Merging Emsisoft Internet Security with Emsisoft Anti-Malware

Merging Emsisoft Internet Security with Emsisoft Anti-Malware


Starting 2 October 2017, Emsisoft Internet Security will be merged with Emsisoft Anti-Malware. While this may come as a bit of a surprise, there are many factors that have prompted this decision, and I would like to use this as an opportunity to share our reasoning:

A common base

Technically, both products have shared the same code base and even the same file feeds for online updates for the last couple of years. From a branding perspective, Emsisoft Internet Security has kind of been framed as an extended feature set edition of Emsisoft Anti-Malware. The only difference between the two products is Emsisoft Internet Security’s built-in firewall component, which is responsible for its slightly higher price tag. While Emsisoft Internet Security was definitely a valuable product in years gone by, we believe that whatever protective advantages desktop firewalls once had over Windows Firewall are now minimal, if not negligible.

The job of firewalls

The main purpose of a desktop firewall is to shield your computer from attacks from the Internet. It does so by interrupting network communications initiated by foreign computers when they attempt to connect to a program that listens for input on your computer.

However, there are two things to consider here:

  1. Most attack attempts from the outside are made impossible by the use of NAT routers (which includes just about every modern DSL modem), as they separate your inside network (LAN) from the Internet.
  2. The built-in Firewall in Windows 7, 8 and 10 already does a pretty good job of blocking connection attempts from potentially dangerous computers that reside in the same network (e.g. in public WiFi) or on the Internet.

Malware and firewalls

We see our main job as protecting your computer from malware – and today’s malware is generally quite unimpressed by firewalls. Connection attempts from the outside in are blocked by the Windows Firewall by default, and connections from the inside out are prevented by Emsisoft’s multi-layer real time protection, and the Behavior Blocker in particular.

Emsisoft Firewall vs Windows Firewall

When Microsoft introduced the Windows Firewall in a late Windows XP Service Pack update, it was a bit of an embarrassing performance and the software could not be taken too seriously, which led us to build a stronger alternative. But since the release of Windows 7, the Windows Firewall has been doing its job effectively, including the latest Windows 10 version which pretty much does everything you could expect from a desktop firewall. Its only architectural flaw is that its settings (and firewall rules) can be freely edited by anyone or anything that attains the required permission level. In other words, if malware manages to run on the PC, it’s able to allow itself to get through the firewall. That was one of the main reasons for us to maintain our own firewall component.

A better approach: Fortifying the Windows Firewall

Emsisoft Internet Security has always been highly configurable. While some of our more technically minded users might have appreciated the freedom to tweak settings to their heart’s content, it has to be said the majority of our customers are (understandably!) not familiar with the technical intricacies of firewalls and were not always confident when using the software. This was problematic given the fact that a wrong configuration can potentially cause a lot of damage when it comes to malware protection. So, in the interests of protecting our customers, we thought it would be most beneficial if, moving forward, we simply rely on the Windows Firewall and use our software to cover its blind spot and ensure its settings can’t be manipulated by malware from the inside.

How are we going to do that?

Well, one of Emsisoft’s key strengths is creating Behavior Blocking technology that works. It allows us to detect and intercept malicious actions from active programs in real time before they can cause any damage. This technology now allows us to define behavior patterns that indicate illegitimate manipulations of Windows Firewall rules. We make sure Windows Firewall is as safe to use as our own firewall, so we can remove the redundancy of building and maintaining our own firewall code.

Therefore, we decided to end the product life-cycle of Emsisoft Internet Security and merge it with Emsisoft Anti-Malware, which receives the Windows Firewall fortifying enhancements in the version 2017.8 release.


September 1st, 2017:
The new Windows Firewall Fortify feature will be part of the version 2017.8 release of Emsisoft Anti-Malware.

October 2nd, 2017:
Existing Emsisoft Internet Security software will directly update to Emsisoft Anti-Malware version 2017.9 and the remaining license period will be extended as described below. No manual actions required.

Advantages for Emsisoft Internet Security customers

We appreciate that the decision and swift merging will come as a surprise to our loyal customers, so apart from the additional features already mentioned that ensure capable and secure firewall protection, we are sweetening the transition for existing Emsisoft Internet Security license holders:

  • By switching to Emsisoft Anti-Malware, your annual software license fee gets about 20% cheaper.
  • To compensate for the already paid higher product price, we will extend all active Emsisoft Internet Security license periods after October 2nd by 50%.  E.g. if you have 1 year left on your license, it will change to 1.5 years for free.
  • Malware protection capabilities of Emsisoft Anti-Malware will be improved due to less interference with firewall code.
  • Your Emsisoft protection software will get lighter on the system and there will be fewer incompatibilities with other products.
  • Less risk of misconfiguring the protection features.

We hope you think this is a fair deal and will make the transition to our flagship product as smooth as possible. Should you still be unhappy with the upcoming changes, we’re happy to do partial refunds for your remaining license period.

For more details on the merger of Emsisoft Internet Security with Emsisoft Anti-Malware, please visit our dedicated FAQ helpdesk page.

As the cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve, we are continuing our mission towards a safer digital world for everyone. Today we have taken an important step in this journey, and we are excited to continue to improve our protection services for our customers.

Have a great, malware-free day!

  • Steven Winderlich

    Problem for me is as my license runs out in 41 days the extending of the license wont affect me…….Bad timing for me. But overall a good and logical decision you have made and yes i can confirm on Windows 10 that the firewall is much better (It blocked Skype for me already), no sarcasm intended :)

    • Christian

      Please get in touch with our customer support team. There is no bad timing for anyone, I’m confident we can make everybody happy. :)

  • Werkhoven

    I find this unacceptable. I have payed 50,00 euro for Emsisoft Internet Security for 1 computer for 1 year and I have 276 days left. So I would like to get 37,81 euro back as soon as possible and stop the license.

    • Fabian Wosar

      Please send an email to [email protected]. For obvious reasons we can’t help with license issues on a public medium like blog comments. Make sure to include your order number if you still have it or license key. :)

  • Локи

    Very sorry. Without a firewall, this product is not interesting to me, because the built-in Windows firewall is very inconvenient and I do not consider it a worthy alternative.
    Apparently will have to select another product that has a firewall in its composition.

    • Piotr

      Same here for me :(

    • Viktor Jönsson

      You can just install for example Comodo Firewall and run it alongside Emsisoft

      • Локи

        Yes, I can, but don’t want to use additional program instead of integrated product. It will only worsen the system performance.

  • Alysson

    Acho errado oque estão fazendo, visando computadores desatualizados ou mesmo o perfil de cada usuário.

    Muitos gostam do Firewall Emsisoft.

    Eu comprei o Emsisoft visando um software completo oque inclui um firewall, não gosto do firewall do windows.

  • Ahmad

    Actually I think this is a step in the right direction .. after all, Emsisoft’s team knows best.
    One thing for sure , they won’t settle for less protection , Emsi has always been top notch .
    my license ends in late November and I’m gonna renew .
    the great thing about your vision , which is clearly apparent here, is that you always get rid of redundancies and you always maintain your software bloat-free .. in this industry what seems more is actually less . It’s sad that the average user is deceived by fancy “tune-ups” (more like tune-down) bundled with almost all security suits these days.

    P.S. I’m trying to access my license center but it’s not available. also my license for EIS is for multiple pcs , since you’ve removed it from the website, where can I download EIS ? does this mean that EAM would accept my EIS license ?

    • Thank you Ahmed; maintaining a bloat-free solution without jeopardising the protection of our customers is always our guiding principle.

      Regarding your license question, please write to [email protected] and our team will help you.

    • Alysson

      Concordo, oque eu quis dizer é que o firewall windows é um alvo extremamente visado pelo hacker, o firewall Emsisoft não, sendo então mais seguro.

      Mas concordo com a sua afirmação, confio na Emsisoft o seu software é com certeza de primeira linha.

      Vamos aguardar e analisar os resultados.

  • Gürgün Dayıoğlu

    I think Emsisoft made a right decision here, as they mentioned above windows firewall is getting better and better every day and as they know the best for us they probably thought focusing on the more important features is obviously a better thing to do than trying to improve the firewall which is not big of a deal nowadays and in my opinion it’s also really important to maintain the software bloat-free. So thanks, Emsisoft I really think you are the best you did the right thing and I will always keep using your products..

  • Piotr

    I don’t like it. Windows firewall sucks. It never asks for anything. I wanted CONTROL over my internet connections. I set up emsisoft to ASK me anytime new program wants to connect. I do not know how to configure windows firewall to work that way and I think many users do not know it either. My license is expiring at the end of october and I think it is time to switch to another software.
    I do not trust microsoft and their firewall is 0 protection for me. Maybe I will install zone-alarm or something similiar.

    • Локи

      Absolutely agree. Windows firewall really sucks. I don’t understand how it can be called good alternative for users instead of Emsisoft firewall.

  • Good! I suggesting you guys to add a component to Emsisoft Anti-Malware that allows user to control applications that want to connect to Internet by creating rules in Windows Firewall. Because default method to create rules in Windows are not conveniently. For example I’m using Emsisoft Anti-Malware paired with program called Windows Firewall Control. And I want to use only Emsisoft Anti-Malware but cant, because it dont have that functionality.

    • Piotr

      And you have to pay 10$ for WFC to have notifications asking what to do like in emsisoft IS :/

      • Fabian Wosar

        There are a tonne of applications out there that sit on top of the Windows Firewall. If you want something free that just adds the notification and makes the otherwise more complex dialogs more usable: Windows Firewall Notifier ( works pretty well and is open source and free. If you want to see something really fancy, you can check out GlassWire for example.

      • Robert Gregory

        Sorry Piotr, but, this information was taken of WFC: “If any of our programs is useful for you, please donate $10 and become a registered user. You will receive unlimited access, to My Account area so that you can activate our programs on all of your home computers, for unlimited times. This is a lifetime license.” – If you have to pay, it’s a very low price for a forever license….

  • It is a shame you must deal with those (below) who will never be happy no matter what good you do. After having my system(s) protected by Emsisoft for close to 10 years now, I trust and applaud your actions implicitly and I have a year left on my current subscription. I am looking forward to the next 10 years of protection from Emsisoft no matter what title you give the program.

    • Piotr

      Do you understand that now you will have less protection than you paid for? You cannot control windows firewall as easily as you control emsisoft. This basically means you have no protection at all because windows firewall allows all conections…

      • Don’t lecture to someone when you have no idea who it is you are conversing with.

      • Fabian Wosar

        Windows Firewall does not allow all connections. It allows all outgoing connections by default, just as EIS does. Incoming connections from the internet are blocked by default, just like EIS. If you want, you can tell the Windows Firewall to block outgoing connections as well for programs you didn’t explicitly allow. Windows Firewall will then just block outgoing connections, but there is no alert for it. So applications that aren’t allowed, will simply get a “network restricted” error. However, there are plenty of applications out there, that add that one feature to it if you really need or want it. The majority of EIS users don’t, as they never messed with the EIS defaults to begin with.
        Keep in mind that blocking suspicious connections that originate from potential malware and PUPs as well as connections to suspicious hosts is completely unaffected by the removal of the firewall, as those functions have always been part of the behaviour blocker and continue to be so.

  • Ernst Stavro Blofeld

    Bad choice guys, I brought this product for the firewall. You may think windows firewall does a fair job, however I do not. You’ve just taken away my reason for having your product. I shall now be dropping this faster than the proverbial hot potato. I had 71 days left.

  • Davka

    Will there be a GUI and notifications in Anti-Malware to create/edit rules of the Windows firewall?

    That would be a perfect solution for me, because creating/editing more advanced rules is uncomfortable in Win firewall.

  • Tempus

    Hey Emsisoft, it is definitely nice that you will extend all active Emsisoft Internet Security license periods after October 1st by 50%. … but that is also a very clever , and good strategic move imho.

  • Piotr

    Please send e-mails to all users about this change. I did not receive this message in program GUI, neither do I received any info on my mail. I stumbled upon this article pretty much by accident.

    • Fabian Wosar

      This will also be prominently mentioned in the next newsletter. We have a strict schedule for those though and we need to translate it. So that is why it hasn’t been sent out yet.

      • Piotr

        I still did not receive e-mail about this change. However I received newsletter mail with blog post which was published 5 DAYS later (ransomware payment methods). Clock is ticking…

        • Hi Piotr, we appreciate your concern. Our product update newsletter will come out on Sep 1, and will contain the information of this change within.

  • Johnny Allison

    I just bought my EIS less than a month ago. It was a pricey alternative to many of the other programs out there but after looking at a ton of reviews I knew that this was probably worth the little extra I had to pay. As far as windows firewall is concerned I expect you guys to know what your doing. It shouldn’t be my job to monitor all of the outgoing traffic. If you are knowledgeable enough to interface with the later Windows versions at all then you should be smart enough the trim the redundancy issues without hampering overall security. Just make sure that Windows doesn’t take away my autonomy. After reading many of the comments below this seems to be the greatest concern.

  • Horus Lupercal

    This is bullshit. I’m a very old client and have a license to 2021 year. But now I stop it and quit. No way to Microsoft FW. Because i know many ways “how to exploit” this piece of sh..t from Microsoft. And for Windows 10 too.

  • OtterNZ

    To the people complaining about the removal of the firewall, it would probably help the mods to mention what feature of the firewall you don’t like losing. As Fabian Wosar mentioned “Windows Firewall does not allow all connections. It allows all outgoing connections by default, just as EIS does. Incoming connections from the internet are blocked by default, just like EIS. If you want, you can tell the Windows Firewall to block outgoing connections as well for programs you didn’t explicitly allow.”

    Based on the blog post it appears as if the behavior blocker is going to handle any “gaps” in Windows firewall. If both firewalls blocked all incoming, and allowed all outgoing by default then there is no difference there. It is the Emsisoft behavior blocker than gives you the extra outgoing protection.

    As several of you have stated, you aren’t happy with this and you’re free to change products (or you could keep using Emsisoft AM and just add a firewall product). For me, I’ve used competitors products that integrated with Windows firewall, so as long as the behavior blocker is active I’m happy.

  • I think Emsisoft is doing the right thing. Although I use Emsisoft Internet Security, I also disable Windows Firewall and use, instead, Spy Shelter, to which I have a lifetime license. It is a superb firewall, especially for anyone who knows how to use its configuration elements to customize its operation. I plan to continue with Emsisoft after the transition, and plan to continue using Spy Shelter Firewall instead of Windows Firewall. They work seamlessly together now; they should continue to do so after the firewall component is removed from Emsisoft Security. Thank you, Emsisoft, for the term extension. Since I purchased EIS on 9/28/16, I should get a term extension of five months or so. I see no reason to run away from Emsisoft. And I don’t necessarily agree with those who feel a firewall has to be an integral part of the chosen antivirus solution. I think the freestanding firewall is superior, if the best one is used.

  • MSerif

    Is there a firewall suggestion here? (for Windows 7)

    • Fabian Wosar

      The Windows firewall should be completely sufficient even on Windows 7. :)

      • MSerif

        If you say so, it is okay. You know; we trust you but no one trusts Microsoft.

        • Laser_Beam

          And that is the security problem here (apart from the ease of use, which is gone): we are completely handing the Firewall portion of security over to Microsoft. The WF might have improved a lot since the XP days, but I see no reason as a user to be forced to trust it for 24/7 use. I want to stay with Emsisoft, but I’m being handed over to Microsoft…

      • Mad Wabbit

        ” SHOULD ” be sufficient even on WIn 7, really ? Sorry, anything microsoft = leaving that pile of cash on a park bench ” should ” be safe if I walk away for 5 minutes.

        Are you going to guarantee that ?

        I bought Internet security for the FIREWALL. 316 days left on the License for 3 computers. Very disappointed, now do I have to go back to Kaspersky?

        Sorry, I don’t have the knowledge to mess around with windows firewall settings………

  • Hunting.Targ

    I’m sad to see the end of such a useful and acclaimed product – at the same time I recognize that it is a smart decision on Emsisoft’s part – now that Microsoft has proven themselves able to fabricate and field a product of (at least acceptable) quality. This not only reduces code redundancy but operating overhead, and keeps Emsisoft out of direct competition with Microsoft. This is a business decision as much as a design decision.
    For everyone unhappy &/ complaining about the discontinuation of a product they love and are loyal to: If you want to know what happens to companies that are good at what they do but don’t make sound business decisions – just look at SAAB motors. Peace, love, and prosperity.

  • Sue Whitworth

    My licence key will not work. I have tried copy and paste.

    • David Biggar

      If you’re trying to switch to Emsisoft Anti-Malware from Emsisoft Internet Security before the October 1st merge date, you’ll need to contact us at [email protected], so we can convert the key for you. An Emsisoft Internet Security key is still only good for Emsisoft Internet Security until we do.

  • Afonso Nunes

    Two things:

    1) I hate this change, and I think it’s disrespectful.

    2) When I read “WhateverSoftware Anti-Malware” I read “something like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware”, not an Antivirus software. You guys should really rename it to something that people identify as Antivirus.

    RIP EIS.

    • David Biggar

      I’ve no idea why you think it’s disrespectful. Can you explain?

      Antimalware used to mean something different before a company marketed a non-antivirus antimalware, and they became very popular, so popular definition shifted from “malicious software” (which viruses certainly are) to “malware that aren’t viruses”.

      So, while our name is accurate, you have a good point. Our product is, as you already know, a broad-spectrum antimalware, protecting against viruses, and non-viral malware such as potentially unwanted programs, trojans, keyloggers, ransomware, rootkits, etc.

      We’ll take your naming suggestion into consideration for future product development!

      • Afonso Nunes

        I think it’s disrespectful because I own a 810 days left key of EIS. At the time, I bought a 3 year old key of your best product. Now you guys make it worse suddenly.

        I could just ask for a full refund, but I wont, cause I still like your product even without the firewall. However, I’m not happy about this change.

        So yeah, excuse me if I think that’s disrespectful.

        • tom b

          How does removing the firewall make it worse suddenly? they clearly state that they are gonna use their expertise to make up for the gaps that the windows firewall lacks. i dont really care which firewall i use because my computer is wired to my router which on its own has its own firewall as well but i trust that Emsisoft knows what they are doing and will contiune to protect my computer just as it always have. Emsisoft behavior blocker is top of the line and does all the heavy lifting on the computer anyways so the BB is the program which we are really paying for.

          • Локи

            You don’t understand how the lack of a firewall may make the product worse? How will you control the output of programs to the network? How will you block unwanted websites and ports? Just do not talking about Windows firewall – it is uncomfortable and non-working thing.

          • Fabian Wosar

            EAM always had its own “mini-firewall” so to say as part of the behaviour blocker, that is used to limit access to known malicious hosts and websites and also to control the behaviour of applications to figure out how they interact with the internet and to detect suspicious or malicious access patterns. This “mini-firewall” isn’t going away.

          • This is not about malicious or suspicious, it’s about people who want to control and monitor their systems and use a security solution for it.

          • tom b

            emsisoft and zemana do all that for me. i put my trust in them. i have yet to be infected with malware,virus or ransomeware(5years) so i would say they are doing a damn fine job,wouldnt u?

          • Локи

            Emsisoft did a good job, but now they decided to remove own firewall and this is bad idea. I don’t trust Windows firewall – it’s really weak and inconvenient. Therefore, I’ll have to look for another product which has a firewall.

        • David Biggar

          Removing the firewall will actually improve protection, which is a large reason why we’ve done it. The Windows firewall from Windows 7 onward really is good,with the exception about malware being granted access too easily being the caveat we’ll be taking care of.

          Users being switched, as per the blog, will be getting extra time on their license keys during the switch as well, so your 810 days will become many more.

          I’m sorry you feel that it’s disrespectful. You’ll end up with a better product with more paid time than you had before, so I hope you’ll come to believe, as we do, that this is an improvement rather than a change for the worse.

          • Локи

            You make the mistake of assuming that Windows firewall is competitive. He is uncomfortable in the settings and unreliable in the work – was checked many times. I think you understand it, but to convince users in another. Very sorry, but goodbye to Emsisoft and hello Eset IS.

          • Robert Gregory

            Are you really going to move from the powerful emsisoft to the poor eset? bad decision!!!

          • Локи

            I can do without antivirus at all – i use my brain.
            Whith Eset you can add your own rules, wich greatly strengthen it. And Eset has his own firewall – it’s important for me.

  • Wait, what? Just seeing this now because there was no notification otherwise, despite this being huge, and I was just checking because the delayed version, which I’m on, just got updated to 2017.6.
    Now, I have Comodo Firewall running alongside Emsisoft Anti-Malware, so my problem taken… selfishly is rather the opposite, namely will any of the changes to EAM make it conflict with CFW, seeing as I was told EIS would not work alongside it? I can’t start trying around for another security solution now if that’s the case, spent a full year trying to decide before choosing EAM only at the start of 2016! (And, frankly, found nothing else I could prefer over it. Even though it was nicer then and other changes made since made it worse even so.) Also, assuming this Windows Firewall (which I won’t use, period, don’t care what you or anyone says) enhancing component will be able to be turned off, and also allow Windows Firewall to stay off, hope the notification for it will be able to be hidden as well, so I won’t have EAM constantly “cry wolf” that I’m supposedly unprotected?
    But, besides that, talking in general and not about my specific situation, removing components is a terrible decision. And there’s no reason to trust MS with anything pretty much ever since Win 8 really, not to mention 10. And people who know how to use their computer may also want components that allow them control and monitoring of what goes on, it’s not about security in the strict sense. That’s what a custom firewall is supposed to do, and a custom security solution in general for local behavior of programs as well, and what Windows Firewall definitely won’t do.

    • Fabian Wosar

      It’s unlikely that compatibility will change. The hardening won’t get in the way either. Worst case, you will have to allow Comodo Firewall to manipulate the Windows firewall once. But this will only be necessary once, if at all, as I would assume you have Comodo excluded in EAM anyway.

      • Nope, was never needed, EAM never got in the way of Comodo in any way. Comodo’s HIPS got in the way of one EAM update quite a long time ago, when it still required reboot, needing a 2nd one to complete, so set rules for the EAM exes to be allowed to do whatever they want in the EAM folder then, which made it never get in the way again either.

        You didn’t answer the notification question though.
        And the bigger issue of removing and changing functionality in general, and forcing what “most users” go for on all. (I’m still darn pissed on the forced auto game mode, even if you can disable its actual effects, for example.) Even more so as a smaller, rather niche “player”, compared to the others at least. I mean, those who want what “most” want would probably generally also use what most use, like, say, BitDefender or Kaspersky or Avira or what not. Those choosing Emsisoft are far more likely to do it for specific reasons, because they found certain specific requirements or desires they have being met by it as it was when they chose it and not met by the more popular solutions, so it’d be much desirable to look just at those outlying demands and not at the averages.

        Oh, and since the update to 2017.5 I keep getting a2hooks.dll audit failures. Reported it then and was told you said it was normal sometimes and of no concern, but while I know it’s of no concern it’s quite clear something’s off with the signature on that file. Issue remains in 2017.6 now I see. Also remember back when I was using BitDefender something similar with midas32, very long term, and they were saying yeah, it wasn’t properly signed, or not cleared by MS, or something of the sort, doesn’t matter… but sure seems odd to have some issues with signing on a security solution of all things!

        • Fabian Wosar

          As I already said: Worst case you will get a notification once of Comodo attempting to manipulating the Windows Firewall. One click and you won’t see it again. There is no notification pestering you to turn on or off anything.

          As mentioned before: Audit failures are to be expected. The file is correctly signed. However, certain processes involved in DRM and licensing will not allow any DLL that isn’t signed by Microsoft from being loaded. If you attempt it anyways, which we do, it creates that event log entry.

          • What would Comodo be doing with the Windows Firewall? The Windows Firewall is off and I’ll keep it that way. Having two firewalls runing at the same time isn’t a good idea after all, even if it’d be a matter of one as useless as the Windows one alongside Comodo’s solid and fully customizable one.
            So if the Windows Firewall is off and whatever firewall-enhancing component EAM will have will also be off, it won’t say I have only partial protection, right?
            Those entries didn’t appear before 2017.5 though.

          • Fabian Wosar

            Comodo would want to disable the Windows firewall first. It can’t know whether it is disabled or not without at least attempting to access it. The Windows Firewall hardening is just an extension of the behaviour blocker. It doesn’t have separate menus or is a separate component. So again, all you will get is a one time notification for Comodo, if we don’t detect the version you have installed as trusted. Other than that nothing changes.

  • Laser_Beam

    I understand your reasons, but the problem lies in the first lines of your “A better approach” paragraph: the software is being dumbed down “in the interest of the users”. A common trend, but it’s entirely unconvincing. As others mentioned, we are now forced to use the horrid Windows Firewall interface for more complex rules. As you admit, 3rd-party Firewalls don’t offer significant extra security: these days it was mostly about ease of use and flexibility, and you are taking this away (if I haven’t missed something).

    Yes, advanced users will find their workarounds and perhaps 3rd-party solutions (even 4th-party in this case…) so not a huge issue, but for this merge to be considered successful you should have prepared your own Firewall interface, to allow full configuration of the Windows Firewall.

    Sorry but as it stands, “Firewall Fortification” sounds more like a fancy, poor substitute and ultimately a disappointment.

  • Laser_Beam

    To everyone claiming that “Windows Firewall is enough”, you do know that increasing amounts of people similarly claim “Windows Defender is enough”?

    While I don’t trust either of these Microsoft products, if advanced features are being removed in the name of ‘user security’, there won’t be much left to differentiate Emsisoft from most other products, including Microsoft’s.

  • Bongani Dlamini

    So I came here because I am, trying to renew my expired license and I am not told I have to think of Windows Firewall Fortification as the best choice meanwhile I bought this software for the same features they have taken out :( .

    Any suggestion guys cause honest, I liked the fact that I can control which ports and applications I allow connecting to the net.

    Any suggestion …

  • João Andrade

    If we install a third party firewall lets say Zone Alarm free, does Emsisoft Anti-Malware provides the same layer of protection?

    • Laser_Beam

      Well yes, but if you install the ZA Firewall I assume the Windows Firewall will be disabled. So, if something tries to tamper with ZA you can’t expect EAM to warn you about it.

      EAM will take care of the malware/virus/ransomaware etc. part, and ZA will take care of the Firewall part. The new “Windows Firewall Fortification” feature will not be so relevant, because the WF will be disabled anyway.

      Some Firewalls though can work alongside the WF (don’t know about ZA). Expect that situation to be confusing… I wouldn’t use two software firewalls simultaneously.

  • Laser_Beam

    One more question for you guys: when the automatic ‘transformation’ of EIS to EAM takes place, will the rules created in EIS be ported over automatically to the Windows Firewall? Not talking about the “block that program” rules only, but also the more complex ones likes port ranges, specific protocols and all the stuff you could do with EIS.

    If not, it’d be nice to inform EIS users with a detailed article on how to do EIS operations on the WF.

    • No, rules won’t be ported, we decided not to “touch” the Windows Firewall, just protecting it from being tempered with.

      • Laser_Beam

        Ok thanks. Still think you should inform the users in detail and in advance, since their rules will be automatically invalidated.

        • Laser_Beam

          Oh, I remembered that you said most people didn’t change a thing on EIS (I did btw), so I guess informing them wouldn’t be necessary…

        • We will, note that the Windows firewall service will revert to automatic start.

  • asmara

    Bring Online Armor back to life, the best firewall ever.
    Thank you.

    • L0ki

      They don’t even have the possibility to continue developing their product.

      • asmara

        Thanks for your sincere reply, very sorry and sad to hear that they have not the possibility to continue developing such a good product. It was the best combination with EAM. But yes, the reality is that it belongs to the past.

        • Fabian Wosar

          Except that they don’t work for Emsisoft and have no clue what they are talking about. The Online Armor developers joined Emsisoft and some of them continue to work here to this day.

          Online Armor almost ruined its former owner. When we bought it we subsidized it heavily for years, hoping that maybe the market recovers. It didn’t. That’s why we discontinued it.

          • David Requena

            That was the case indeed!

            Also, I remember how Emsisoft tried to sell us that decision at the time: we were going to end with more performance, less overlap, more security through less complicated configuration, etc. Doesn’t those arguments sound familiar?

            Shame on you it took only a few years to admit :-(

            This is obviously a business decision, it’s also understandable. Please state so, recommend your users to look for something else, even while directing us to WFW if you deem that wise. In my book having your customers fell (again) deceived is a big no-no in the security market.

  • jolugaes

    Hola a [email protected] Soy Jose Luis desde España. Soy un freelance de software de contabilidad. Estoy ya cuatro años con Emsisoft Internet Security y realmente es un gran producto. Y lo digo con conocimiento de causa porque he probado la mayoria de las suites de seguridad del mercado. Como fabricante de software que soy, jamás eliminiraria un módulo de mi programa, sin colsultar antes con mis clientes, por el enorme riesgo comercial que ello supone. No creo que Emsisoft la haya tomado por mótivos técnicos y más bien creo que habrán tenido que adoptarla por mótivos comerciales y /o empresariales. Yo trabajo con Windows 7 ya que es el sistema operativo utilizado mayormente por clientes. He desempolvado mi licencia de Agnitum Outpost Firewall, y tras unos pocos días de pruebas os puedo comentar que parece que puede trabajar conjuntamente con el EIS. No obstante este Firewall esta descontinuado por lo que no es la solución de futuro más recomendable. Quiero comentar que, de momento voy a seguir con esta solución durante algún tiempo, pero no me ha gustado nada en absoluto la desconexión del Firewall. Todos sabemos que gran cantidad de horas de formación y aprendizaje que hay que efectuar con un producto de seguridad para sentirse tranquilos. Yo lo he hecho con EIS. Y ahora toda inversión de tiempo no va a servir para nada. Esto es lo que más me duele. Y esto es también lo que más nos duele a los usuarios de Windows. Microsoft ha descontinuado productos y/o sistemas operativos, incluso haciendolos incompatibles con los anteriores, tantas veces, que los usuarios nos hemos cansado de migrar a las nuevas versiones y tener que aprender nuevos sistemas cuando no nos era necesario. Compruebo con tristeza que Emsisoft esta comenzando a hacer lo mismo. Estan tirando por la borda nuestro esfuerzo de tiempo en el aprendizaje de su EIS. Eso duele.

  • Panayiotis Yianni

    I support this decision. I’ve not yet found a security program to rival that which Emsisoft provides. Bloatware wise, what bloatware? You don’t get the unnecessary with Emsisoft security software. Windows 10 firewall, especially after the recent update, is very advanced and easier to configure. Using that instead of a custom one is better for system resources and maintenance.

    +1 all the way.

  • BlogALiving

    So, I currently run Emsisoft IS with Malwarebytes Pro and CryptoPrevent, with Windows Defender turned off. Oh, and on another computer, I just run Emsisoft and CryptoPrevent with Windows Defender turned off. Do I need to turn Windows Defender on, on either machine?

    I’ve never exactly understood the difference between a firewall and a behavior blocker. The other day, Malwarebytes Pro, which is NOT a firewall, aleryed me that Chrome was trying to make an outbound connection to an IP address. I looked up the IP address, and it was flagged for distributing ransomware. I contacted Malware support and we figured out that it was just a link on a page I had open in my broswer. I closed the page, flushed my cookies, and the alerts stopped coming. So I don’t know if that was sort of a false positive, or if MBP was protecting me from something Emsisoft missed, or if Emsisoft was also behavior blocking that connection without alerting me.

    • lets do it step by step :)

      1- “Do I need to turn Windows Defender on, on either machine?” , No, Emsisoft Anti-Malware will take over the active monitoring and disable Windows Defender, however if you are on Windows10 , you can manually enable Windows Defender Periodic Scanning.

      2- “I’ve never exactly understood the difference between a firewall and a behavior blocker.”
      a Firewall only monitor inbound/outbound connections to your computer, some can alert you about those connections and ask you to decide to allow or block it.
      A Behavior Blocker monitors what programs or processes do on the system and alert or auto-block suspicious behaviors.
      What Malwarebytes alerted was surely done via its web filter preventing you to access the malicious site

  • Glenn Dunbar


    • hello, you can already contact our customer support team and ask for the migration right now :)

  • Glenn Dunbar

    I think Emsisoft is Right. The newest windows firewall can be fortified. Plus I use Spyshelter, and other products to give me full control over what comes in and what goes out.I can block every address at will ans also identify them. I don’t like a BEHEMOTH

  • Glenn Dunbar

    I think Emsisoft is right, I rather have a lighter Security product. Todays AV solutions have become “BEHEMOTHS” that try to be ALL things to all people and take huge resources .some products are nearly as big as 1GB. I have Spyshelter firewall and other light inexpensive solutions that give me more control over everything that comes in and goes out. Windows firewall is good already, and i have other software that helps make my P.C. formidable against any breech. Emsisoft is part of a “layered” defense and I’m glad it isn’t going the way of AVAST free -which is now a big fat RESOURCE HOG!! All these complaints show that many are naive to the firewalls of security suites of today.I built my own firewall defence with the appropriate software rather than rely on the major AV suites.

  • Don Short

    Does EmsiSoft recommend Comodo firewall as an alternative to Windows firewall?

    • Comodo is a good alternative but be aware that it isn’t for the average users and having decent skills and knowledge in computing (especially for its HIPS) is required.

      • Malcolm Smith

        This is one of my issues.

        Not everyone is that versed in internet security but a good number know more than most. I fit into that category as I know more than most but don’t know a lot. What I do know is that I don’t trust Microsoft regardless of whether it’s firewall is good or not.

        Once upon a time we just installed Emissoft’s premier package (whatever the name was) and there and then it was all done.

        Now we’ve been asked to either construct a complete package ourselves or to trust Microsoft. This is where the problem lies: do we try to make our own complete package and risk either holes or clashing, use an MS product or go and use some other outfit’s product?

        I would rather do the first option but there’s no real information here on which firewalls are recommended and in which firewall which parts should be configured. it would have been useful to read somewhere: “If you use Comono then turn this on, this off, this setting to xyzzy and so on” rather than “trust Microsoft”.

        Is there a compatibility guide somewhere that we can read?

        • Hello @disqus_Iy0oKmcgsw:disqus, .

          Maybe on some security forums, you will find some guides. I made one for Emsisoft AM + Comodo long time ago but it is not accurate anymore. What is important if you plan to install both, is to set the exclusions properly in each software.

          • Malcolm Smith

            And that is the issue. WHAT are the exclusions that have to be set properly?

            If you would be so kind as to list them then I am sure that it would settle a lot of people’s minds. Thanks

          • i dont have comodo under hands, so just add all its active processes, about Emsisoft AM, it would be: a2guard.exe, a2service.exe and a2start.exe

            I hope it will help :)

          • Malcolm Smith

            Thank you. Muchly appreciated.

            The way I want my world to be is to use Emissoft as much as possible as this is a product that I trust. Then to fill in the gaps with Comono.

            The way that I have it at the moment (and someone correct me if I am wrong) is to have:

            – Emissoft Anti-malware
            – Comono Free with the following turned OFF: HIPS, Auto-containment, Virus-scope and Website filtering.

            I have turned off (at the Services level) the Windows Defender and Windows Firewall.

            I hope that this covers all the holes because after getting rid of the two Windows applications above my machine moves a lot faster (Win 7).

  • Glenn Dunbar

    Boo Hoo, I’m taking my blocks home because you took you firewall down!! I want my money back!! GOOD GRIEF. Today you can;t rely on just one solution. You have to use a layered approach. There is many things you can do cheap to get good results. And did you hear?, Emsisoft will refund your money or give you more time on your licence. It is an excellent product. Just go to AV comparatives and remind yourself!!

  • Piotr

    Can I turn my IS license into anti-malware one earlier? Because I have license for 3 PC, reinstalled 1 of them and can’t find download link for internet security installer. My IS key is not working on Anti-Malware so I had to use AM trial. This is nonsense :(

    • Yes, you can, just contact our Customers Support Team and we will migrate your EIS license and you will benefit of the duration extension right away.

      • Piotr

        Will I maintain my discount for prolonging license or will it count as new customer?

        • Your EIS license will be migrated to EAM then extended. The support team will give you a more detailed answer.

  • DaveinMidMO

    I find this decision to be very wise and I expect that your
    malware product will only become even MORE protective with the only focus being
    on “what has entered behind the firewall!” I believe that some of the
    folks commenting on Emsisoft dropping their firewall and relying on the Windows
    version simply don’t understand that blocking entry to our computers is one
    thing; however, once we innocently open the “gate” (i.e., click the whatever)
    THAT is where the danger resides. This for of threat, too, is what has
    made me a FIRM believer in the Emsisoft product. I believe that if the
    available firewall in Windows was not up to the task then Emsisoft would
    continue offering it as a product. But, if their firewall is more or less
    redundant then why provide it when all the while the primary problem has been
    and will remain those threat we ALLOW to enter due to our no recognizing them
    as threatening. The firewall has always been a first line of defense but
    NOT the system that does battle to keep us clean and functioning. BRAVO
    EMSISOFT for being wise! Dave R. in MidMO USA (4 licenses)

  • Bill Stanley

    I’m perfectly happy with your latest development, and as a long time user of your products I’ve experienced both excellent protection and service, so I see no problem continuing to trust your experience and expertise as it’s ‘what you do.’ I’m also a satisfied windows 10 user

  • Trevor Steel

    I respect a commercial decision. You have a right to change the product, even if that means you lose customers.
    Sometimes, in logic, the right conclusion can be reached founded on the wrong reasons. We have a classic case here. To justify the change based on commercial reasons is fine — who am I to dispute that. What I object to is when computing reasons are given that are probably wrong.

    If I had a computer that was not attached at all to the internet. What security product would I need? Clearly, I would need a powerful firewall that kept a lid on existing programs. I know from experience. A few years ago, when doing some upgrading, the firewall was turned off for a few minutes, and lo and behold, a sleeping giant (Microsoft Media Player) swung into action, and reset a pile of settings including of all things, the printer! This aspect, which must be powerful and customisable, is probably more important than Anti-virus. In weakening the firewall, you are crippling the product.

    May I say that you also missed a golden business opportunity last year, when Microsoft was busy pushing the downgrades to Windows 10. if you had speedily included a module to block that, I could have recommended your product.

    Windows firewall, like Internet Explorer, and other programs which insist on auto-update without even asking (in the case of skype, even over-riding the OFF setting) need strict policing. Also, all programs need internal policing, even ones that do not connect to the internet.

    I am now forced to look for a product with a powerful firewall that in turn does not wreck my system.

    • Thank you for your feedbacks, they are appreciated.
      Issues you mentioned can be prevented by manually editing/creating rules in Windows Firewall.

      • Trevor Steel

        But, Microsoft is one of the biggest villains!! Even benign programs frequently have settings changed when there is an upgrade.

        Windows firewall, I doubt it can do as good a job as Online Armor did in keeping a lid on the computer. And Windows firewall is under microsoft control.

        You say, “The issues you mentioned can be prevented by manually editing/creating rules in Windows Firewall.”. Are you sure? Are you really saying that by tweaking the windows firewall, people could have stopped the downgrade to Windows 10?

        • “You say, “The issues you mentioned can be prevented by manually editing/creating rules in Windows Firewall.”. Are you sure? Are you really saying that by tweaking the windows firewall, people could have stopped the downgrade to Windows 10?”
          Yes i managed to totally block Windows Updates from connecting to internet, so no WU = No “downgrade”.

          • Trevor Steel

            You have made my point. Windows firewall, if it had been working properly, would have automatically blocked the downgrade, without the need for manual editing/creating rules. Windows firewall of course did nothing of the kind.
            The downgrade among my friends was the worst virus attack I have ever seen. Even when the downgrade worked, people did not want it. Never forget that while we rely on Windows because the alternatives do not run programs we rely on and there are no equivalents, Microsoft products often behave as a villain. When you have a villain in a room, you overpower them, and however nice they may be at times, you do not trust them.
            The fact that you trust the Windows Firewall, when it is so clearly untrustworthy, means that you oblige me to draw the logical conclusion that, at best, your reassurances are suspect. Sad, but that was your choice.

          • i think you didn’t understand what i meant, we all need Windows Update, so you won’t block it unless for specific issues.I just said, to answer your question above, it is possible to block it via Windows Firewall. I don’t say it is recommended. I use Windows Firewall since ages, i never been compromised once.

          • Laser_Beam

            Were you seriously expecting the Windows Firewall (or any Firewall) to automatically block Windows updates just because you don’t like Windows 10? If you considered W10 this bad, you should have blocked Microsoft’s IP’s (there are even automatic tools to add such rules in the Windows Firewall) and there would be no “downgrade”. You can only blame Microsoft for W10.

            Yes, the Windows Firewall is not the strongest out there (and neither was EIS) but combined with a good antivirus/malware it does the job fine for most people/situations. Other Firewalls (with HIPS) can still be installed, even though there’s limited choice.

  • Reamon

    My license doesn’t work anymore since the merge, how strange is that? I have contacted [email protected] for a soluttion. :-)
    The firewall option was so bad that I switched it off after a few hours…. Good decision to remove it from the software!

    • Hello, the migration isn’t implemented yet, it will be the 2nd October. However, it can be requested by contacting the customer support team.

  • Cimmay Rivard

    Good move to merge the products. I had viewed all the youtube demos and was impressed. Plus the interface is simple and sparse.

    • Thank you @disqus_DZOKlJZ6Pf:disqus, we are glad you like Emsisoft Anti-Malware and appreciated the merge.

  • Malcolm Smith

    I have no faith whatsoever with Microsoft’s products. Two of the more obvious issues that I have are:

    1. Their idea of security is different to mine given the history of issues I have had with Skype being a spam vector which has now resolved now I have gone to Tox.

    2. Their updates work fine. Until they don’t then there’s issues galore. This isn’t an uncommon problem and since Defender refuses to update I can’t rely on MS keeping my firewall upto date.

    So, this is one of the reasons why I chose Emissoft. This news, however, concerns me and I will be looking at Comono’s firewall.

    I am here for a moment of confirmation really: in the Comono firewall I have no need for their HIPs nor their VirusScope or Website Filtering because it’s all in Emissoft. Is this correct?

    • Hello @disqus_Iy0oKmcgsw:disqus,

      About the the HIPS: Emsisoft has a Behavior Blocker so do Comodo, it has a HIPS + Behavior Blocker.

      About Viruscope: this is the Comodo’s Behavior Blocker.

      About Website Filtering: Emsisoft has one too.

  • Deep Zone

    just unacceptable.
    controllable and versatile firewall is a vital part for security suit.
    honestly, i doubt sanity of the person who made this decision.
    Windows’ security is minimal and has no decent control nor needed function.
    considering huge disadvantage in this regards, i never trust it ever since it implemented into os.

    its only for cutting budget, Emsi, isn’t it ?
    can you say windows firewall to be “enough” ?
    NO, absolutely NO.

  • ✪ Shamz ✪

    Would most definitely prefer an actual firewall and not something that relies on a Microsoft component.

  • Doug Jacques

    The last sentence in Alysson’s comment (via Google Translate) perfectly sums up my issue with this- she said: “I believe it is important to invest in a [3rd-party, e.g. Emsisoft] firewall because the windows firewall is very targeted, an easy target.”
    For the same reason that there are thousands more exploits targeted at Microsoft Internet Exploder than at 3rd-party browsers such as Firefox, the Windows Firewall can be expected to be targeted by much more malware than any 3rd-party firewall such as the one formerly in Emsisoft Internet Security. I urge you to reconsider.

  • Ali Lou

    Too Sad !

    1. Was one on the last real robust windows firewall using “NDIS Packet Filter”… :(

    2. You are joining the masses and abandoning your uniqueness that made you succeed. i really do hope that Anti-Malware will not get f*****up as well later (but i am sure it will be the case at a point or an other in the future)

    3. As always money rule the world… WE GEEKS have not enough financial power (i understand you approach killing the firewall but does that firewall really need that much maintenance ? i am not sure).

    4. As always the user have never the choice… nor notification nor nothing you firewall just disappear.

    Conclusion : i will continue using the product because i use it 70% as a light resource antivirus, the firewall was an appreciable plus, but now i have to rely on an additional app… you should of kept that little shine… or just separate the products completely to avoid killing it, i understand that you have to make the whole team work on Antimalware but your decision was not the best one !

    Suggestion : Bring back the firewall in a standalone product, i am sure his maintenance will be near to zero.

  • Deshan Wolfey

    can i still use emsisoft internet security?

    • @asherbass:disqus you can but you have to forbid updates, which in the end is useless since you won’t be protected against new threats.