New: Emsisoft Emergency Kit 10 – The fastest portable dual-engine malware cleaner!

New: Emsisoft Emergency Kit 10 – The fastest portable dual-engine malware cleaner!

We’re proud to announce the release of Emsisoft Emergency Kit version 10, the ultimate malware cleaning toolkit. Free of charge, it’s the tool of choice for a second opinion scan.

What’s new:

eek_speedIt’s lightning fast in scanning

A typical malware scan of the whole system takes less than one minute and doesn’t leave out important stuff. It’s a full system scan for all sorts of active threats, using two major antivirus/anti-malware scan engines (Emsisoft + Bitdefender).

eek_scanIt’s powerful: cleans both malware and PUPs

Advanced cleaning routines allow you to get back control over your computer within seconds. Is your computer running slow lately? Emsisoft Emergency Kit is specialized in removing potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), like unecessary browser toolbars or annoying adware that are notorious for bloating your system.

eek_lifebIt’s protecting your privacy

No internet connection is required for scanning or cleaning, but we recommend performing a one-click online update prior to scanning to ensure you have the latest malware signatures.


eek_portIt’s 100% portable

Emsisoft Emergency Kit is fully portable, which means no installation is required. The download package just unpacks to a destination folder of your choice from where you can run it right away. It works well in combination with any other antivirus program. Once you’re finished, just delete it (or keep it for later scans). Either way, it’s zero risk to run.

eek_freeIt’s FREE to use

Run as many scans as you want, totally for free for private use. It’s the perfect second opinion scanner, if you have doubts that your main antivirus missed to detect some threat.




Made for malware removal technicians

If you’re the one who everyone calls to fix virus infections, you’ll find a new friend in Emsisoft Emergency Kit. It saves you hours of valuable time and it couldn’t be easier to use.

Bonus: Command line scanner included

The Emsisoft Commandline Scanner is known to be one of the most sophisticated and best-designed scanners for use in batch scripts and self-made programs. Recommended by many experts it gives you the flexibility to not only scan specific files and folders, but also binary data via file handles or data buffers with ease.





Emsisoft Emergency Kit Pro licensing options

Corporate users, such as helpdesks and PC repair companies can buy Pro-licenses at a reasonable rate.

$99 can get you the following package:

  • 16 GB USB stick: More than 15 GB for your own use, i.e. to make backups while cleaning a PC.
  • Up to 250 cleaned PCs per year: Higher packages for 500, 1000, 2000 and 4000 PCs available too.
  • Company branded GUI: Doesn’t show any “freeware” texts.
  • 2 in 1: Emsisoft Emergency Kit scanner + Emsisoft Commandline scanner.
  • Bonus: Emsisoft Anti-Malware license for 1 PC/1 year included for free.
  • You can clone the self-updating USB stick for your team as often as you require.


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  • Tony Cook

    This is a great program which I use on my laptop when travelling .I also have emsisoft antimalware on two of my desktops. I have contacted there support service and it was fantastic.
    Tony from down under

  • Philip

    had a telephone call from somebody who lives nowhere near me.. They had a “ransomware” malware problem. They said they were running a Windows XP system on a old PC! Everything I told the man to do he said he didn’t know how to do it. So I asked him to put his wife on the phone and she understood the basic idea.

    She had her own laptop so I sent her an e-mail with your link to “Emsisoft Emergency Kit” and I told her to put it on what they call a memory stick and what we call a USB Flash Drive. She scanned her computer and then they needed to do his computer. He wanted to do his own computer and they started arguing loudly.

    They may well be reading this. I’m no good at listening to people shouting and swearing at each other. I put the phone down. I received another phone call a hour later and he managed to get your program working and it said apparently that he had loads and loads of malware. He said it was quarantined I said just delete them and he said “but I might need some of those some of those might be my documents.” I said malware is not your documents. He said the ransomware had just popped up on the screen again with a message and he could no longer uses keyboard. I sent her the YouTube video where you demonstrate the program how to use it. So she passed it on to him!

    I had to download your “Emergency Kit” to my HP proline server so I could go through step-by-step with what he was doing. Your program downloaded fast your signatures 144MB took ages I could download a DVD image faster than your signatures. And then it wanted to reboot the proline! of course it would only be rebooting Windows environment and not the proline. But why did it want to reboot the system what did it put on the system?

    Anyway I did not sort out his problem. I just could not make him do what I wanted him to do! I would be absolutely rubbish in a customer service helpline centre. I wonder why your program wanted to reboot the HP. when I say I didn’t help them what I mean is I deserted them and left them to it. If you’re reading this hi. bye. ;-))