After computers, Virus “infects” HUMAN

  • May 27, 2010
  • 1 min read

When Dr. Mark Gasson implanted intentionally an infected virus chip into his hand, he incidentally became first person to be infected by a computer virus. The specific incident is still nothing serious but as always there are huge potential threats roaming around. This particular chips has ability to open security doors of his lab or even turn on or off his cell phone. Imagine, infecting the same chip and access to the system, which would then possibly give infection to anyone accessing the building with their pass. More importantly, as Dr Gasson mentions, chips related to heart pacemakers are vulnerable too, and consequences could be fatal.

More information in this BBC Video

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Emsisoft founder and managing director. In 1998 when I was 16, a so called 'friend' sent me a file via ICQ that unexpectedly opened my CD-ROM drive, which gave me a big scare. It marked the start of my journey to fight trojans and other malware. My story

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