Hackers Anonymous declare (cyber)war on terrorists after Paris attacks

33483102_sThe largest hackers group in the world, Anonymous, released a video condemning the attacks on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, in which 12 people, including eight journalists, were murdered. The video, originally released in French, was uploaded to the group’s Belgian YouTube account and quickly went viral. In the video the Anonymous group declare war on Al-Qaeda, the Islamic State and other terrorists.

The group promises the world to track online activity, close social media accounts and jihadist websites of terrorists plus everything else in their power to shut terrorists down. Online, at least.

In the video, a figure wearing the group’s symbolic mask states that the press release targets “the enemies of freedom of expression”. The figure then declares war on terrorists on behalf of Anonymous of the entire planet.



“You allowed yourselves to kill innocent people. We will therefore avenge their deaths. We will track all of your activities online. We will close your accounts on all social networks. You will not impose your sharia in our democracies.”

The message later continues: “we are Anonymous, we are legion, we do not forget, we do not forgive: be afraid of us.”


The group also released a statement posted on text-sharing website Pastebin: “we fight always and everywhere the enemies of freedom of expression … Freedom of expression and opinion is a non-negotiable thing. To tackle it is to attack democracy. Expect a massive frontal reaction from us because the struggle for the defense of those freedoms is the foundation of our movement.”

The group calls the operation OpCharlieHebdo, and designated a separate Twitter profile for the operation under which it posts messages with the hashtag #OpCharlieHebdo. At the time of posting, the group Tweeted that their attacks have started and that they took down a French jihadist website on Saturday.


The hacker group hasn’t announced how they took down the website, but it is suspected that they did it with a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. This common hacking method is an attempt to make an online service unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources at the same time, which overloads the website servers and takes it down. Anonymous is also urging supporters to “find terrorists twitter profiles and report them.”

Anonymous has previously carried out cyber attacks on websites belonging to the government, as well as those of corporate and religious organizations. They have been linked to online attacks around the world aimed at punishing governments for policies of which the hackers disapprove. Now, the largest hackers group in the world aims to go a step further by declaring (cyber)war on terrorists.

Hacking for a good cause

Hacktivist – which is hacking for an ideal cause, is not new. Also called white hat hacking, ethical hacking or legal hacking, it’s pretty common for businesses and government-related organizations that are serious about their network security to hire ethical hackers to help probe and improve their networks, applications, and other computer systems. The ultimate goal is to prevent data theft, data loss and fraud.

Terrorists may have created an unexpected enemy in Anonymous. Given their reputation and the skills they have shown the world so far, they can inflict substantial cyber-damage. Just how much? We will have to wait and see.
Have a great (malware-free) day!

  • ilazimurtazi

    In the Name of All-llah, you will lose! I am not pro killers of French, but I am not extremist, but you can’t do anything to Islam and Quran. All times, Muslims have been better hackers and experts in programming and hacking… You can’t do anything.. if you attack a website is nothing.. AnonyGays!

    • Davon Bertoli

      What are you talking about ?
      By saying this it’s like you are admitting that these killers whomever they maybe are in anyway have anything to do with Islam and Muslims at large, this is a ridiculous statement.
      As for these so called hackers for freedom it’s a total bullshit.
      They talk about democracy ?
      They talk about defending the freedom of speech but yet they will close anything they don’t agree with, oh right so much democracy there yeah right lol
      There is a huge contradiction in their statement and slogans never mind their so called code of ethic.
      If they were freedom defenders as they claim to be, why not come out in the open, any sensible person with support them.
      I one, believe these are groups that work for the governments secretly and whatever the governments can’t do legally they use them.

      Yes yes I can hear you saying but they attacked government’s websites blah blah yeah right.
      It’s nothing but a smokescreen.
      They fight for freedom of speech but anyone they don’t like they will shut him down ha ha ha ha this is funny it really is.
      Either they talk without thinking or they think we are all dumb idiots who are you fooling ?
      I know you can read me because everything is scrutinised nowadays on the internet there is NOTHING anonymous, anonymous to the general public not to the corporations and governments so who are you fooling, but nice try.

      Democracy is a myth

      • Agogo Kwahuniba Stiffler

        Hello can you please teach me how to hack, shop and i would like to have a business with you and share money.

  • Positron

    I suppose one might view terrorism as the malware of real life. Anyway, this sure looks like an interesting development; let’s see where it goes.

  • award9er

    My full support to you for this one, Anonymous…In the name of freedom, do as you might. End the insanity of this movement if you can. Only freedom is acceptable on this planet.

  • imppress

    “Fear us?”

    Worst case scenario, they won’t be able to coordinate well enough to murder people.
    Not sure how that would instill fear.

    I mean, I like me some Anonymous, but using jihadist language serves only to inflame, rather than enlighten these people who have cherry picked their holy books for justification of cowardly murder. They LOVE this rhetoric surrounding clashes of civilizations. The thought they might lose doesn’t even occur to them. They see such blind conviction and certainty as a moral obligation.

    I’d also hope they keep important, poorly protected sites up and running to better monitor greater numbers of miscreants and forward useful intel to folks who might do something real-time, real-world to prevent violence. Maybe that’s already the plan.