Syrian hackers deface the 5th largest bank in the United States

  • December 13, 2014
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Syrian hacker Dr.SHA6h claimed to be behind the hacks that took down several online banking sites of the US Bank Corp. The message that was posted on the targeted websites read: “This site has been hacked because of the world’s silence about three years of massacres that occur in Syria and still happening. The security breach is not to make damage, it is only to deliver a specific message to the world.”

Dr.SHA6H uses the biggest billboard around to spread message

Syria has been waging a civil war with its people for a few years now, and it seems that hackers are trying to re-energize global recognition on the events that are still occurring there. An anti-Bashar Ul Assad hacker by the handle name of Dr.SHA6H has made headlines these last few hours with one of his biggest exploits yet at the expense of US Bank. Although he (or she) has claimed that they are not trying damage anything (or at least not yet), it could mean that they are possibly flexing their muscles in order to motivate states to play a more active role in stabilizing the country.

US Bank Corp should not underestimate its adversary

US-Bank-branchThe US Bank Corp sites that Dr.SHA6H targeted are the online banking sites, including the Focus Card site, Prepaid card site as well as the mobile banking sites. US Bank Corp has over $344 billion in assets. US Bank should know what serious reputable damage can be inflected by hackers, as we can see with the ongoing battle that Sony has to fight as more eye-opening details are revealed every day. After Fury and a few other movies, Annie is now also being distributed online before its release date on December 19, 2014.  It has also exposed gender pay disparities, secret business practices and personal emails such as a Sony director calling Angelina Jolie a brat.

It may be possible that Dr.SHA6H also has captured vital reports such as company acquisitions, quarter earnings and even personal emails in the case of US bank as well.

Thousands of websites hacked by Dr.SHa6H

If you are unfamiliar with Dr.SHA6H handy work, the person of interest (or group) has defaced more than 7,000 websites from around the world. Victims include the official site of the United Nations and the German antivirus company Avira. In 2013, Dr.SHA6H defaced three websites of the United Nations Information Center in Jakarta, stating, “Oops, This is Syria Today, Where are the claims to defend human rights? Where are they fighting terrorism?”

US Bank Corp sites were restored again at the time of this article.

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