20 things that can go terribly wrong when you ask the wrong peer for security advice

20 things that can go terribly wrong when you ask the wrong peer for security advice

Millions of people every year fall victim to scams, hackers, and malware. You’ve heard it all before, right? Instead of lecturing you about the importance of security software with a lengthy essay, we decided to take the issue to the public. We hand-picked 20 of your peers and this is what they had to say on the matter:

A great-great-grand mother

A search engine

A good friend

A doctor

A neighbor

An email provider

A straight-forward-guy

A master chef

An architect

A security guard

A lonely person

An entertainer

A freeware addict

A patriot

A politician

A journalist

A surveillance firm

The big guys

A true believer


Have more? Let us have it!

  • FatalEffect

    Brilliant, lightened up my day! half of them I can relate to!

  • Lol, was so expecting a serious article that bubbles of laughter actually blew out of my nose !!
    Good job guys !!

  • ICPurvis47

    Think I’ll take the advice and rename my WiFi as per the Patriot entry :-D

    • Rocky Harris

      That one is great.

  • Cat Tilley

    The one next to the last, ‘A True believer’ almost had it right, and in many ways did. After all, it takes one with a brain, toss in some common sense, and that one behind the computer is the winner!

    We don’t have to be Albert Einsteins to be able to secure our computers, yet we must have some common sense, and with as many choices as there are today, know which security solution to choose.

    While not all will hear about Emsisoft, many would be glad they did one day. Emsisoft catches what most of the other players doesn’t, and one doesn’t need ‘supplemental’ or ‘backup’ protection in case the front line protection in Emsisoft breaks down, because the large majority of the time, that’s just not going to happen.

    Unfortunately, and will leave the one big name out that let me down huge just three days ago, my Windows 8.1 Pro install got infected, because I didn’t have enough Emsisoft licenses. Yet one hint that I’ll drop, it’s not protection for the average Joe, in fact the software isn’t sold in places where most security is, and one must get a business quote to get it. Yet they have an AV & Internet Security packages for Home users, but sadly it was their Enterprise offering that let me down.

    All I did was check out a site called ‘Rent A Friend’, out of being curious, and all of a sudden, my browser froze, my shortcuts of the Taskbar no longer worked, heck, I couldn’t shut the computer down the normal way & my ‘C’ drive was getting smaller (the free space increasing), like the OS was melting down. No time to look for logs, as I had two other Windows installs & 1TB of data to protect, so force shut down the PC to prevent damage from spreading.

    Formatted that “C’ drive 5 times to ensure all was gone & restored my backup taken just 4 days earlier, and all was fine again.

    So being ‘curious’ can bite one like never before, that’s what we must be ready, have EAM or EIS installed, and don’t worry about these things.

    Oh, and don’t forget those frequent backups!


  • Mark Jacobs

    That put a smile on my face!

    • FatalEffect

      Please don’t spy on me :'(

  • Kastriot Mavriqi

    Impossible! Do what you want !? But a hacker can break your WiFi
    Password, and any security in the world of softwares can protect you
    from breaking your WiFi Password. So on, after hacking your WiFi
    Password, he will install viruses in your PC with FUD Protection and
    others, and you are hacked and again you are hacked.
    Impossible! To
    protect your WiFi if your hacker is your neighborhood, then your WiFi is
    showing in him laptop just he need to enter your password, then he
    hacked your password then he hacked your device then he hacks all your
    I.M.P.O.S.I.B.L.E to P.R.O.T.E.C.T our D.E.V.I.C.E.S

  • ThePar

    “A freeware addict”
    Agh. Guilty. Today, even, I started on PortableApps and ended up on some strange freeware sites downloading productivity gadgets and “falling snow” effects for my desktop…and here I am running EEK and MBAM, cursing myself for going down the rabbit hole.

    Every. Single. Time, I tell myself: Dude you knew better.
    I’ve used Linux for over 10 years. But on Windows, I get straight up reterderhd. Freeware != OSS.

    I’m just thankful I have Tinywall to sandbox the shenanigans to a minimum.

  • hacker

    hahahha.. OMG ! thats freakingly awesome… Amazing *thumbs up*

  • Anastasia

    Dave is gorgeous!