Microsoft plans to kill off Internet Explorer and introduce ‘Spartan’ with Windows 10

spartanAs Microsoft gears up to introduce Windows 10, the tech giant is pondering whether to separate away from its flagship web browser that everyone has come to love (and hate) – Internet Explorer. The browser that will replace IE is reportedly called ‘Spartan’ and is designed to be much more flexible.

Spartan – faster, flexible and lighter

For starters, Spartan will be able to cross other operating system platforms such as Android and even iOS. Knowing Microsoft, this is a very calculating move to capture even more of the market share that it still has a lead on by 58%, according to Spartan is reported to be hosted on both desktop and mobile platforms; it will utilize Microsoft’s Chakra JavaScript engine. This means that the JavaScript will compile its Just-in-time, or JIT,  scripts on a separate CPU core. Here’s the breakdown on how it works: traditionally, scripts are compiled before they are executed. With JIT, the scripts are compiled during the execution of the program, hence –just in time. So what does this have to do with the CPU? If your CPU has eight cores for example, then traditionally all 8 cores will be used to compile and execute the script. With the Chakra JavaScript, only one of those cores are used and it lessens the burden on the other cores of the CPU.

Leadership bringing diversity to Microsoft

Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella visions that the direction for Microsoft and its products must operate not just on the Windows operating system, but across other platforms as well. With Spartan, it may do just that. It must be light, it must be flexible – and it must not carry the stigma that Internet Explorer has.


And with any new software product – there is a good chance of vulnerabilities to be exploited when Spartan released with Windows 10. With a new operating system combined with a new web browser, what malware or other issues can arise for Microsoft? If anything, Microsoft must pull out all the stops for testing and prepare for any post-release threat response. When Windows 8 was released a few years ago, the fanfare reaction was very dull – Microsoft must not repeat the same mistakes and it must not be caught off guard when the hacks start rolling in.

For users who plan to migrate to Windows 10, ensure you have the latest Emsisoft products installed.


  • inspectorrick

    They say that every-time, and yet, people keep buying Microsoft. As long as manufactures keep selling and installing Windows with almost every computer sold, all these warnings just fly away in the wind, and we do the same old dance every-time. “It’s a case of taking something Awfully Simple, and turning it into something Simply Awful!” (Microsoft!)

  • OriginalHellfire

    I’ve installed run Windows 10 on a computer of mine and have not been at all impressed. Seems just like Windows 8 to me.

    • Xristos Karas

      You do realize that you are running a preview of windows 10 with many missing features. Such as Cortana, Spartan and much more. And May i ask. What difference were you expecting? A whole new User Interface with every new Windows version? Not even Linux does that. Actually ubuntu has been the same for a lot of time. From version 11.04 till today it is the same. Mac also had minor changes to none. So i dont think there is space to complain for such a thing. Microsoft added Metro UI and everyone was anoyed because it was strange and different, but people still need a change. I dont get it…

      • OriginalHellfire

        What I am looking for is a reason to update from my current Windows 7 which is a great OS. Nothing since has provided any reason to upgrade. Metro interface on Windows 8 and 8.1 is a nightmare and the New Windows 10 is not as user friendly as Windows 7 especially if you wish to get into the Control Panel Settings.

        • Xristos Karas

          I can give you some reasons. They are faster. The whole aero shit of microsoft has been removed so less explorer hangs happen. They look a lot better compared to 7 ( i am talking about the desktop). Metro UI is a great addition to the whole system for touch computers.Start menu is cooler when you get used to it. Also if you own windows phone or Windows tablet the synchronization is very convinient. You have your files everywhere phone,tablet,pc,laptop,desktop. I own a tablet with Windows and it is really usefull. Stability also has increased. I havent had a blue screen for a whole year although i use my laptop way too much… Some drivers are pre-installed in the OS so there is no need to search everywhere for drivers. These are some reasons to upgrade. Maybe for you they are not enough and i accept this. As for Windows 10 we must wait and see the final build.

  • Doski

    Same old (rap in a different color box with a different Name . . . . I’m NOT impressed.

    I shall simply continue to make my living by fixing other folk’s Window$ infected machines while maintaining and using my error free Linux Boxes like I have for the last 8 years. Thank you very much M$ !
    But I’m even more Grateful for all of you Linux producers for providing the security and dependability M$ won’t. Bravo ! ! ! ! !

  • Dontknow5678

    The best that they did is not to make a Linux version.

  • Sparten1

    So, if we can’t fix it (IE), we’ll change the name to escape the bad press. That should appease the “dumb voters.”

  • Jon Delo

    I wonder why Linux users are on the Emsisoft site chopping Microsoft to pieces, when Emsisoft products protect Microsoft computers all over the world, far better than any other security service anywhere.
    Then we see the comments relating to the use of the same old, same old (error free bunkum) Linux for many years, which must be similar to watching the 1960’s TV.
    How boring it would also be if there was only one car manufacturer with one model which never changed.
    Doski would be unemployed if people didn’t have Microsoft Windows, such a hypocrite!