Support for Windows XP and Vista will end April 2016

A little over a year ago, Microsoft announced the official end of support for Windows XP. This means that they will no longer patch vulnerabilities and bugs that are found for this operating system. At the time of the announcement this was a quite bold move because 25-40% of all computers were still using this ancient operating system, which was released 14 years ago. To fill the security gap left by Microsoft, many antivirus software vendors including Emsisoft announced to extend support of their products for Windows XP for two more years, until April 2016.

Statistics today show that both Windows XP and Vista usage dropped dramatically since then. Among our customers the percentage has already dropped below the ten percent mark, with a continued trend downwards. As a direct result, we decided not to renew our extended support for Windows XP beyond April 2016. We will drop support for both Windows XP and Vista in the next major version of all our products, which is scheduled for release in 2016.

We fully understand that in many circumstances users have no way but to continue using XP or Vista, either due to computer upgrade budget restraints or because some old hardware devices don’t come with drivers for newer operating systems at all. In these cases, we are offering partial refunds for any license time users can’t use due to the changed minimum system requirements.

For everyone else, dropping support for legacy operating systems means improved performance and reliability, as we can freely take advantage of new features introduced in modern Windows versions, as well as remove a lot of support code we had to put in place to keep legacy Windows compatibility.

We apologize if these changed circumstances cause any inconvenience for you. We hope that by informing you well in advance about the upcoming change, we allow everyone to find their right solution without being pressured.

  • A. Smith

    Well this is bad news. I’ve been on XP Pro 64 for a long time and it works fine for everything I do including many games like all Blizzard titles, Path of Exile, and several on Steam. I have no real reason to upgrade this older rig since I built it myself and overclocked it, and I’m not sure if the motherboard (Abit IP-35 Pro) would have a BIOS for a newer WIndows version.

    At minimum, I’d have to buy a new version of Windows, a mobo, CPU, and RAM and I’m on a fixed income now that I wasn’t back then.

    • Christian

      The x64 edition of Windows XP was never supported by Emsisoft, so I’m really wondering how this support end announcement would affect you at all.

      • A. Smith

        I believe when I downloaded Emsi originally, I was directed to the Server 2003 version which is basically the same as XP Pro 64.

        • Christian

          Sorry, we also never had a x64 compatible version of Emsisoft Anti-Malware for Server that ran on Windows 2003 Servers.

          • A. Smith

            So what are you saying, that what I have as Emisoft is not working? How can that be when it updates all the time and seems to be operating as intended?

    • waltc4

      I first installed XP in late 2001, IIRC. I’ve long since left it, but the good news for you is that hardware today costs a fraction of what it did in those days. 1TB 7200 rpm HD’s can be found for ~$50 (SeaGate or WD), a great, up-to-date motherboard is $50-$100, depending on what you want–8 core 4.2GHz (my clock) AMD FX-8320E’s (95W TDP) go on Amazon for ~$135, 8 GBs of DDR3 SDRAM can be had for ~$60 or less, etc. Everything is much less expensive, much better (quality & performance wise) , and has better warranties, too. There’s never been a better time in the ~30 years I’ve been doing this to build a box–enjoy…! And I’m talking retail products, too, not OEM…OEM will be a lot less, if you’re willing to forego the warranties…

      • A. Smith

        It’s very difficult if not impossible for me to come up with $300.-400. these days, or I would have upgraded already.

  • Chiron

    That’s feral news to me too :-(
    Some years back, after a long hot meeting with myself, I decided to stick with XP for the rest of my days: better the known devil then a fresh new one, and after all an operating system is only supposed to handle files, not to waste most of the computer resources in funny scenic effects pour epater la galerie. Moreover I definitely dislike operating systems that keep fumbling with my hard disks even if I’m not using the PC without even giving a hint about what the hell they are doing with MY system.
    Thus I shall stay with XP even if the price must be to have a separate computer exclusively to access the web, or even to dispose with the web at all and pretend to be 20 years back in the past.