Security Knowledge [Nov, 23, 2015]

Beware of these popular WhatsApp scams

The popularity of WhatsApp has attracted countless scammers. From investment scams to fake updates, WhatsApp users everywhere are targets for cyber criminals.

Security Knowledge [Sep, 23, 2015]

Keeping your kids safe online? Follow these 5 tips

The Internet can help your child excel at school, or it can hold them back from developing into healthy, contributing members of society. Don’t let your child fall through the digital cracks.

Security Knowledge [Sep, 2, 2015]

Windows 10 is spying on your every move: here’s why and how to stop it

The Windows 10 privacy agreement isn’t so much a revelation as a sign of the times. This week, the Emsisoft team explored the ways in which Windows 10 harvests your personal data and what it is used for.

Emsisoft News, Security Knowledge [Jul, 16, 2015]

An in-depth look at the Emsisoft scanner technology

Do you ever wonder how Emsisoft scanning technology works to keep your computer safe? Let’s examine the powerful, dual engine scanner together.

Security Knowledge [May, 15, 2012]

Fraud attempts in social networks: How Facebook scams work

As of June 2017, the world’s largest social network Facebook boasts more than two billion users – an impressive number considering there are 7 billion people on the planet. Unfortunately, the more people that connect to a centralized platform, the more desirable a target it becomes to online criminals. Every year, there is an increasing […]

Security Knowledge [Mar, 8, 2012]

Do you know your worms from your trojans? Malware vs Viruses: What’s the difference?

What are the key differences between a virus and malware? The Emsisoft team explores them here.

Security Knowledge [Jan, 10, 2012]

Browser toolbars: Once a blessing, now a curse

In this article we will explain what toolbars are and why they usually end up being a curse rather than a blessing.

Security Knowledge [Nov, 18, 2011]

Phishing emails defraud thousands of users every day

What does a phishing email look like? How can you distinguish it from a legitimate one? Here we discuss current examples of phishing emails and ways to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

Emsisoft News [Oct, 20, 2011]

The Emsisoft Referral Rewards Program

Recruit new Emsisoft Anti-Malware or Emsisoft Internet Security users, and get a full version of either one for free for personal use – at absolutely no charge!

Security Knowledge [Jun, 1, 2011]

How many viruses are created by anti-virus companies?

Emsisoft’s CEO proves that it’s virtually impossible for antivirus companies to be responsible for the amount of viruses and malware.

Security Knowledge [Dec, 5, 2007]

Signature recognition or behavioral analysis – Which is better?

If you closely read the program description of Emsisoft Anti-Malware you will probably notice the term “real-time protection”. Sounds good, sounds safe. However, what this really means and what technology lies behind this is not always clear to those who are not IT experts. This is reason enough for us to put aside all the […]

Security Knowledge [Oct, 7, 2002]

Trojans – myths & facts

Not so long ago, the more knowledgeable PC users were well aware of the risks that computer viruses posed. Only a few years later, almost every PC user is aware of the very-real dangers that a virus can pose. Many of us use some form of anti-virus software, and a reasonable number of us diligently […]