and I run this on my mother-in-law’s computer monthly, it does indeed find things, some that has potential to be severe threats. Those “bundles” that HP includes with their printer software are a boatload of privacy invasions, after I installed her wireless printer & scanned with EEK (after removing the junk software with Revo Uninstaller), 36 registry keys were found to be infected & I quarantined them.

      However, if she would listen to me, and purchase the Emsisoft Internet Security Pack, chances are, those items would have been quarantined. Plus real time blocking of threats, some of which are legit looking. This is what I recommend to everyone, download, install & run the 30 day Trial & see firsthand in the logs to see what’s being blocked behind the scenes. It’s not a scaled down version like other brands may have, the Trial is the real deal.

      Then one can see the true results that Emsisoft delivers, and make a decision. To me, the protection that Emsisoft Anti Malware (AV+AM on one) provides is well worth a few cents per day per computer, and is less costly than other “premium” brands, especially when the discounts for renewals kicks in. Though I’d still pay the regular price, for what the software offers.

      EAM also had a big kickoff promo with their last version, $10 per PC per year. For one computer that barely more than 3 cents per day. Most folks throws that much cash in the wind per week.

  • BJD

    I have had no issues with Avast free, Zone alarm free fire wall, a once a month scan with malwarebytes free and super antispyware free also once a month CCleaner scan and every 3-4 month a Defrag with Smart defrag.Also once or twice a year a scan with microsoft scanner..Also I use secunia free to ensure all 3rd party updates occur.

  • Mike Arienti

    If you believe you don’t need antivirus, you’re wrong. You will regret not having protected your files someday. All it takes to get a virus you can’t get rid of is an accidental click on an advertisement banner you think is the download link to software you want.

    • guruurug

      AVG Free for years, no viruses of any kind doesn’t agree. I block all ads, no worries there.

  • ImainPC

    Everyone has their means of keeping their computer safe. Mine is creating safe environments using things like VMs. Layers on layers on layers of security when necessary.

    AntiViruses are necessary, but I think of them as only an extra preventive layer of protection that honestly I’m considering if I even need anymore considering how much security I have.

    I’m so secure that if Secure was a person it would probably be high and out drinking with me.

  • Kyonkanno

    The thing is, I grew up with the idea that an antivirus is a MUST. Even with Bitdefender, I was still getting infections from the infamous virus that lived in USB drives (pretty harmless but annoying) and when I got infected by something, the antivirus would not clean the infection and I needed to remove it manually. So I’ve been running without antivirus ever since Windows 7 came out and I still haven’t got inffected by anything.

    After all, most viruses depend on you clicking on them, sharing them, installing a suspicious program.

    • guruurug

      Most viruses come from the Anti-Virus Software companies, just saying.

  • I have worked in the technical wing of various law enforcement agencies and its been 10 years since I have been using computer/ internet. Never used any Antivirus or Internet Security. It slows down the computer.

  • guruurug

    blah..blah…blah..The sky is falling, thanks for the FUD, but I think I’ll pass on the useless AVG

  • Jennifer Martin

    Really informative article though. But I would still say that an antivirus is very important software needed for the system. I have been using Protegent antivirus software for a long time which comes with inbuild data recovery software.

  • Henry Price

    Hello. I am still installing an antivirus even though some of my colleagues are telling me that there is no need for me to install AV. Ive purchased ESET Antivirus and it would be a big waste if I wont be able to use it. Besides, AV keeps off malwares and other harmful stuff in my PC.

  • Harshit Gupta

    That seems to be an interesting article on the reason of no need of an antivirus. But I do believe that keeping a good antivirus software in your computer system is necessary to keep it secure from unwanted viruses, spyware and other internet threats.

  • Harshit Gupta

    That seems to be quiet good reasons of not having an antivirus software in your computer system. Buy I believe that buy antivirus online will assure security from viruses, spyware and other internet threats.

  • Harshit Gupta

    I do believe that paid antivirus software are very necessary for computers as they provide protection from viruses, spyware and other online cyber threats.

  • TLH

    Do the math ….. Fear+$=

  • TLH