What’s the deal with protection vs cleaning?

What’s the deal with protection vs cleaning?

Ever wonder why you need to have protection when you can just use a removal tool if you get a virus? This video aims to help you realize the importance of real-time protection through several examples and demonstrations.

Malware is dangerous – don’t forget that it can permanently destroy or encrypt your files. If you read our previous article on cleaning vs protection, you know how important it is to stop malware in its tracks. Luckily, our video producer Leo walks you through how Emsisoft Anti-Malware can prevent infection in the first place. It’s a great way to recap this important topic and see protection in action.

Have a great, infection-free day!

  • Walter

    Excellent video. I have Emsisoft and I have experienced its protection several times, as I am testing a lot of freeware for the helpsite I am working for (as a volonteer). I have Emsisoft for several years now and my system is still running well, thanks to the protection I enjoy.