Emsisoft Lab, Emsisoft News, Security Knowledge [Jun, 26, 2015]

Antivirus software: protecting your files at the price of your privacy

Only a few people are aware that one of the biggest threats to their privacy is actually their antivirus software. Here the Emsisoft team explore privacy conscious alternatives.

Emsisoft News [Jun, 24, 2015]

Support for Windows XP and Vista will end April 2016

We will not renew our extended support for Windows XP beyond April 2016.

Emsisoft News, Security Knowledge [Jun, 23, 2015]

The NSA is just one malware writer out of thousands

Recent news reveals shocking espionage activities of American and British intelligence that targets antivirus vendors worldwide.

Emsisoft News [Jun, 17, 2015]

New: Emsisoft Emergency Kit 10 – The fastest portable dual-engine malware cleaner!

The Emsisoft Emergency Kit 10 is now available!

Security Knowledge [Jun, 9, 2015]

How-to: Find and clean malware infections with Emsisoft Emergency Kit

The Emsisoft Emergency Kit is the only free, fully portable dual-engine cleaning toolkit that scans for and removes malware and Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) from your PC.

Alerts & Outbreaks [Jun, 6, 2015]

Ransomware “Locker” automatically decrypts all affected files, after its creator is struck by conscience

Locker, a new ransomware variant was discovered last month. In a surprising turn of events the creator of the ransomware actually posted a public apology and promised to automatically decrypt files on affected systems.