New in 2017.11: Fine tuning and more

New in 2017.11: Fine tuning and more


The past month has been dedicated to what our development team dubbed a ‘cleanup sprint’. If this conjured up images of dust-strewn developers dashing about with buckets and brooms, you’re not far from the truth. In lieu of big projects, this month we focused our efforts on important product maintenance works and cleaned up dozens of minor issues and improvements that had been waiting in queue for a while.

Even if these releases are not as exciting as those that contain major changes, they are important as they improve product stability. Additionally, they pave the way for bigger projects to come.

Stay tuned!

All 2017.11 improvements in a nutshell

Emsisoft Anti-Malware

  • Improved: User interface wording for easier navigation through the settings.
  • Improved: Extended forensic logging.
  • Improved: Scheduler for automatic updates.
  • Improved: Integration in Windows Security Center.
  • Several minor tweaks and fixes.

Emsisoft Enterprise Console

  • Several minor tweaks and fixes.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit

  • Several minor tweaks and fixes.

How to obtain the new version

As always, so long as you have auto-updates enabled in the software, you will receive the latest version automatically during your regularly scheduled updates, which are hourly by default. New users, please download the full installer from our product pages.

Note to Enterprise users: If you have chosen to receive “Delayed” updates in the Update settings for your clients, they will receive the new software version no earlier than 30 days after the regular “Stable” availability. This gives you time to perform internal compatibility tests before a new version gets rolled out to your clients automatically.

Have a great, well-protected day!

  • Damien J. Lucas

    Emsisoft keeps getting better and better ! Awesome update. Had a high CPU usage afterward, but a restart fixed it for me and it now works really smooth. Still as light and stable and no bugs at the horizon (fingers crossed). Keep up the good work ;-)

  • divinenews

    I love Emsisoft anti-malware.
    For years, I used a different anti-malwares which I changed often after getting infected. My wife got tired of having to re-format our machines and told me to figure out what was the best protection. After much research, we bought into your pro version. After that, we have not had to re-format because of an malware infections.
    Now, after 6 years, we are convinced you have the best product of its kind in the world.

    “Thank you” is an understatement.
    Keep up the good work.
    Elijah Gale,
    Juneau, Alaska

    • @divinenews:disqus Thank you very much for your kind words and your fidelity, we are glad that you found in us the solution that keep you safe. :)

  • Gary A Smith

    Easy of use and Emsisoft shows a very caring side of a customer provided instrument to provide the best needed protect for the less TECHIE user. Keep it going Emsisoft.

    • We sure will Gary. Thanks for your encouraging words.