Emsisoft Online Armor was replaced by Emsisoft Internet Security

Emsisoft Online Armor was replaced by Emsisoft Internet Security

Download the new Emsisoft Internet Security here.

The long story:

The Emsisoft Online Armor product has been an integral part of our product portfolio for almost five years. It served us and our customers very well in complementing Emsisoft Anti-Malware with a rock solid standalone firewall. Emsisoft Online Armor’s biggest strength has always been its HIPS (Host based Intrusion Protection/Prevention System) components, which are meant to alert any potentially dangerous actions executed by programs on the operating system.

As the internet threat landscape changes over the years, our response to these new challenges needs to adapt as well. Security software needs to be even more powerful, yet less intrusive to avoid any unnecessary annoying alerts. That’s why we at Emsisoft believe that a smart Behavior Blocker, as incorporated in Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Emsisoft Internet Security, that watches the system as a whole, is significantly better than a HIPS, which sees each action on the system individually and therefore always causes much more alert popups by design. You can read more about the differences in this article.

For the above reason, we have decided to not spend any more development time on Emsisoft Online Armor, but instead focus on improving the award-winning protection of Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Emsisoft Internet Security, which we are certain have a great future ahead.

Sales end date and support roadmap

As of today, we have stopped selling Emsisoft Online Armor. New license activations will only be possible until the end of May 2015. The official end of technical support will be March 31, 2016. Though, we will still provide updates for critical issues that may be discovered until then. At the moment we can say with certainty that we will not add Windows 10 compatibility, since that requires several major changes to the codebase.

Free upgrade to successor Emsisoft Internet Security!

The official successor product of Emsisoft Online Armor is our recently released Emsisoft Internet Security. We are happy to exchange any actively used license keys of Emsisoft Online Armor to Emsisoft Internet Security for free. Please contact our support team for an individual swap offer. If the available upgrade options don’t satisfy you for any reason, we’ll of course offer a proportionate refund for the amount paid.

We would like to thank all users for their loyalty and their support over the past years with Emsisoft Online Armor and are looking forward to a malware-free future!

  • Flavia Auditore da Firenze

    Goodbye Online Armor – the product that introduced me to Emsisoft :(

  • Injec7or

    Bad news… if properly tweaked it is one of the best HIPS out there.
    I personally use it for its overkill features… and other things that I’m not here to explain, but I understand that is not a product for everyone, but only for a niche of people.
    Guess no more “Our rock solid firewall. For geeks only.”

    • brembo

      try spyshelter light, actively developed full Windows 10 support

  • LodeHere

    I still have 516 days left on my OA. (Paid for 3 years in advance the last time renewing.)

    I want to keep using it if only for the Firewall Status monitor. I’ll feel blind not seeing what is going on with my connections. I’ve even detected a few suspicious ones in the past, and thus alerted, scanned and found spyware.

    Also when downloading things I want to see it, so I know when the download is completed.

    I’ve been enjoying OA since 2005… do I now have to look for another firewall which shows me what is going on with my connections? (If such a firewall exists that has the equivalent of OA’s Firewall Status monitor.)

    I’ll contact Emsisoft about this.

    • Mariska

      Hi, thanks for being a loyal user! Please contact [email protected] and we’ll figure something out :)

      • LodeHere

        Thank you for your kind reply. I did send an email in the mean time. I also still have 515 days left on EAM.

        I would like to keep utilizing OA for as long as possible, if only for the Firewall Status monitor. I’m so used to seeing those green mountains slowly move from right to left indicating the amount of data going in and out. I watch it when downloading something large, so I see it when all is in.

        One time I noticed a lot a little flags from connections to a country I had nothing from on my laptop as far as I knew, so I got suspicious. A scan showed that indeed I had spyware.

        So I wonder if it would not be a good idea for Emsisoft to somehow keep making that Firewall Status monitor available. I don’t know of any other program that shows what goes on with Internet connections on one’s machine as that one.

        • Beau Jeane

          Right?! l looove that thing, it’s flipping perfect!

      • Beau Jeane

        l’m sorry, but what does that even mean? l’ve been using the OA firewall for a considerable length of time too, and it’s the same features LodeHere mentions that are paramount (aside from being the best firewall around). When l just read the Header whilst updating l really thought it was an April Fool’s joke, alas no such ‘luck’. Even though l use the (free) standalone firewall, l’d be more than happy to pay for this product itself. l have to admit l haven’t checked any comprehensive info sources that might be available, but l guess you won’t continue with a -truly standalone- firewall by saving this particular part from getting obsolete? Mann.. what a letdown

  • Andrew Boughen

    You cant get rid of this I dont like programs that got virus check and firewall in one as they slow down pcs way to much If you are making good money one anti-Malware and Emsisoft internet Security then why get rid of it because you are making money on other things I think its bad Idea as loads of people said this is the best firewall out there please reconsider about this and keep it going just because windows 10 is coming out does not mean everybody going to change to it and there is still poeple that want to keep using it I think you are going to Lose alot of customers if you do this look at all the refunds you are going had to make you are going to be losing money than making it

    • LodeHere

      I have Windows 8.1 but made it look exactly like Windows 7 using a nearly free program called “StartIsBack.” (I very much dislike the flat colored play-blocks 8 screen. Reminds me of childhood, but I’m a grownup now.)

      The way my notebook works now I want to keep it with 8.1 (looking like 7) for at least another 10 years. And with my to military standards build HP Elitebook 850 with SSD that should be possible. I can miss Windows 10 like a toothache, and felt lucky to be able to skip Vista, jumping from xp to 7. But with my new machine came -to me- ugly 8, and making it look exactly like 7 was the solution.

      I suggest Emsisoft make at least that Firewall Status monitor graphics interface available as a stand alone program. It looks like it needs no updates nor work or investment. It can be left as is I would say.

      • Mike Green

        You Could Give Comodo Firewall A Try It Is Very Effective And Is 100% Free And Has A Network Monitor If You Wish To See The Connections Coming In And Out Of The PC. The Reason Why I Am Posting This Is To Do Reviews On Firewalls And Find The Most Effective One, So Far Comodo Firewall Is One To Look Into At The Moment.

  • Suzan Ragan

    This is a very disappointing piece of news. I’ve used Online Armor for over a year and have found a sense of extra safety & security that I never had before with any other firewall. I personally don’t need an internet security package. So often they are very bloated with security tools that will never be used, and slow a PC down to a crawl. And now, after searching a long time for the best firewall that suited my needs and finding Online Armor, only to have it snatched away, well, it’s like knowing you’re going to lose a good friend and not being able to do anything about it. Very sad indeed.

  • GasolineAddict

    Farewell Online Armor, thanks for the good times, you will be sorely missed…

  • Smith

    Bastards. That’s why you bought it in first place. Incapable plagiarists!!!!

  • Rui Ribeiro

    I had written it before, in your support forum, but I will say it again. This is an unfortunate decision.You can improve your behavior blocker as much as you want, it will never provide the level of security a whitelisting product, such as OA, does.
    By doing this, you are choosing to be a company that provides security options that are not the best in the industry. The firewall in EIS brings nothing, security wise that cannot be found already in a product such as the Windows firewall, other than a fancy UI. Even more so, most threats these days are not dealt with by firewalls, so EIS is nothing but EAM (which is a nice product) in a nice package, but that adds zero in terms of added security.

    So you choose a deceiving strategy, security wise, over a reliable one, that included a top of the line HIPS and pretend users will be better off with this. Well, this is the moment I stop trusting you as a reliable provider of security products. Once my licences expire, I will spend my money elsewhere. I will also stop recommending your products to all users of Windows support forum I administer..

  • Richard Howell

    Well, I guess all good things do end. I have been using Online Armor Free for quite a while and really liked it. Now, I have no choice but to search for another good free firewall. Just hard to find one that is good as well as light on resources.
    Ashame Emsisoft cannot release a free version of their Internet Security program. Oh well.

  • E.D.O.X.

    Too sad. Too bad!

  • BernieTime

    A real shame. The Online Armor firewall was a great app for people that needed a seperate firewall app. Dislike.

  • Ricky Northcott

    It is a shame they have gone and discontinued this great product. They’ve now forced me to consider Comodo’s free firewall or even Privatefirewall. Why can’t they leave well alone, it works and is better than most (if not all) of the firewalls out there. As for their reasons for the change, it does not make sense. As mention before, after next March (2016) I will not be recommending its replacement.

  • Stephen Coogan

    Oh, thats not good
    A great tool
    Is the feature set a part of/overlapped in other Emsisoft products

    • Ricky Northcott

      The firewall is different, in as it does not use HIPs.

  • Longboardxxx

    Great tool
    is there product feature set/overlap in nay other Emsisoft tool

  • Superboyy

    That’s really tragic ill have to leave it behind then when i upgrade to windows 10 and find something else (Double Sad Face). I really liked the online armor firewall but only want just that along with avast i don’t want a suite or to pay for anything . Can’t you reconsider ?

    • Christian

      Please find me one or two expert developers who would love to work for free and I’m happy to continue the product. Unfortunately freeware can’t pay for wages and we don’t want to go the ugly path of installing crap ware/PUPs to finance it.

      • Ricky Northcott

        Then don’t be surprised some of those customers leave for something else…

        • Christian

          I’m not at all. But our numbers so far clearly indicate that Emsisoft Internet Security is a well accepted successor for Online Armor for almost all users. It’s must more powerful (IPv6, unicode, etc.), based on a future-proof technological platform and much easier to handle, especially for non-geeks.

          By the way: Using our customer referral program it’s quite easy to get a free long term license for Emsisoft Internet Security. Just refer at least 12 trial downloads or 2 paying customers a year and you’ll get it for free for yourself. Click the License settings dialog for details.

          • Ricky Northcott

            Sorry, no can do. As I’ve already renew my AV program long before you made your plans known. As I only want a firewall and not a program that will do the same as I’ve already got, we’ll be looking around for something else.

          • Christian

            What are the reasons why you want to keep your existing AV? Which one is it?

          • Ricky Northcott

            Simple – its a Paid program and I don’t want to pay for something that does the same thing, just to get a firewall. All some of us want is a firewall that works and for whatever reason, do not want the rest. And no, I will not say what it is… End of Story.

          • humb

            so why not make free ver of clean firewall and rest in pay pack like u do now ?

        • Andros

          Customers leave for something else? haha are you dense. You are not a customer. If you are just downloading the “free” version of company’s software, you are not supporting their development in anyway. “Leaving” for someone else’s free product does absolutely nothing to that company, as they were getting nothing from you to begin with.

          • Ricky Northcott

            Well here;s an update for YOU… If they had continue with this product, then I would have brought a licence. Bur they instead discontinued the program and went a different way. AS for going to another free program, sorry to burst your bubble, but I went and got Outposts version and paid for two years up front. That’s how much I think of Emsisoft….

      • doctorV23

        This has absolutely nothing to do with the issue. I for one would be more than happy to stay with a paid version of OA. It’s not the customers’ fault that a good freeware version was provided.

  • asd

    Emsisoft, вы эгоисты. Как вы можете забрать такой замечательный продукт у ваших преданных пользователей. Online armor – это одно совершенство, второго такого продукта в мире нет, и заменить его нечем.
    На моём ноутбуке , online armor имеет ещё 280 дней , что я буду делать потом после окончания действия ключа ? Ведь уже сегодня 29. 06. 2015 , невозможно установить online armor на ноутбук в бесплатном режиме.
    Если emsisoft отказался от своего шедевра online armor , тогда отдайте его вашим пользователям , и разрешите установку и пользование хотя бы в бесплатном режиме. Так как online armor не поддерживает windows 10 , я готов отказаться от windows 10 .
    Еmsisoft , я сильно разочарован вашими действиями и вашей политикой.

  • Carlos Hernandez

    It really is a shame. What’s Emsisoft’s market share here in the United States? Minimal I’d say. I’ve been using computers for at least 10 years and work as a computer tech, and I can tell you that all the people I’ve dealt with over the years (whether customers or other techs) nobody’s heard of your company. I can guarantee you that most of the people that are familiar with Emsisoft is because of Online Armor, and now you’re doing away with it?

    Well, welcome back to obscurity Emsisoft.
    Goodbye Online Armor. we will sorely miss you…

  • Eugene Chernishov

    Очень плохой маневр! Продукт предоставляет очень хороший выбор в настройках безопасности отдельных узлов системы и в приложениях. Защита так же на высочайшем уровне. То, что большинство пользователей с трудом кнопку “пуск” находят на рабочем столе, не предоставляет Вам шанса отказаться от первого места в рекомендациях пользователей. А именно так и есть. Вы забрали великолепный продукт у нас, Ваших пользователей, в свою очередь, мы избавим Вас от наших рекомендаций на счет Вашей продукции. Потому что мало понимающие пользователи, пользуются Авастом. Облегчение настроек усложняет жизнь. Задумайтесь об этом! Вы сделали своих прямых конкурентов Comodo и Agnitum лидерами. Ибо теперь я буду пользоваться их услугами.

  • kent

    Online Armor EOF
    Активации новых лицензий будут возможны только до конца мая 2015. Официальное окончание технической поддержки будет 31 марта 2016. Не будет добавлена совместимость с Windows 10.

    Эти мерзкие барыги — Fabian Wosar и прочий emsisoft — убили один из лучших (если не лучший) из существующих HIPS’ов и файерволов.

    Они еще пишут оправдания на форумах, типа продолжать развитие Online Armor больше нет финансового смысла, так как с выпуском EIS в прошлом году продажи Online Armor упали на 90%, потому что продукт-преемник значительно лучше удовлетворяет потребности их клиентов. Прибедняются, что доход от продаж Online Armor за последние месяцы не смог бы покрыть и зарплату одного разработчика, что им жаль разачаровывать, но правда такова, что они не могут себе позволить развивать и поддерживать программу только для пары “гиков”, неся постоянные убытки.
    Мне “‘нравится”” их убогий юмор:”Постарайтесь увидеть это в положительном свете: Online Armor своего рода перевоплотился в Emsisoft Internet Security и части его кода скорее всего продолжат жить довольно продолжительное время.”
    Они не собираются делать какие-либо программы бесплатными (ни Mamutu, ни Online Armor). Они не желают больше тратить время и ресурсы на Online Armor. И они ждут того дня, когда смогут закрыть его старые серверные интерфейсы.
    И наконец они почти страницу форума доказывают, что Behavior Blocker защищает лучше, чем HIPS — это уже вообще предел маразма.

    Притом, что файервол в EIS — УГ, по сравнению с Online Armor, а HIPS там нет вообще, отсутствует (обрезанный Mamutu — не в счет).

  • Hamada Samir

    Baaaaad News

  • Smith

    What an assholes you are! You bought it to remove competition. Are you happy? I hate you! I really wish you bankruptcy!

  • Cyndi Houser

    I guess this is it for me. I am using the free trail of security center, but I dont like it. I miss the online armor, and I am not a geek. I guess I will be going to avg. I liked it when online armor would pop up and ask me to approve of something or when it would warm me of something, I also like the way it looks better then the security center. I was using the free version but I was going to buy it soon as I got more computers this christmas for my kids. Man this really stinks, I didn’t even know Online armor was ending.

  • doctorV23

    I’ve been an OnlineArmor user and enthusiast ever since it was initially launched by Tall Emu. It rewrote the book as far as software firewalls go and I think it’s a huge mistake to just drop this unique and excellent software. If nothing else, sell or give the rights to another developer!

  • Sam0077

    Only found out today forum c cleaner advised OA going. I have used it since day 1. I love it only one I trust as it never has let me down. Can see internet connections. Shame on Emisoft bought it – now abandoning it – for lesser most likely. I did try Comodo but its nags and too complicated. Even start out user finds OA easy to operate.

    I wont be changing to W10 either love W 7 Home SP1 tad better than XP. W10 disaster as it downloaded itself when on auto and ever since had problems on computer. And what I have seen of other ppls W10 conversions some with bits missing like service centre etc makes me think another lemon like Vista etc. Once I got XP nevr wanted to change and didnt until stopped support ehn had to hunt for W7 its as good as XP plus a couple of extra’s. Why did they change it – should have just put out 8.1 for touch screen use and kept both going as W7 best for desk tops and business use IMHO.

    Watch out for KB3035583 KB2952664 both of which bring down W10 and once on board its impossible to get rid of. OA blocks it daily on boot and again & again during day Hide it and returns. Try to delete or uninstall or whatever any of the W10 files not successful.

    I am going to carry on with OA until March 16. They say also will support security for W7 maybe because so much outcry.
    I have tried other firewalls and even Comodo to see if better than OA but not so IMHO.

    I know from others who have it that Emisoft Security with OA has been successful – but I like free standing rather than the all in one packages.

  • Jacques

    “We would like to thank all users for their loyalty” ??

    And I would like to blame Emsisoft for its complete lack
    of loyalty !!

    • Sam0077

      I’m staying with it on Windows 7 told not to worry re anyone hacking as its a stand alone and doesn’t need more when hackers all working on W10 etc. Had it since way before Emisoft bought it = should sell it on to another who would do the necessary to bring it compatible to W10 – for those who use it. I wont 7 good til 2020 and by then who knows. I like it. Windows firewall itself is good these days but still doesn’t let you know who is calling home etc like OA does. Comodo is very good firewall tried that on hubbies lap top as it came with 10 and its good but not as friendly to use as OA. Bit geeky. And not into these packages. Better stand alone so can chop and change if necessary – shame is good ones like OA get bought and then discarded. So Jacques – stay with OA and actually they are still updating it after 31st March as it has been doing it even yesterday. And sending out message again so many more than myself are staying with it – seen on forums. Maybe feeling a bnit guilty deserting the I suspect millions of users.


    bad news


    welcome bloatware

  • ktulx

    Too bad. OA was the only firewall I really liked. Not some internet-security-bundle with useless antivirus, but just an excellent firewall. Goodby Emsisoft.

  • Nick

    Congratulations Emsisoft! You have killed the best firewall. I’ll never visit your website again because other products of your company are useless for me… Good bye Online Armor! You were the BEST!

  • techienumber1

    you know if online armor was to return its could knock some heads as it was the most effective firewall ever
    who knows with some tweaking it could knock w7 firewall off its perch

  • Saiya Hakim

    OA is the only product I found to be effective against government spying, now with its coming to an end. Emsisoft is slowly allowing government to hack innocent people, because the current anti malware I found to be insufficient to protect people. Its weak. It fails to detect goverment malware

  • Sam0077

    I still think OA was the very best firewall ever! Comodo is just too geeky no time to sort it out continually etc so went to Windows Firewall – seems OK but not p to OA . On laptop using ZA which nags continually.
    BTW AVaST also nags but its good hastn let me down. All today are greedy for money – welcome to 21st Century where me and more money and bugger the rest of you is King. Now thinking of buying security suite. Which one – start off with Emisoft looking through it to see if try it out – or a free trial best if offered and then onto next if not the one. Today we seem to be losing more and more of our choices like MS startedthe ball rolling with 10 which BTW tried and hated it back to W7 until anything better offered. 10 is the ultimate social media platform for morons I was told recently and must say didnt disagree. Bit like reality TV.