Security Knowledge [Sep, 26, 2014]

WikiLeaks exposed how much governments spend on FinFisher malware to spy on their citizens

Oppressive regimes are buying surveillance malware. Shouldn’t there be some control to ensure that developers like FinFisher don’t sell their products to questionable governments?

Alerts & Outbreaks, Security Knowledge [Jan, 25, 2013]

Ransomware – The no. 1 threat for 2013

  “Your computer is blocked!” – Not something you enjoy seeing when using it. Unfortunately thousands of PC users worldwide find themselves in a situation where, all of a sudden their computer is unusable unless they pay a fee to unlock it. The FBI or a similar national law enforcement organization seems to claim that […]

Security Knowledge [Nov, 26, 2012]

Buzz word: “cloud anti-virus” – what is it all about?

“Cloud” is definitely one of the IT sector’s most popular marketing words of recent years. The virtual clouds promise you easy and mobile access to data and services. The anti-virus sector has also come to use this technology. Fast scans and very low resource usage are clear advantages of cloud-based scanners. But, as usual, there […]

Emsisoft Lab, Security Knowledge [Mar, 6, 2012]

Secure download resources or a malware cesspool – How trustworthy are download portals nowadays?

The term “download wrapper” is still quite unknown, which of course does not make its basic technology any less harmful. The moment that hackers and malware authors start to specialize in download wrappers, if they haven’t done already, the Internet community may have to face new waves of viruses. Learn more in this article on […]

Security Knowledge [May, 15, 2010]

Emsisoft Anti-Malware Tutorial

The content of this page is no longer available. Please refer to the online help (press F1 while running the software) or check out the following article: An in-depth look at the Emsisoft scanner technology