The NSA is just one malware writer out of thousands

With the recent news concerning surveillance of antivirus software companies, The NSA is revealed to be just another actor on the stage of cyber security, creating state-sponsored malware to spy on businesses, agencies, and everyday internet users like you and me.

But you aren’t really surprised, are you? We aren’t here at Emsisoft. EVERYONE is monitored nowadays by big government agencies like the NSA and GCHQ (the NSA’s British equivalent, Government Communications Headquarters). Whether you’re an AV specialists or a toilet paper manufacturer, big government has its hand in your information.

What else is new?

It goes without saying that we all have a part to play in online privacy. Sure, there are holes in some antivirus software, as there are in all types of software. There also are holes in the way you conduct yourself online everyday, from weak passwords to transmitting sensitive information through free email providers.

But don’t let this “expose” about big brother scare your pants off! These holes are exploited daily by hundreds of malware writers.

The NSA may have an edge when it comes to the multitude of entry points it has to intercept traffic. But the NSA isn’t doing anything other malware writers aren’t already doing. To get to our internal information, the NSA must ultimately overcome the same hurdles that every hacker and malware writer must overcome.

To date, none have succeeded here at Emsisoft.

If you’ve checked out the article linked above and you’re still hit with a case of the heebie-jeebies, take solace in the fact that the NSA’s Project CAMBERDADA got some of the facts wrong in their presentation slides—in listing the anti-virus software companies they were targeting, both Eset and Nod32 are listed separately…even though Nod32 is a product of Eset, not a software company on its own.

Potenzielle Spionageziele (Quelle: The Incercept)

Potential targets (source: The Intercept)

So take it all with a grain of salt; it just takes a little misinformation to turn this molehill into a mountain.

(Additionally, how well can the NSA be at hacking if they don’t even know the names of their target?)

So what are we doing here at Emsisoft to ensure your protection and privacy?

  • We encrypt years worth of internal emails
  • We use a secure VPN (Virtual  Private Network) for all internal processes and file sharing
  • We carefully research threats to internet safety through malware samples and vigilant testing

Sure, we communicate freely with external partners and marketers. But no private information is shared, and I’m fairly certain that the NSA doesn’t get much use out our website banners and press releases.

But if you big-wigs are actually reading this somewhere out there, do you mind sharing your opinion on our branding strategy?

Have a nice, fear-free day.


  • Philip

    “Notably omitted are the American anti-virus brands McAfee and Symantec and the British company Sophos.”

    Congratulations for being on the list. I consider it a badge of honour! I’m slightly jealous.
    They mention the British Sophos, which I remember from small businesses and some U.S. antivirus companies as not being spied on because blah blah. That is fine because that is what the document said. I would have liked some other companies to be on the list because it smears them with the same brush as Sophos, and some U.S. antivirus companies,when in reality they did not make the list just because they did not make the list.

    • musicmugger

      The American companies are not listed probably because, just like Face book, Google, Linked-in, Yahoo, and the list goes on, they are freely handing over all our information to the NCA, and GCHQ, the American puppet (UK government). So nothing would surprise me, We are already aware that the likes of Google have spent millions on perfecting their harvesting system, originally for targeting use for pointed advertising, Face book do the same, but as is always the case with corporation, when big brother offers a financial, or jump the queue incentive, everyone becomes the government’s best friend, and the man in the street, just another statistic, and yes, they also scream the loudest in outrage, when they are discovered. Angela Merkel being an example when it was announced by Snowden that her private phone was being tapped, and then everything goes into stealth mode after a visit from the right person in the White House. Now she works with the NSA, or her security service does, and the pending court case, just disappeared, due to lack of evidence.
      Hats off to Emsisoft, I’ve used this company for years, and I thing it goes from strength to strength.