A sneak peek on Emsisoft’s version 11 series

A sneak peek on Emsisoft’s version 11 series

It’s Christmas already? Not quite, but our development team is working day and night to make sure Emsisoft security products provide the best protection possible. Malware doesn’t sleep, and as a result we have noticed a number of sophisticated new infection methods that require us to react promptly.

Most of the latest improvements will likely remain invisible for you, but that shouldn’t be seen as a disadvantage. If anything, it’s the opposite: our ultimate goal is to create protection software that doesn’t show much of itself, but jumps into gear when your computer is about to be infected. In other words: we’re aiming to create protection software that doesn’t nag you with unnecessary, technical popups. We believe the best protection is kind that you can’t see, and that you can’t feel while doing your computer work. It’s supposed to be quiet, fast, and constantly ensuring your computer stays free of malware.

Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Emsisoft Internet Security 11 are coming soon

Here’s a quick preview of the protection features that our team is currently working on:

  • The new version will be the first that comes as a native x64 application for 64-bit Windows versions. That allows for best performance and most direct use of available system components.
  • The scanner comes with an improved detection of file-less malware that resides only in memory.
  • We have significantly improved the performance of the cleaning engine when running third party software that is heavy on the registry.
  • Additional behavior based on detection of file-encrypting malware, i.e. ransomware.
  • Added detection for malware that abuses script parsers and host processes for performing harmful actions.
  • Improved detection of malware that installs itself in a hidden or obfuscated way on the system.
  • Improved detection of malware that registers itself to run automatically with each system startup.
  • Introduced autonomous decisions on alerts for malware intrusions and exploitation attempts.
  • Reduced the number of required reboots on software updates.
  • Introduced new update rings for large enterprises which require internal software tests prior to updating their workstations.
  • Dozens of minor improvements in user interface and software handling based on customer feedback.
  • And more!

Public beta now available

If you’re an experienced computer user who can deal with unexpected situations, you may want to have a look at the new version while it is beta. But be warned: beta versions are not yet completely tested and therefore are expected to have a number of issues. Beta versions are to collect feedback from users before the product is released as a stable version to everyone.

To receive beta versions, please open the software, go to Settings, Updates, and turn on the “Beta updates” option. Next run an online update to download the new version. Note that you may have to reinstall the software to go back to the previous version.

Tell us what you think

Please send your feedback on version 11 to [email protected]. We strongly appreciate your time and efforts to help make our products even better!


  • Careful with that invisible and non-nagging part. As an option, sure, but I for one want control, of both the security product itself and better control of the system as a whole through it. This move to “set and forget” is what made me move away from BitDefender after using it for over 10 years (was stuck at the 2011 version till the start of 2015, as newer ones were unusable for me for this reason), and to spend this year testing various products to pick one to settle on as of next year (to pair with Comodo Firewall, which I settled on quickly for that purpose, so not looking for a suite).

    Currently Emsisoft is an option, but as I was saying, don’t go there except as an option. Top class protection and very low performance impact are of course requirements, but for me that list definitely also includes deep customization and monitoring (also of the system in general, like I said) and easy ways to create rules, even more complex ones, and being prompted for actions in case something’s discovered (even if it’s not necessarily malware, see the system control part again) that doesn’t match any rule with a different set action.

    • m1lhaus

      Exactly. I am the one controlling my computer. It’s very naive and bad to think that the software knows better. I know that majority of users are not well educated in IT, but the rest of us are! So we want to have an option of full control. Also for me that was the reason why I left BitDefender.

      Consider this: I am using lots of digitally unsigned stuff mostly ported from Linux world on Windows and I am getting false alarms a lot. You know what I mean, things like: “this items is trying to modify…”. So I can’t image that I would not be able to tell “shut up, I know what I am doing”. I would have to rely on automatic decision? Even cloud database i no win either, because these files I am working on could be rather uniqie. So please, keep that in mind.

  • Michael

    Emsisoft need HIPS (HIDS). Because you don’t have it, im currently usin gonly yours anti-malware and comodo firewall that haves that, instead yours internet security. Make emsisoft a software for advanced users! We already have many ‘set it and forget it’ antivirus. Implement RAT protection, agressive heuristic and very agressuve behavioral. Kaspersky for example has roll back ability, and it is very useful ;) When I want to have a “fortress” alerts doesnt matter… And one question – why bitdefender has better detection than emsi when you have his signatures? You need to work on that. Emsisoft can be best antivirus, i like so much that you take our privacy very seriously, only few av actually does that.

    • Stian Aarskaug

      I am sure BitDefender use a better/newer version at all times in their AV. It seems like so in the tests I’ve seen. I still prefer Emsisoft though. BitDefender is frustrating to use.