Video Review: Emsisoft Internet Security 9 scores 100%

myittech_150Youtube Channel MyITtech put Emsisoft Internet Security 9 through a test to see how well it can protect you and your computer from viruses, malware, PUPs and other online threats. Result:

Emsisoft Internet Security scored 40 out of 40 points (100%)!  Only one other program scored as high this entire year.

The video explains the testing method used in more detail, but in short: MyITtech uses four stages of testing in its antivirus reviews: a demand scanning test, malware pack test, full system scan, zero-day malware test and additionally two second opinion tests in where it checks if other antivirus programs can find any suspicious objects.

Watch the video to see how Emsisoft Internet Security detects, blocks and removes all malicious files, PUPs, URLs and executable files that it was subjected to (or watch the summary video here):

Thank you MyITtech for the review. Please share and like the video if you’re a proud Emsisoft-user!

  • Tempus

    Nice test, but it would have been much more interesting if he had in his test, turned off the real time protection to show the behavior blockers efficiency. Many Av solutions have nowadays decent signatures, but theres is a huge difference in zero day tools, some more efficient than others. And some Av solutions is even solely based on signatures alone. Now that I know that Emsisoft has a great behaviour blocker (still room for improvement) then it would have been nice, if he had included that vital part of a security setup . Personally I can say that he reason that I have chosen Emsisoft is 85 percent due to the Behaviour blocker, the rest goes to the signatures.