Update now! Get the latest Windows Security patch

Update now! Get the latest Windows Security patch

Just a few hours back Microsoft released their latest Windows Security Update.

There was a super-critical bug discovered in the Hacking Team files. It opens a doorway that allows to get full access to your PC. The exploit utilizes a vulnerability in OpenType fonts. The pathways may be opening an infected email attachment or just visiting a website.

Microsoft Corp. took pains to get this out-of-band patch up as soon as possible, now your computer protection depends on how fast you can run this update.

All the versions currently supported plus most probably the up-and-coming Windows 10 will need this patch and the sooner you apply it the better. Despite not specifically mentioned, it is very likely that this bug also affects the no longer supported Windows XP. As no more security updates will be furnished, this turns XP users into sitting ducks exposed to a critical risk. At the moment we are not aware of any antivirus or anti-exploit software that would be able to stop exploits from using the leak.

  • techienumber1

    now it only goes to show how many people are skin flints and how many are prepared to try and activate w10 with out the full version of windows 7 (serial coded full product)
    but would you believe that more than 1 million people tried to do this they had hack w7 and installed w10 but couldnt activate it because their software was not legal
    here is a pun use legal software not hacked as upgrades are much faster and have less problems ( I dont work for MS but I would if I could it would be my dream job )