Emsisoft receives top award in Malware Protection Test

Emsisoft receives top award in Malware Protection Test


Independent antivirus software testers AV-Comparatives recently released the results of their September Malware Protection Test. Guess who walked away with the highest accolade possible?

Emsisoft scores highly on protection rates

AV-Comparatives’ Malware Protection Test is a rigorous assessment that pits security software products against more than 20,000 recent and prevalent malware samples. Using strict testing methodologies, AV-Comparatives is able to see how well a security program can protect a system before, during and after a malicious file is executed.

We’re proud to announce that, even in the face of such stringent testing, Emsisoft Anti-Malware emerged with flying colors and was granted the Advanced+ Award.


To be considered for this top award, products had to score highly in two key categories:

Protection rate

In years gone by, AV-Comparatives relied on detection-only tests to judge a product’s effectiveness. While detection is still an important part of the testing process, this year the organization also introduced a protection element, which evaluates how well a product can prevent a malicious program from making changes to the target system.

Emsisoft excelled in this department, scoring a fantastic protection rate of 99.99 percent.

False positives

To assess file detection capabilities, AV-Comparatives also subjected the products to a false alarm test to evaluate how effectively they could distinguish good files from malicious ones.

Emsisoft produced just six false alarms, while others flunked out completely with as many as 274 false alarms!

We’re not in it for the glory, but we’re very happy to be recognized by AV-Comparatives for our efforts in combating malware. We’ll continue to strive to provide you with the best lightweight malware protection on the planet.


AV-Comparatives is an independent, Austrian-based organization dedicated to evaluating the effectiveness of security products. Drawing from an enormous database of malware samples, AV-Comparatives is able to create a structured testing environment that reveals how well antivirus software really performs. The organization is one of the most widely recognized and reputable security software testing groups in the industry.

You can see the full results of the Malware Protection Test September 2017 here or check out our trophy cabinet of awards we’ve received in the past here.

Have a glorious (malware-free) day!

  • Patty Mary M

    I have nothing but GOOD to say for my Emsisoft. It has kept me virus free and safe since I became an avid supporter of this product for about 2 years now. I have suggested to friends and family the value the of this product and will continue to do so. I LOVE EMSISOFT!!!

  • Ruth Van Horne

    I’ve been using Emsisoft for at least 4 years now and would never, ever think of changing again. Great price, superb, unparalleled help when/if needed. I’ve had Norton in years gone by and also McAfee and had big problems with both. Emsisoft is THE BEST PRODUCT out there.

  • Cimmay Rivard

    Is it a good idea to remove AppGuard anti-ransomware if using emsisoft? A Japan company bought them out and now it’s expensive and they quit supporting home users.

    • Appguard isn’t an anti-ransomware but a SRP (Software Restriction Policy) similar to Windows Applocker, even if it does indeed block ransomware.
      – About your concerns, I use both Appguard and Emsisoft and i don’t plan anytime soon to change this awesome combo. From what i heard, actual home users customers will still have the option to renew it.
      – About supporting Home users/consumers, they never really did, their primary market targets were always SMBs and corporations (Consumers were a niche market for them).
      Since the merge with the Japanese Blue Planet, they just went further in their strategy and clearly moved away from the consumer market even if individuals will still be able to purchase the Business version.

      • Cimmay Rivard

        You’re right, people can renew v.5 of appguard yearly. But I was lucky to get v.4 before policy change and got it low cost with lifetime license. They said this week appguard personal sales are suspended, the product is not discontinued. It works fine but it’s impossible to configure, and the help files make little sense. They also said there are no further improvements to make.

        • v4 and v5 are same at the moment. v4 is discontinued but still usable, but once v5 will be updated, v4 won’t.