Emsisoft Emergency Kit against a badly infected system

Emsisoft Emergency Kit against a badly infected system

Want to get rid of annoying screen lockers, error messages and pop-ups in the background, without installing any software?

Emsisoft Emergency Kit accomplishes exactly that! It is completely portable and free of charge for private use. Users all around the world love it for obtaining a second opinion about any potential infections of your computer.

This video demonstrates how to use Emsisoft Emergency Kit to quickly and efficiently clean your system.

For the best viewing experience, a fullscreen icon (right bottom corner) is available after starting the video.

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  • TheSeeker11

    EEK is boss!

  • TUONG LU Kim

    This is really a Great product. This would clean out my system really well.

  • best portable malware scanner “I called them ٌٌٌ’malware killer” it’s free and more fast then Mbam !

  • Lyubomir Parvanov

    The PC Security channel what is your affiliation with Emsisoft? :)

  • Cat Tilley

    Over the past few years, I’ve used EEK to disinfect several relatives & close friends hard drives, and what a mess some were cleaned of.

    Though I don’t run this direct from Windows on the computer, unless the drive is sealed in the computer, like a notebook or ultrabook. Rather I prefer to remove the drive, place it in a docking station that capable of holding both 2.5 & 3.5″ drives, and have one Windows 7 ‘testbed’ notebook where I then attach the drive to & perform the scan. This is the most effective way, not having Windows (or Malware) processes running, and cleanup is much better vs running from the Downloads folder.

    It can also be used via USB, though it’s not bootable, is still a potent scanner for those where I cannot remove the drives. If there’s an infection present, then I’ll rescan in a week or so. Though I also have other tools at my disposal, nothing beats the cleaning power of EEK.