Version 10 beta: Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Emsisoft Internet Security ready to test!

We have been working really hard to further improve our products, and are very excited to announce that the beta versions of Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Emsisoft Internet Security 10 are now available for beta testing. A series of awesome improvements is on the way:

Scan speed

The most significant improvement of Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Emsisoft Internet Security 10 is their scanning speed. To give an example: scan time of a typical malware scan on a reasonable fast computer went down from 5 minutes and 42 seconds to only 57 seconds! That’s a time saving of 83% compared to the previous version and only reflects the current beta status. There are chances that the final version will be even faster, as we still have some more ideas for tuning knobs to turn.


We achieved that speed improvement mostly by redesigning the way our scan engine reads files from a disk. Additionally we have overhauled the smart scan defaults to be even more accurate in scanning only files and folders that are effectively used by malware. In short: the new “Malware Scan” detects more and takes less time to do so.


Scheduled scans

Version 10 now allows you to easily configure multiple scheduled scans. Scan tasks have received a vast amount of new settings to cover all thinkable conditions. For example, say you want to scan your whole computer each Friday after work at 5 PM. In case the PC has already been shut down, you want to repeat the missed scan on Monday morning. Additionally you may want to run a quick scan after each reboot, but be sure that the latest online updates are downloaded right before the scan. All of that can be flexibly configured now.


Privacy settings

The anti-malware testing agency AV-comparatives recently confirmed that Emsisoft is quite possible the most privacy conscious security software vendor around. While most antivirus can easily track every single website you’re visiting, Emsisoft ensures that no personal data leaves your personal computer. Version 10 goes even one step further and allows you to freely configure all settings which may have any impact on your privacy. For some useful features like the online lookup of programs during alerts to avoid false alerts it is required to submit a minimum of information in order to benefit from them, but you can always turn them off if you prefer.

Behavior Blocker

The behavior blocker panel has received a new process list where you can see which programs are currently monitored for malicious behavior. Additionally, you can get further information about programs that are running on your computer, including an online verification that checks the Emsisoft Anti-Malware Network database with its 150+ million records of good and bad software.

How to participate in the beta test?

Please note that the described improvements just represent the current beta development state, which means the software is not yet well-tested and may still have some bugs. If you feel confident that you can handle crash situations properly, you can have a look at the beta. Go to “Settings” – “Update” and turn on the “Beta updates” option. Then run an online update to switch to the new software components.

Warning! Use beta updates on your own risk. Beta software may crash your computer. 

When will the final version be available?

As always, we at Emsisoft don’t set release schedules far in advance. We will release the final version as soon as we feel confident that there are no more serious bugs in the software. It’s probably a matter of a few weeks though.

Have a nice (malware-free) day!

  • Tempus

    It’s so nice to see the constant ongoing refinement of your product, I will install the beta and help with bug reports if any issue should occur =)

  • Rodney McCarthy

    Guys I appreciate all your hard work. I currently use Trend, even though I own your IS. The only reason I use trend is because of gaming, and your product slows my machine down a little… I know Trend is missing a priprietary fiewall, and in truth I prefer your product. But I also greatly consider anything that slows down my PC. Thanks

    • jv

      Rodney, look at your computer configuration. I am also a gamer, have been for 30 years, and this product has NEVER slowed down my computer whatsoever. Many do not properly update and maintain their computers. I can also tell you hands down, beyond a shadow of ANY doubt, Emsisoft has remained number 1 and the strongest anti-malware, anti-virus and firewall product ever to this day. I would NEVER use anything else. They do not need to advertise to prove that point either. One big reason for slowdowns is people not going to solid state hard drives instead of the older, less efficient spinning platter hard drives, many times slower than the solid state hard drives. Also everyone should use the most current version of Windows every time it is released, as well as Internet Explorer (Microsoft will discontinue and introduce Spartan. IE 10/11 was rated the best browser against malware by Emsisoft, by the way.) Also building a computer or having it built and upgrading every so often the hardware including the graphics card, motherboard and CPU is best to. Always keep Windows and all software and hardware drivers up to date as well. A final note, solid state hard drives NEVER need to be defragmented, making this an obvious choice besides efficiency and speed. I hope this helps you and others. To the guy below, Emsisoft programs takes minimal resources. It is smart, strong and NEVER lazy. You can also see that it the amount of daily updates. This company Emsisoft is on the ball and at the top of it’s game!

    • PeZzy

      You no doubt switched because of Trend’s performance in the last 6 months, but if you look beyond that, you will see an antivirus with an erratic history.

  • коля

    In the program drawback when downloading updates takes a lot of resources

  • Let me know once it would be launched and we can arrange a giveaway for the same. I like Emsisoft and its detection rate. Let the world including my readers know the same :)

  • ali saner

    hurrraaa to. I congratulate you! It’s so good. Finally. Oh I wish I could be your support! Unfortunately I do not have a machine that will use the beta version. I thank you. I’m looking forward to the final version. (sorry: Google translate!)

  • Glenn Dunbar

    EMSISOFT does slow down the PC a little, depending on the size and make of your Pc, And it isn’t Perfect either. However, I like it alot and I hope they Improve more and more!

    Trend has a much better detection rate, Admit it! But I do Like Emsisoft And there on the right track.

    • Christian

      I’m sure you can show us proof of these assumptions. Would you mind? :)

  • Lauren Hemedinger

    I agree with Glenn Dunbar: Protection has been good, but during the scan period; the computer slows down quite a bit. When on the internet, operation lags and at times commands seem to be in limbo.

  • Piotr Kachala

    I’m telling you guys,
    I really would buy only Emsi if there’s “block all internet activity” button just like at ESET or Kaspersky.
    OP or tech reply here (important).

    • Christian

      That feature already exists for quite some time. In Emsisoft Internet Security, right-click the systray icon and select “Enter offline mode”.

  • Bill Marshall

    I would love to be a BETA tester for your product. I have tested several different types of software in the past, and can give a good detailed report of any issues and bugs.
    If I can become a tester I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you so much for your awesome products!

    • Mariska

      Hey Bill, thank you for your interest! Version 10 has already been released, but keep an eye out for future beta testing needs in our blog.