Basic equipment for all malware removal experts: Emsisoft Emergency Kit Pro

Basic equipment for all malware removal experts: Emsisoft Emergency Kit Pro

If you’ve got it, Emsisoft will find it. With the Emsisoft Emergency Kit Pro we even go above and beyond that – because if you caught it online, Emsisoft will find it – even offline.

Aside from Emsisoft’s quality benchmarks earned by the highly effective Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Emsisoft Internet Security, the innovative Emsisoft Emergency Kit Pro offers unique attributes. The professional second-opinion scanner can make the difference compared to other products as it scans faster than any other where others can’t: offline.

Scanning offline

Many of the available “quick-scanners” work based on cloud-scanning which naturally requires an active Internet connection – something you want to avoid with a heavily infected machine. Cloud-scanning seems convenient as it’s easily accessible. It is indeed. Not only for you but also for the malware that feeds all your sensitive personal and company data into the cloud while you scan. Emsisoft Emergency Kit Pro does not rely on on cloud-scanning; it scans locally using millions of malware signatures, saving sensitive data for you and your company.

Fastest second-opinion scanner in the industry

Emsisoft Emergency Kit Pro offers a different approach: The unique software that can usually be started next to any other antivirus program, and scans your computer in 1-2 minutes which makes it probably the fastest second-opinion scanner in the industry. And the best of it? It’s 100% portable, too! No time-consuming installation needed; just download and start scanning immediately.

The scan overview of the Emsisoft Emergency Kit (screenshot)

A command line scanner is included in the Emsisoft Emergency Kit (screenshot)


Emsisoft Emergency Kit Pro in a nutshell:

With the purchase of Emsisoft Emergency Kit Pro we supply a 16 GB USB Stick for your convenience. This not only allows you to back up all your data but also enables the software to work offline. No unintended data upload, no loss, no trouble. The software on the stick updates itself with one single click. eek_stick_900px

The key features are:

  • Malware Detection
    Features the complete dual-scanner technology of Emsisoft Anti-Malware, with millions of signatures for all types of online threats.
  • Removal
    Thorough quarantine or removal of detected objects; even the sophisticated ones.
  • Portable
    Fully portable solution, no installation required. You can make unlimited copies of the stick.
  • Always up-to-date
    All software- and detection-updates within the license period included for free.
  • Flexible
    Bonus included: Emsisoft Commandline Scanner for best use in batch files. All features of the GUI-scanner and more!

Further information: 

Our Emsisoft Emergency Kit Pro offer

US $99 buys:

  • A 1-year license that cleans up to 250 machines.
  • Instant delivery of a licence key, plus a 16 GB USB-Stick.
  • PLUS: A 1-year full version of Emsisoft Anti-Malware for 1 PC.


System requirements:

Windows 7/8/10 or Windows Server 2008 R2/2012. The latest service packs are required. 1 GB RAM or more for best performance.


  • TheSeeker11

    Allow me to kindly point out a typo:

    “…makes it probably the *fasted* second-opinion scanner in the industry.”

    • Christian

      Fixed, thank you!

      • TheSeeker11

        You’re most welcome.

  • jcitizen

    At $99 dollars they better make it a lifetime license – it is getting too expensive to keep computing with numbers like that. A guy might as well wipe and recover image backup – much cheaper and pretty quick – if the image gets infected – well that is just to bad – time to get out the original install disc.

    • Christian

      Please keep in mind that malware cleaning never replaces a rebuild of the system. Once infected you can’t trust the computer anymore, even after it was cleaned. Cleaning tools have the only purpose of getting the PC in a state that allows you to back up clean user data, so you can put it back when the system is rebuilt.

      • jcitizen

        Yes, thank you; but I’ve been a malware warrior for some time now, and can at least mitigate the damage on the road to recovery. The way I do that depends on how much the client has to lose, and how much of the personal data on board the PC is dangerous to their privacy. Many times there is nothing to lose, and the client is well aware that the computer can’t be trusted, so they only use them for surfing the net, and listening to music, or watching Netflix – they know they cannot enter any sensitive information through the keyboard, and once the hard drive is fully cleaned by OEM diagnostic tools to assure no embedded malware is still there, a clean install can get them back online, and changing all their passwords to email, and other sites regularly used. The vast majority of folks that I work with, cannot pay very much if anything to regain their computer usage, and I cannot afford these expensive tools. We have to do with free ones most of the time, and forgo using PCs for anything resembling sensitive and personal data.

        • Mr. X

          Does saving most things to a thumb drive make a/ any difference?

          • jcitizen

            Malware can be unintentionally saved alongside any data that is a backup. All you can do is wipe and reinstall the hard drive, and give it 24 hours before scanning the thumb drive for malware, and hope it is detected and removed. I have had a lot of luck doing recoveries that way. After 24 hours, a zero day threat is usually in the definition files of any good anti-malware scanner – there are however the APT malware that may go undetected for months. I’d say the only way to mitigate this problem as far as possible is to do separate incremental backups and keep each of them on totally separate drives, and rotate them out in weekly/monthly/yearly increments. It all depends on just how much is your data worth. I don’t even get that detailed when doing my own scheme, because I don’t have much to lose. So I do an image when my OS is in pristine condition, before going on the web, and keep that on an isolated external drive, then for every day backups, I do it incrementally on another internal drive. I may do a separate image once a year, if I’m fairly certain nothing has invaded my system, but that really is just a guess with the Advance Persistent Threats(APT) we have now days. I recover the image first, and then the incremental Windows Backup files. I scan both of them before I do a recovery. Malware is always locked up in the compression of the backup system, so they are inactive while compressed. A good scanner can filter them before extraction and recovery and restore.

  • Johnson Lam

    Is it bootable? If not, an infected system simply can’t do anything since it’s so corrupt that even can’t execute a program.

    • Christian

      Cleaning should ideally be done from the real system, not from another system (ie. boot disk) to avoid damage. Lots of malware modifies system settings in a way that turns the whole system un-bootable when you just remove the files but miss to restore the correct settings. Considering that 3/4 of all infections today are some sort of PUPs and only few malware samples effectively prevent startup of our scanner, a non-bootable portable program is the best option at the moment.

      • Johnson Lam

        You’re correct, now most of the malware is focus on stealing information, I’ve remembered some years ago a malware named “3721” from China, it totally corrupt the Windows, and it’s so funny that only allow some of the “known” application to execute, others can’t even execute, but now this kind of damaging malware seems less and less.

  • Max

    I’m an IT Technician in Middle East and last time when one of my customer’s system was infected with Radamant Ransomeware Mr. Fabian Wosar kindly helped me to decrypt the data for which I’m grateful. After that incident I’m following up to Emsisoft and recommending my customers to Emsisoft anti-malware product but due to high price it is getting little difficult to convince them.

  • Mattchu

    Thanks Christian, Fabian and the team…